Where You Can Buy Jewelry in Istanbul

In this guide, we mentioned Turkish jewelry and where you can buy them in Istanbul.

Turkish Jewelry

Turkish Jewelry is one of the styles at Jewelry World. This style is legitimately called “Turkish Jewelry”. In this substance, we will educate you about history, culture and all insights regarding Turkish Jewelry. 

The Turkish Jewelry word implies gems that are made in Turkey by Turkish Jewelry Masters with great adornments planning techniques. Because of the size of the market and focus of adornments world in Istanbul Grand Bazaar, you can likewise discover production line made gems in Turkey. In any case, this style is known as Italian Jewelry.

Jewelry Types


Cluster jewelry includes a gathering of littler gemstone set firmly together to give the general impression of a bigger stone. Shop for bunch rings and group hoops. 


Cocktail jewelry includes enormous, striking settings with an articulated focus stone which may incorporate numerous encompassing stones. 


A classic jewelry type style includes a solitary gemstone. It can be utilized to portray rings, studs or accessories, yet is by and large connected with rings. 


Fashion jewelry, otherwise called outfit gems, is customarily produced using modest metals and impersonation or semiprecious stones. 


Most traditional wedding ring sets comprise of an engagement ring and a wedding ring. The wedding band commonly includes a jewel, however, some may highlight gemstones or birthstones. The wedding ring can snuggly fit alongside the wedding band to finish the general introduction.

Jewelry Styles


Antique-style adornments highlight lavish and vintage embellishing impacts, similar to radiance and clear settings, complicated side precious stones, and milgrain beaded accents. 


Classic adornments are very much preferred and hold an immortal intrigue. It speaks to conventional structures like a prong setting, solitaire or three-stone plans and roll highlights. 


Modern jewelry highlights smooth and inventive settings with one of a kind style. Structures may incorporate channel, strain, bezel or flush settings, open shanks or strong stone mountings. 


Artisan made gems conveys a wonderful mix of metals with uncommon and outlandish gemstones. Every unique, high-quality piece is stand-out creation, made with outstanding craftsmanship.


Turkish Jewelry has its very own style and often made with sparkling gemstones like Agate, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise, Tiger’s Eye. Likewise, the shade of metal will never sparkle to such an extent. 

To show drawing subtleties utilized dark rhodium plating to show subtleties. This sort of dimness additionally will give a genuine look on gems which is a must for exemplary adornments style. 

Most well-known stones are Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire for Women’s Turkish Jewelry. Men’s Turkish Jewelry are Aqeeq (Agate), Ferooza (Turquoise) and Tiger’s Eye stones. 

There are no such a great amount of alternatives for Men’s Jewelry Collection in Turkish Jewelry since gems culture of Ottomans. So on the off chance that you are searching for Really Classic Style Rings for Men, Turkish Men Rings will be your first decision.

Best of Turkish Jewelry

The second Turkish Men Jewelry is Tasbeeh, which made by 33 or 99 globules. It is additionally referred to by different societies as Worry Beads, Rosary, Prayer Beads and so forth. 

On this sort gems’ most well-known gemstone is Amber which is an extremely constrained amount around the world. And furthermore stone quality will be better time by time. 

Tasbih is a standout amongst another blend with your rings because they two convey close by. Likewise, it isn’t utilized for supplicating just it is additionally a great toy for men to occupied hands. If you accept gemstones control it is contacting your skin by hands when you are playing.


Traditional pieces of clothing and luxury present calculable insights concerning the operations of the general public. Articles of clothing point out whether social orders are settled or migrant, and are a supply of insights regarding memorable events and ethnological roots. 

For example, in Yörük or Turkoman towns, one can illuminate whether a young lady is locked in, wedded or a widow from the most ideal path through which she does her hair. 

From the soonest occurrences, articles of clothing worn inside a clan would layout a person’s social standing. More prominent than a commitment, this was a comprehension carried on by custom. 

Every day, work and uncommon event articles of clothing are entirely unexpected. Hair types all through marriage and after the wedding chamber contrast. In business sectors, it’s clear to figure out which town people live in essentially from their articles of clothing. 

Quickly in Anatolia, there are varieties even between the garments worn in various neighborhoods of the indistinguishable town. It’s because of this reality unwise for the work of art students of history, humanist, individuals move arranger or fashioner to talk with regards to “Ordinary Turkish ensemble.” 

Hip twirling might be extremely normal in Turkey. It’s an exceptionally obsolete work of art kind in any case adored by Turks everything being equal and ages. It could be the relative of verifiable Anatolian ripeness moves.

 Stomach move outfits out there inside the Grand Bazaar incorporate headscarf, Turkish/Arabic vest, enhanced bra, separate sleeves, hipband, and circle skirt. Garments are truly decorated with impersonation money. 

Together with weaving used in regular ensembles, gems can likewise be commonly utilized as an assistant. The possibility of the hostile stare is across the board, and one can watch numerous talismans to ward it off in people groups’ articles of clothing and hair. 

The majority of the civic establishments which have existed in Anatolia have created innovative works that included profitable or semi-valuable stones and steel. Turkoman adornment is a brilliant occasion of legitimate methodologies that had been conveyed to Anatolia by the Seljuks. Inside the Ottoman interim, gems picked up criticalness in parallel to the occasion of the domain.

The Art of Jewelry in the Ottoman

The court docket data relationship from 1526 points out that there have been 90 adornments artisans inside the administration of the Sultan. 

The craftsmanship of Ottoman adornments making arrived at its crest inside the sixteenth century, with gold and loved stones used not exclusively to wearable gems but rather notwithstanding articles of all the time questions likened to book covers, utensils, weapons, etc. using a considerable amount of provisions likened to cowhide based, ivory, glass, bone, mother-of-pearl, horn, wooden and metals much the same as zinc. 

Footrest adornments should have been luxurious and seriously dynamic. Gem specialists utilized a considerable amount of metals to style a lump of bijou, which is the essential differentiation from European adornments the spot the indistinguishable metallic is rehashed. 

One other capacity of Ottoman gems is that as a substitute of exacting evenness, the character of the stone and metallic are given unmistakable quality. As a representation, the unadulterated qualities of a ruby and emerald reflect the Ottoman capacity of bijou. Adornments were created inside the royal residence or in workshops somewhere else. 

Footstool adornments were planned using unadulterated themes that reflected the overall tastes. Since the assortments of stones and the mines raised through the development of the Empire, gems assembling raised moreover.

From the eighteenth century onwards, Western propensities prompted a misrepresented upgrade inside the estimation of bijou. 

Aigrettes have been utilized each by the Sultan and remarkable young ladies of the Harem. It was the picture of vitality because of its structure and look. It’s perceived that Sultans gave the dear aigrettes as presents or as honors to sure individuals. Jeweled aigrettes moreover upgraded the heads of steeds all through equestrian functions. 

They pulled in thought with their simple botanical or drop structures and reflected the splendor of the dear jewels on them. In later spans, the aigrettes have been huge.

In representations the sultans ordinarily wore one aigrette anyway normally they wore three. Young ladies wore a few aigrettes anyway regularly they put one on their temples and one other on the again of their head. 

Pins have been fundamental things of bijou in young ladies’ head adornments. These adornments have been stuck to peaks or put straight on the hair or regularly they have been put on the pins of clothing. 

The “Titrek” or “Zenberekli” are average Ottoman pins that dangle with each move of the physical make-up. Themes from nature such because the tulip, rose, violet, flower bunch, fowl, butterfly, and honey bee are to a great extent used in this kind of adornments. Adornments with bloom themes were utilized on the hair. 

Studs have been comprehensively utilized for a long time. They’ve numerous shapes from little pearl drops to extensive dangling ones. They have a fundamental spot in Turkish adornments because they accentuated the extraordinary thing about the haircut and outfit of Ottoman young ladies. 

Studs are ordered as per how they dangle: the twofold dangling ones incorporate three drops known as the “üç ayakli”, (three toes). 

The direct gold bangles aren’t exclusively considered to be gems anyway are obtained as financing to be changed into cash by their home proprietors each time needed. The women of the Ottoman Palace bought these wrist trinkets rarely. 

There are various types of wrist trinkets that young ladies supported such because of the wound sort. Seal rings encrusted with loved pearls like rubies, emeralds and semi-valuable germs like carnelian, amethyst and jade have been supported by Ottoman young ladies. 

They wore them on various fingers. Solitaires and rose framed jewel rings and ‘divanhane çivisi’ which has another precious stone layer over the rose-shaped ring are Ottoman ring sorts. The “Dinahane Çivisi” theme is molded by consistent lines of jewels cycle one enormous precious stone on the high. 

This structure was used in wrist trinkets and pieces of jewelry. It was used in silver and gold rings, as well. They’re delineated inside crafted by the late eighteenth and mid-nineteenth century understood painters Konstantin Kapidagli and Antoine de Favray. 

Chokers and extensive accessories have been used by Ottoman young ladies. Gold money has been hung on extensive gold or silver chains or a pearl necklace. Such neckbands have been worn by affluent young ladies. 

The eighteenth-century British Ambassador in Istanbul composed that Hafize Sultan, the life partner of Sultan Mustafa II, wore a pearl necklace right down to her knees with a jewel as gigantic as a turkey egg and two series of emeralds. 

The jeweled brilliant, silver, precious stone, mother-of-pearl or ivory belts have been the significant hardware of the Ottoman young lady. Belt clasps with botanical or geometric themes adorned with precious stones, rubies, turquoise, and emeralds have been regularly worn on the midsection and various events over the hips.

Where to Buy High-Quality Turkish Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the special and successful sectors in Turkey. Today most of the people searching and using especially Turkish Jewelry because of the unique design. Also, Turkish Jewelry can be found at Amazon or other marketplaces as the separated section. 

At Istanbul, Grand Bazaar (We can say that Grand Bazaar is the heaven of jewelry), Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport, you can find special, unique designer shops for Turkish Jewelry as well as you can find lots of Wholesale Turkish Jewelry Supplies at there. 

It may be the same style but if you want a unique one we can suggest you handmade Turkish Jewelry instead of Wholesale Turkish Jewelry Supplies designs. Because these products generally made with machines. Otherwise, it couldn’t sell at wholesale.

Evil Eye is one of the most popular amulets for Turkish Jewelry. You can find lots of evil eye Turkish Jewelry which include blue, white sometimes yellow stones. Turkish Jewelry Evil Eye uses as protection from negative energy and bad eyes on you.

If you are looking for High-Quality Turkish Jewelry we can suggest you choose handmade jewels from Turkey. Turkish jewelers like to use gemstones on jewels. Well experienced Turkish Jewellers also experts as gemstones. So they can identify real and fake stones. Because most famous style is Turkish Stone Jewelry as Turkish jewels.

Turkish Bridal Jewelry is one of the other styles however because of Turkish Stone Jewelry famous they can be used as bridal jewelry. Most people choose Turkish Stone Jewelry as Turkish Bridal Jewelry for their weddings.

It generally depends on what you are looking for. If you want high-quality Turkish Jewelry you should go to the famous Turkish Jewellers’ handmade products and catalogs. Thanks to our worldwide customers and well-experienced jewelers Boutique Ottoman is the most famous Turkish Silver Jewelry brand worldwide for Handmade and gemstone products.

Istanbul Airport

In Domestic Terminal:


Address: İstanbul Airport, Tayakadın Mahallesi, Terminal Caddesi, Airport Terminal Building No:1

Phone: 0212 830 58 13 – 14

Altınbaş Jewelry, since the first day it was established branding and being brand activities, and innovations first brought to the industry in Turkey today and continue a steady path targeting continuous rise in total 500 points in the world.

Altınbaş Jewelry was founded in 1975 by the Altınbaş family in Gaziantep, and has achieved great growth in a short time with its successful and systematic efforts. Altınbaş Jewelry, which is integrated into the developing world, is today the sector’s leading brand of Altınbaş Holding.

Altınbaş, which has adopted the mission of leading the Turkish jewelry sector with innovations and firsts, aims to provide a preferred shopping experience by capturing the excellent product and service quality with its widespread concept stores.

Altınbaş gold jewelry and diamond jewelry, design, product, customer service and human resources with the quality of the brand identity of the pioneers settled in Turkey, the merchandising system is progressing with the integration vision with the global brand identity.

Duty Free: 


Address: İstanbul Airport, Tayakadın Mahallesi, Terminal Caddesi, Airport Terminal Building No:1

Phone: (0212) 211 60 44

Atasay Kamer, the founder of Atasay, was born in Çivril, Denizli in 1941. In 1989, he founded Atasay Jewelry. His son Cihan Kamer is still the General Manager of the company and also the President of Istanbul Precious Metals and Jewelry Exporters’ Association.

The foundations of the company were laid by Hacı Mustafa Kamer, father of Atasay Kamer in Çivril district of Denizli in 1934. In the shop they run as Kamer Kuyumcusu, there were also textiles. Atasay Kamer still continues to develop himself and contribute to the sector with his young ideas.

Atasay Jewelry, in this context, located in the world’s top 10 companies in the industry with 20 tons of production capacity, there are scattered 107 stores and foreign representative to Turkey surface, Yeni Bosna 7 brings together the production operations a total of 10,000 square meters and a factory on the floor.

His son Cihan Kamer built Atasay Kamer Vocational School of Pamukkale University in Çivril district of Denizli on behalf of his father Atasay Kamer.

During this trip, Atasay Kamer met different production techniques and traditions in different regions of Anatolia, witnessed the realities of the jewelry sector and started to establish the foundation fee of Atasay Jewelry after his tour of Anatolia, which he concluded with both cultural and commercial gains.

Inspired by Anatolia’s historical heritage, preserving its corporate traditions, they continue to be the first brand in the sector by using our design and production power.

They aim to make our customers feel happy and special with our reasonable price and innovative approach. They strive to offer an Atasay product that is unique to every culture and age around the world.

Zen Diamond 

Address: International Terminal 6-F0414/F4-22

Phone: 0212 511 36 79

Zen, with its expertise in diamonds, different designs, reliability, after-sales services, is the first address of a special, charming, valuable gift for you and your loved ones.

With the leading diamond brand in Turkey since 1890, inherited from his family’s experience dealing with jewelers, it puts its signature collection of modern design and adding to it an innovative stance.

Zen Diamond, which has Europe’s largest production capacity, this power offers the widest selection of models diamond jewelry in Turkey, can respond to different expectations and budgets.

In addition to the indispensable classics such as solitaire, tria, and diamond wedding rings, the collection includes models from which diamonds and colored stones meet, and countless designs to accompany a woman at any time of her day-to-night life.

Zen Diamond also offers different options for men with diamond watch collection and diamond accessories such as tie, cufflinks, pen, wallet, and belt.

Zen Diamond makes a difference with its special collections. With the agreement signed with the National Geographic Society, the association’s first and only licensed jewelry manufacturer in the world has created a special collection called the National Geographic Collection, which is sold worldwide.

Forevermark, the diamond brand of De Beers Group, the largest diamond company in the world, enters into a licensing partnership with certain jewelry companies that comply with the high standards it has established all over the world.

Zen Diamond chose only as authorized Forevermark jewelers in Turkey. Zen Diamond has been the export leader in diamond jewelry for the last 8 years.

Every year, it participates in the world’s most important jewelry fairs and carries its designs to the international arena. It closely follows the trends in the world with its offices abroad and reflects fashion to its new models.


Address: Tayakadın Mahallesi, Ulubatlı Hasan Caddesi, No:255

Phone: (0212) 211 60 44

Swarovski is an Austrian producer of precious stone headquartered in Wattens, Austria. Swarovski has been a family-claimed business since it was established in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski.

The organization is part into three noteworthy industry territories: the Swarovski Crystal Business, that essentially produces crystal jewelry and accessories; Swarovski Optik, which produces optical instruments such as telescopes, telescopic sights for rifles, and binoculars; and Tyrolit, a producer of pounding, sawing, penetrating, and dressing devices, just as a provider of devices and machines.

The Swarovski Crystal range incorporates glass models and miniature, adornments and rhinestones, home stylistic theme, and chandeliers.

All figures are set apart with a logo. The original edelweiss flower Swarovski logo was supplanted by a S.A.L. logo, which was supplanted with the swan logo in 1988.

Precious stone glass is delivered by softening a blend of quartz sand, minium, potash and soda at high temperatures. To make gem glass that gives the light a chance to refract in a rainbow range, Swarovski coats a portion of its items with uncommon metallic synthetic coatings.

For instance, Aurora Borealis, or “Stomach muscle”, gives the surface a rainbow appearance. Other coatings are named by the organization, including Crystal Transmission, Volcano, Aurum, Shimmer, and Dorado. Coatings might be connected to just a piece of an article; others are covered twice, and in this manner are assigned AB 2X, Dorado 2X, and so on.

In 2004 Swarovski discharged Xilion, a copyrighted slice intended to advance the brightness of Roses (segments with level backs) and Chatons (precious stone cut).


Address: Tayakadın Mahallesi, Terminal Caddesi No:1, Arnavutköy
International Dutyfree Terminal Zon2-F2P-09 

Phone:  0(212) 812 47 19

If you want to have necklaces that tell you what you like and how you live; The latest fashions of Luzdemia necklaces are for you.

Glass inside of a coin, the person telling their story created by placing various symbols, personalized custom jewelry locket on a floating, with Luzyo Luzdemia the brand is now available in the appreciation of women in Turkey.

Providing meaningful and stylish products to women of all ages and styles to reflect their lights, Luzdemia’s Luzyo creates a whole new jewelry experience.

Luzyo, which allows women to reflect their stories on their necklaces, opens the doors to a world of customizable, meaningful and fun jewelry.

People who want to create their own story in the world of Luzyo, take an easy, enjoyable and very entertaining journey. First, they choose their LuzyoLocket, which symbolizes their world, in any size, color, and style, and then moves on to the most entertaining part.

From colorful, meaningful and cute symbols, they identify alternatives that tell their world and give them happiness and lay the foundations of their stories.

After choosing the appropriate plates from the meaningful words, the chains of the length and style they want, they decorate the Luzyos with elegant pendants. In this way, they realize their stories to decorate their necks and their special Luzyo necklaces.

Sabiha Gökçen

In Domestic Terminal:

Zümrüt Mücevherat 

Address: Sabiha Gökçen Airport D:L 110B

Phone: 0507 430 17 14

For hundreds of models and different kinds of products for your wedding jewelry, gift jewelry and wedding rings that you will carry on your finger, don’t make your decision before visiting Zümrüt Mücevherat.

Bridal sets, modern wedding ring models, bracelets and necklaces; they design their collections of gold, diamond and special stones that are loved and fashionable by couples.



Address: Sabiha Gökçen Airport D:L 120B

Phone: 0216 554 33 39

Haremlique Istanbul was established in 2007 via Caroline N. Koç, who originates from a family with a century-long history in the material business, and planner N. Banu Yentür. The brand is a blend of their innovativeness and broad experience.

Haremlique Istanbul works in the generation of top-notch bed material items for private and business use. Their point is to share the plans motivated by current Istanbul and the different styles originating from our topography’s rich history, just as offer their nearby distinctive abilities.

Haremlique Istanbul was established with the mission to make the world’s best, most extravagant clothes and home materials items and bring them into homes everywhere throughout the world.

In recent years, Haremlique Istanbul has turned out to be synonymous with quality, ageless plans, and durable client connections. Their energy for quality, both in their items and administrations, has been the main thrust behind their supported development.


Address: Sabiha Gökçen Airport D:L 124B

Phone: 0216 554 33 39

Grand Bazaar


Sevan Bıçakçı

One of the Grand Bazaar’s most outstanding adornments producers is the honor winning Sevan Bıçakçı. He has turned out to be well known for his rings, which are essentially minor wearable models. The enchantment of his structures is somewhat because of a group of gifted specialists who perform undertakings, from stone slicing and coating to painting, just as calligraphy and figure.

Berç Melikyan

Another significant name in the Grand Bazaar is Berç Melikyan, who started his vocation at 14 years old, rapidly finding an extraordinary ability for adornments ornamentation. In the wake of functioning as an understudy, Melikyan turned into an ace himself and has been working in the Grand Bazaar since 1981.

Surmak Susmak

Much like Melikyan, Surmak Susmak likewise began as an understudy at 12 years old, and by 1980 opened his very own atelier, where he makes adornments from start to finish.

Hraç Arslanyan

Hraç Arslanyan is another specialist who is particularly striking a direct result of his workshop that expects to teach who and what is to come, particularly female disciples, who assume a significant job in changing an artistic expression that has been generally overwhelmed by men for quite a long time. 

Arslanyan is known for a unique style that unites his childhood and involvement in Turkey with the strategies he saw while visiting workshops in Europe.

Avedis Kendir

Last however positively not least is Avedis Kendir, whose pieces truly stand apart because of their Art Deco and Art Nouveau impacts, just as their Victorian and Ottoman style. Frequently appreciated and worn by sovereignty and heads of express, there’s certainly something great about Kendir’s structures. 

Having opened his first store in 1983, Kendir has been in the gems business since he was eight years of age when he filled in as an understudy during his school breaks. These days he has around 25 skilled specialists who breathe life into his plans. 

Aside from his selective boutique in the extravagant Çırağan Kempinski Hotel, Kendir’s shocking plans can likewise be found in numerous boutiques around the globe.


Don’t forget that you can find lots of shops to buy jewelry in Grand Bazaar instead of the listed shops.

Topkapı Özavar

If you are entering Grand Bazaar through the Beyazıt Gate, you won’t need to look far as the fundamental walkway is cleared with diamond setters. 

Even though the spots may appear to be fundamentally the same as some of them are more extraordinary than others. A striking shop is Topkapı Özavar, offering a wide determination of brilliant gems. The snake clasp showed in the shop window is an imitation of a piece from Madeleine Albright’s gathering. 

Address: Kalpakçılar Caddesi No.10

Phone: 0212 527 25 53

Timuçin Jewelry

Timuçin Jewelry has two areas; one in the Grand Bazaar and another in the upscale neighborhood of Nişantaşı. Uncommon precious stone cuts, vintage architect adornments, and collectible timepieces make the spot a genuine fortune tracker’s heaven. 

Address: Kalpakçılar Caddesi No.24-26

Phone: 0 212 522 63 57 

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