The Spice Capital Of Turkey: Spice Market (Bazaar) of Istanbul

A short stroll from the Grand Bazaar, the seventeenth-century Eminönü Egyptian Spice Bazaar, open seven days per week, is another most loved of the camera-employing, keepsake looking for the visitor. Clamoring gastronomic heaven since 1664, this is the best spot to get dried foods grown from the ground, flavors, olives, Turkish joy, oils and substances of the best request. Bronze knick-knacks glimmer in the sun, torpedo-sized dates are stacked to the rafters, and the debauched fragrance of newly ground Mehmet Efendi espresso converges with the smell of crisp fish, with shockingly non-dangerous outcomes. In this article, we will share the history of Spice Bazaar, what you can buy and how to bargain. Keep reading!

Strikingly shaded flavors are shown nearby gem-like lokum (Turkish enjoyment) at this Ottoman-time commercial center, giving beautiful sight to a large number of sightseers and local people who advance here consistently. Slows down additionally sell caviar, dried herbs, nectar, nuts, and dried natural products. The number of slows down selling vacationer knickknacks increments every year, yet this remaining parts an extraordinary spot to load up on consumable keepsakes, share a couple of jokes with merchants and wonder about the very much protected structure.

Hours: 8am-7.30pm

The market was built during the 1660s as a feature of the New Mosque, with a lease from the shops supporting the upkeep of the mosque just as its magnanimous exercises, which incorporated a school, Hamam and emergency clinic. The market’s Turkish name, the Mısır Çarşısı (Egyptian Market), references the way that the structure was at first supplied with charges demanded on merchandise imported from Egypt. In its prime, the bazaar was the last stop for the camel convoys that ventured to every part of the Silk Road from China, India, and Persia.

Over the fundamental passageway and got to through a lofty trip of stairs, is Pandeli, a memorable eatery with three dazzling eating salons encrusted with turquoise-shaded Iznik tiles. Unfortunately, the nature of nourishment served here is normal, best case scenario, so we don’t prescribe feasting here.

On the west side of the market, there are open-air produce slows down selling crisp staples from all over Anatolia, including an awesome determination of cheeses. Additionally here is the most celebrated espresso provider in Istanbul, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, set up more than 100 years back. This is situated at the intersection of Hasırcılar Caddesi, which is brimming with shops selling nourishment and kitchenware.

No visit to Istanbul is finished ceaselessly by the environmental Spice Bazaar. While the Grand Bazaar might be the biggest and generally well known of Istanbul’s secured bazaars, this zest showcase wins the prize for being the most beautiful, fragrant, and frequently the best time – as guests can taste the merchandise on offer.

Worked in 1664, as a major aspect of the Yeni Camii (New Mosque) complex, it is referred to in Turkish as Mısır Çarşısı, and in some cases meant “Egyptian Bazaar” or ‘Corn Market’ (mısır implies both Egypt and corn in Turkish).

History of the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul

So what is the history behind Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar? This popular spot was developed during the 1660s as a major aspect of the subsidizing plan for the “New Mosque” (quite new when development was begun on it in 1597) because lease from the zest slows down financed the mosque’s upkeep.

The Spice Bazaar was on the Ancient Silk Route

Once upon a time, the Spice Market was the last stop for camel processions finishing the Silk Route from faraway terrains like China and India. The entirety of this extraordinary engineering and nourishment would sure be an inviting sight for a worn-out camel, eh? What you see, gazing toward the passageway of the “New Mosque.” The lovely vault you see, gazing toward the passageway of the “New Mosque.”

In Turkish, the name of the Spice Bazaar interprets as “Egyptian Market” since the development of the complex was initially supported by charges from Egyptian imports. As I stressed in my first Turkey article and will say once more, for quite a long time, Turkey has been an interfacing essential issue between Africa, Asia, and Europe. From various perspectives, it remains so today. Over into the Spice Market, we go. As my travel bloggers started purchasing up boxes of Turkish Delight, I cozied up to a hot glass of Turkish tea. One of my insider facts for spending head out is to forgo purchasing such a large number of endowments (which is a snap for me since blessings are not my “Way to express affection”), yet I can perceive how the Spice Bazaar would be a gifter’s fantasy!

Shopping in Spice Market Brings People Together

As I meandered up the store’s lofty stepping stool to a room fixed with resplendent plates, I considered what carried our gathering to Istanbul. Indeed, Turkish Airlines had accumulated 29 top travel bloggers to visit Turkey (and I was drained as a mother, so I happily went), yet with the world as it is presently, it turned out to be obvious to me this wasn’t just about the travel industry: it’s about positive strategy.

On the off chance that quality and freshness are essential to you, at that point it’s ideal to purchase your flavors from merchants selling their flavors free. There are presently a few shops in the zest showcase in Istanbul that sell prepackaged flavors however freshness and quality are sketchy. An assortment pack containing twelve distinct flavors may look decent, and it may appear to be helpful, however, on the off chance that they were so acceptable, more local people would get them too.

The Spice Capital Of Turkey

Zest merchants from everywhere throughout the area would venture out to the flavor showcase in Istanbul to purchase; sell and exchange different flavors. Indeed, the market was even a fundamental setting for merchants from further away from home. Merchants and agents from Europe would likewise visit, and energetic wheeling and dealing was the request for the day.

Indeed, even right up ’til the present time, the zest showcase in Istanbul keeps on being the zest capital of Turkey. Sadly, be that as it may, a regularly expanding number of shops are gradually being taken over by dealers selling merchandise and wares other than flavors.

Regardless of this steady progress, any individual who visits the market will at present be welcomed by endless flavor merchants selling each zest possible, including a crowd of flavors that a great many people have never at any point known about. Any place you cast your look, you’ll see sacks of flavors so full, that the substance is flooding onto the floor.

Visiting The Spice Market In Istanbul

Most vacationers visiting Turkey end up ruined for decision undoubtedly. Much the same as any huge cosmopolitan city, Istanbul is flooded with cafés obliging all preferences. Notwithstanding, if you visit an abnormal new nation, why not test that nation’s cooking? Numerous guests do attempt Turkish dishes when they visit the nation, and many begin to look all starry eyed at the gigantic assortment on offer.

On the off chance that you are a gutsy foodie, at that point, you’ll well and genuinely love the flavor showcase in Istanbul, and may even end up paying additional things extra charge when you load onto your trip back home. All things considered, huge numbers of the zest you’ll see at the market are most similar to not accessible in your nation, so it’s advantageous loading up while you have the chance.

Under The High Domes

At the point when you enter the bazaar, it’s astonishing to feel that individuals have been rushing there throughout the previous 350 years, and in that time, very little has truly changed by any means. A lot of first-time guests are very amazed when they find may brokers selling stuff that isn’t really from Turkey.

It’s critical to recollect in any case, that the market isn’t, and never has been a setting for Turkish produce as it were. This is basically what makes the market such an awesome spot, in that you can purchase merchandise from everywhere throughout the world.

You’ll see brokers selling Russian caviar; you’ll see dealers selling Iranian saffron; you’ll see vendors selling different Chinese teas, and so on. It’s where individuals from everywhere throughout the world go to, to purchase products from everywhere throughout the world.

Which Spices Would It Be Advisable for Me to Pay Special Mind To?

Pretty much every zest you can envision is on offer, piled into lively vaults. Be that as it may, as opposed to returning home with the natural, it’s smarter to pay special mind to these normally Turkish flavors and items, so you can keep on making the most of your preferred Turkish tastes on your arrival:

This maroon/burgundy shaded zest is produced using the berries of the wild Rhus Coriaria bramble. It has a citrus pungency that originates from the malic corrosive inside. Use it in a plate of mixed greens dressings rather than lemon, or mix it into newly steamed vegetables with a little olive oil.

Pul Biber

These dried red pepper chips are the backbone of Turkish dishes, and you’ll see it close to the salt in most Turkish eateries. It comes in shifting degrees of heat so it’s ideal to taste before you purchase and post for isot Biber – a smoky assortment from Urfa. Sprinkle it into stews, or over barbecued meat.

Nar Ekşisi

Produced using a pomegranate decrease, this thick, gooey syrup is another Turkish kitchen fundamental. Use in the spot of Balsamic vinegar to hone up a serving of mixed greens, or to make a marinade or coating for salmon or poultry.

Çörek Otu

Referred to in English as Nigella seeds (or in some cases as dark cumin), the name truly means ‘bun’s herb’. In case you’re following Turkish plans, have a go at sprinkling it onto bread, cakes, or flavorful baked goods, not long before preparing. Çörek otu is, for the most part, utilized onto bread, cakes, or exquisite baked goods, not long before preparing


It might look like it, however, ‘Turkish saffron’: it isn’t saffron by any means, yet dried safflower, which has little shading or flavor. For the genuine article, pay special mind to the fine strands of Iranian Saffron, however, hope to pay considerably more.

What Else Would I Be Able to Purchase at the Spice Bazaar Turkey?

Aside, from the flavors, there are rosebud, jasmine, and organic product teas, Turkish get a kick out of each shading and flavor; natural cures; dried natural products, for example, apricots, figs, dates, and even strawberries and kiwis; nectar and nut drenched baklava; olive oil cleansers; Turkish espresso; and substantially more other than.

What’s in Store, See and Buy?

Egyptian Spice Bazaar is housed in a structure that was worked in 1660 and named sometime later that the products for exchange from the India and far east were showing up to this spot over Egypt by the Egyptian Caravan, during the time of the Ottomans.

Turkish Delight (Literally) at Istanbul’s Spice Market

Admission: We harassed our Istanbul visit control into adding the Spice Bazaar to our pressed Turkey agenda. “Please,” our movement blogger pack persuaded. “We’re directly here in any case, and it’s one of the most well-known sights in Istanbul! We’ll make it worth your time and energy… We’ll get you a Turkish Delight! Or then again three?” With that, our guide smiled and drove us into the 350-year-old structure. The “endowments” we found right now significant, contacting our hands, however our hearts too!

The Spice Bazaar has More than Spices

It was vital to have a guide in the clamor of the Spice Market because our guide drove us right to his preferred store out of the 85 shops that line the long structure. Did you realize that the Spice Bazaar is in reality just 5% flavors? The other 95% of products incorporate a wide range of things I needed to stick into my mouth quickly, including baklava, dried natural product, and a larger number of kinds of Turkish Delight than I knew conceivable.

Oils, Soaps, Herbs

For the body, Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar offers fragrant oils that flicker in their adjusted glass bottles, and stout cleansers loaded up with herbs and imbuements to make a lady’s skin sparkle. Something for fans of common and eco-accommodating beauty care products. You may pick among carefully assembled olive oil cleansers hued with bloom and herb removes or peeling Turkish Bath dark cleanser in a type of a thick tarnish glue, which makes skin smooth delicate.

Tests of Candy at the Spice Bazaar

“Need some nourishment tests?” the store’s chipper proprietor asked, and our blogger bunch swooped towards him like piranhas. Individually, the proprietor pulled the various delights from the divider, cutting off pieces for our getting a handle on hands. My most loved was the pomegranate Turkish Delight!

What Is Turkish Delight?

For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, Turkish Delight is the enticing treat numerous Americans originally knew about in the well-known kids’ book, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It includes a sweet thick base that is tidied with powdered sugar, and now and again contains installed treats like nuts and dried organic products.

Lokum – Turkish Delight is a vivid sensitive delicate sweet make of starch and sugar, with nuts, dried foods grown from the ground flavors. The works of art incorporate pistachio, ginger, mint, rose and fig flavors, yet you can discover considerably more. You can get them free or bundled, cut into blocks or in a “frankfurter” structure. They are generally flavorful. Another great is halva, a thick, clingy dessert made of nuts and sesame glue or other nut spreads with an assortment of flavors.

Turkish Delight and halva are the most exemplary and easy to discover endowments from Turkey, and normally everyone likes them, so on the off chance that you have a restricted spending plan or truly loathe shopping, or you don’t have a lot of time – they are constantly a smart thought.

The Greek or Turkish Baklava Fight

What unites individuals across societies, religions, numbness, and outrage? Nourishment! “See that Baklava?” our guide had asked us, grinning. “Greece and Turkey have a major quarrel over who has the best baklava style, however, it’s an enjoyment battle! We as a whole chuckle about it. It’s significantly better than different battles that are out there.”

Turkish Tea at the Spice Market

I returned the ground floor and started respecting the teas. There were teas for everything! “Loosen up Tea,” “Vitality Tea,” and… others I can’t print. The kaleidoscopic, multi-formed dried blossoms and leaves that made up every tea cuddled together serenely to make the refreshment’s enchantment. Correspondingly, the Spice Market whirled with guests from around the globe who were all looking for delightfulness. Together, we as a whole made our blended zest of ravenous, cheerful mankind.

As I ate my last bit of pomegranate Turkish Delight, a Saudi Arabian couple came into the store simultaneously as a blondie pair whose accents proposed Texas. “Welcome!” broadcasted the storekeeper, giving an example of baklava to every one of the four guests. Each of the four ate and grinned. With the goal that’s what I got at Istanbul’s Spice Bazaar: The supernatural sight of humankind’s unity even with great nourishment and fun shopping. What might YOU have gotten? Need more zest showcase sights? For more Turkey magnificence, look at my photographs, realities, and tips about Ephesus, Hagia Sophia, and the Blue Mosque!

Egyptian Spice Bazaar/Market (Misir Carsisi) with Spicy Shopping Guide

Egyptian Spice Bazaar comprises a progression of secured boulevards including 100 shops and two cafés along with the doors. The moniker “Flavor” was given for most of the shops’ selling herbs and flavors. You can discover about each sort of herbs and flavors at the market, and just as elements for cooking, Turkish pleasure, and Turkish espresso.

The authentic Egyptian Spice Bazaar (Misir Carsisi) or alleged Spice Market, is a bright and mysterious secured flavor advertise fixed with zest slows down in Eminonu coast, close to the Yeni Mosque, in the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul. It is additionally one of the most mainstream shrouded showcases on the planet, together with renowned Grand Bazaar.

Shopping Etiquette in Istanbul Spice Bazaar: How to Bargain

Tradesmen of Istanbul, especially the ones in the Grand Bazaar, are known for their ability in a bargain. So, the bargain is a must in the bazaar for you. You should be prepared. The key to good shopping is to know that there are dozens of stores lined up next to each other that sell similar products. So, be sure that you have leisure time to wander around the shops and look for the best price or a better deal.

 If you spend some time in a shop and start to chat and bargain or pleased with the offer, it is likely that the vendors serve you a cup of tea. This is the gesture for hospitality and a way of welcoming. Also, most of the vendors are fluent in more than one language. This is what makes Grand Bazaar experience different. 

If you feel overwhelmed, uncomfortable or harassed by the insistence of a shopkeeper, just move on to another shop. The real tradesmen or, to say, owners of the trusted places don’t make you uncomfortable or insist you buy their products. So, always feel free to leave and look for better deals and service.

What Amount Would It Be a Good Idea for Me to Pay?

A few costs are checked however a touch of wrangling is normal as costs can be higher here than in flavor looks around the city. A portion of the bazaar’s most legitimate outlets to pay special mind to include: Ucuzcular, Malatya Pazarı, Ayfer Kaur, Arifoğlu, and Urfa Pazarı.

How Might I Find a Good Pace Bazaar?

Take the cable car to Eminönü, at that point stroll over the square with the New Mosque to your left side, and head down the limited road of cheddar, dried meat, and nut merchants, before taking a left into the bazaar. Then again, you can book our Magnificent Ottomans Tour to visit and find the obscure Spice Bazaar. The Spice Bazaar hours are 9 am – 7 pm consistently, aside from strict and open occasions.

You can get substantially more than flavors at the Spice Bazaar, yet flavors are the stars. They’re stacked high in hills that are not under any condition like the exhausting little containers we get in our general stores. You simply realize that they’re going to taste better. Furthermore, what hues! On the off chance that you like cooking, you’ll love this spot. Regardless of whether you’re after unadulterated individual flavors or blends ideal for sheep or chicken, they’re here.

Situated in the Eminonu quarter of Istanbul, alongside the Galata Bridge and the New Mosque (Yeni Cami), the Spice Bazaar is one of the city’s biggest and most well-known markets, second just to the Grand Bazaar. It’s otherwise called the Egyptian Market, it’s littler than the Grand Bazaar, however, it very well may be similarly as occupied. You don’t come here for Turkish floor coverings the Grand Bazaar is better for that–and there’s a lot more grounded accentuation on nourishment contributions like flavors, nuts, dried organic products, baklava, and, obviously, Turkish enjoyment (lokum) in the customary rose water just like pretty much any enhancing you can think of. Be that as it may, an ever-increasing number of the nourishments are getting uprooted by shops selling products with bigger overall revenues like adornments and keepsakes.

A portion of the all the more intriguing merchants are in reality outside the Bazaar. Coating its outside dividers are sellers providing food more to local people than visitors. There you’ll locate a little fish advertise on one side, and on the other a few shops devoted to cultivating equipment, or even fish tank supplies. Furthermore, the roads around the Spice Bazaar are particularly intriguing you can discover a significant number of similar merchandise available to be purchased at less touristy costs. The Rüstem Pasha Mosque close by is likewise worth a look.

The flavor advertise in Istanbul is the second greatest canvassed bazaar in Turkey, and conceivably the greatest zest showcase on the planet. As indicated by chronicled records, it was first called the “New Market” yet was later changed to the “Egyptian Bazaar” since it was financed utilizing income from Egypt. The bazaar was a piece of the “New Mosque” and lease gathered from the various brokers was initially intended to pay for the mosque’s upkeep.

A Few Points To Keep In Mind

Another great piece of exhortation is that you ought to consistently ensure you can pay for your flavors, etc in the nearby cash. Most merchants at the zest showcase in Istanbul will gladly acknowledge installment in Euros or even dollars, however, it will cost you. In any case, you won’t get an awesome conversion scale, and besides, it’s obvious that you are new to the setting, which results in over evaluating.

Experience The Top Attractions In Egypt And Turkey

If you might want to encounter the flavor advertise in Istanbul, together with incalculable other intriguing attractions in Turkey, it would be ideal if you investigate Egypt and Turkey Tours. We offer a wide scope of bundle visits taking into account all preferences and spending plans, and we’re likewise ready to alter singular visits to coordinate your necessities.

It is a well known focal point and an ideal spot with the sightseers to end their Istanbul visit by looking for certain keepsakes for their dearest ones preceding leaving Istanbul.

How to Get There?

Egyptian Spice Bazaar is arranged in the Eminonu neighborhood of Fatih district, just over the Eminonu Public Ferries Port, close to the Yeni Mosque. See the area map. The most down to earth approach to find a workable pace using Bagcilar-Kabatas cable car (T1 line). The nearest cable car stop is Eminonu. From Taksim, take the funicular to Kabatas (from taksim Square) or funicular to Karakoy (from Tunel square) and then take the cable car. On the off chance that you remain at the Sultanahmet inns, take the cable car to Eminonu. From the Asian side, you may take open ships to Eminonu and from that point, you take the cable car to find a good pace.

Where to Eat in Spice Bazaar

Kasap Osman

Kasap Osman is situated in the Old Town on Hocapasa Street, where you can discover incredible eateries. Istanbul’s best cafés in their very own class can be found here and you are prescribed to attempt pide, meatballs, cag kebab, and lahmacun here. Kasap Osman is the best doner shop here and it stands apart as perhaps the best spot to eat doner at Sirkeci-Eminonu neighborhood where you can discover other astonishing eateries and pastry shops. Doner at Kasap Osman is presented with pilaf as an afterthought and the meat is uncommonly picked by the butcher himself.

Kasap Osman is a perfect spot for lunch for the ones doing shopping at Spice Bazaar and the close-by zone. If you visit Kasap Osman, you can unwind in its garden and appreciate the customary climate of the Old City. What’s more, Kasap Osman is just 5 minutes stroll from Sirkeci Tram Station and Sirkeci Marmaray Station. Its ideal doner makes it outstanding amongst other doner shops in Istanbul.

Address: Hocapaşa Mahallesi, Hocapaşa Sokak, No 8/A, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $20 for 2 people average

Zumrut Bufe

Travelers visiting Sultanahmet, as a rule, go to Eminonu neighborhood to make an incredible finish of their day. Your movement in time will be incomplete before you go to Eminonu and do shopping at Spice Bazaar, which has become fresh out of the plastic new gratitude to the redesign completed as of late. At the point when you feel tired in the wake of visiting the great and bright shops at Spice Bazaar, you can take a mid-day break without going too far because Zumrut Bufe is the spot at the intersection of Spice Bazaar’s Sirkeci Buyuk Postane exit.

Both neighborhood and outside travelers show tremendous enthusiasm for Zumrut Bufe as it’s perhaps the best spot to eat doner in Istanbul. Doner is presented with pureed potatoes as an afterthought at Zumrut Bufe and doner wrap is the most well-known decision among its clients.

Address: Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi, Sabuncu Hanı Caddesi, No: 12, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $15 for 2 people average


Propositions to be engaged should possibly be engaged on the off chance that they include free Turkish joy. We can’t start to discuss nourishment shopping in Istanbul without referencing the Egyptian Bazaar in Eminönü. Purportedly worked from income obtained through the Ottoman district in Egypt, this market has been around since 1660. Today, the market is fit as a fiddle, selling hills of flavors, dried products of the soil, Turkish enjoyment and different desserts.

At the point when you advance outside, the bazaar additionally has a segment of cheddar venders that have the absolute best Turkish assortments you can envision. In case you’re in the temperament for some Turkish espresso, try to drop by Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi or Nuri Toplar close by generally advantageous.

Otherwise called the Spice Market, this bazaar is situated in the architecturally significant area of Fatih in Eminönü. It is the second biggest bazaar in Istanbul and sells various types of flavors, dried herbs, homegrown teas, and restorative plants. There are likewise dried organic products, nuts, oils, and candy parlor. Some of the time, throughout the late spring time frame, this bazaar might be open on Sundays.

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