Shopping Malls of Istanbul

Istanbul can be considered Turkey’s capital of culture and style and offers numerous shopping malls. The shopping assortment of the city going from customary and present-day items makes Istanbul a fascination place for shopping sweethearts. Similar to a very huge city, explorers can undoubtedly discover pretty much every world brand in the shopping centers and the areas of Istanbul.

Also, shopping centers can be considered as an exceptionally youthful idea in Turkey since history returns just to the late 80s. Be that as it may, when the shopping centers showed up on the shopping scene, the Turks grasped them. Pretty much every area has in any event one. Tailing you can discover probably the greatest and fanciest shopping centers in Istanbul.

They are generally near the Taksim region, along these lines extremely simple to reach by transport, metro, or taxi. Goodness indeed, as a dependable guideline, we can say that they are open between 10 am and 10 pm.

Other than being one of the world’s communities for amusement and culture, Istanbul is likewise a metropolitan recorded among the top goals for shopping sweethearts. With around 120 shopping centers around the city, Istanbul has more shopping centers than numerous European nations do altogether.

These shopping centers offer innumerable brands and administrations in numerous parts changing from garments to nourishment and stimulation to hardware, furthermore being a spot to shop, these focuses are additionally viewed as recreational regions.

Shopping sweethearts will undoubtedly discover all that they are searching for at shopping malls of Istanbul offering a large number of items and incalculable brands for each age gathering; this where you can pursue patterns assuming control over the world in each area.

Discover one of a kind keepsakes that will give your home a breeze from Istanbul at the most established exchange focuses the world like the Grand Bazaar or Spice Bazaar, the ideal engineering models speaking to the city. You can likewise discover a lot of amazements in the shopping malls offering world-well-known brands. In this article, we will share with you the most popular shopping malls in Istanbul, what you can find inside them and where they are.

Istanbul Malls: Not Just For Shopping!

Notwithstanding playing out its principle work, Istanbul Malls pull in its pioneers and are set up to give them a lot more extravagant experience than some may imagine. The guest needs a visitor city in the size of Istanbul to stations giving an inviting situation, with one of a kind recreational offices that are extraordinary to every business complex and make an exceptional engraving for it.

There, you will wind up in the center of the upscale parlors, encompassed by rich structures with appealing hues that give you a mental solace, and gives you a chance to enter in a fantastic climate you have never experienced. The following are probably the most significant shopping centers in Istanbul:

Istanbul has everything for each financial limit and style. From well known outside business sectors, bazaars, cover and kilim workshops, copper working shops, collectible and handiwork shops, to fashioner shops, customary shops, present-day retail chains, and extremely huge shopping centers; shopping is perhaps the best activity in Istanbul.


Akmerkez is situated in Etiler, an area of the Beşiktaş locale and one of the most loved regions among Istanbul’s first class. It is additionally near the business quarters of Levent and Maslak.

This four-story shopping center with right around 250 stores covers a region of 180.000 sq meters. It very well may be effectively come to by voyagers and local people the same gratitude to their free transportation administration from and too short proximity neighborhoods and inns. It opened its entryways in December 1993 and is open between 10 am and 10 pm consistently.

Akmerkez was picked the best mall in Europe in 1995 by ICSC. In 1996 it was perceived as the best shopping mall on the planet, additionally, it likewise got the International Design and Development Award. Akmerkez is an interesting shopping mall since no other shopping mall on the planet has both of these titles. In 2010, Akmerkez was granted the prize for the best inside plan by the European Commercial Property Awards.

Address: Ulus Caddesi No:3, Etiler – Istanbul

Istinye Park

Situated in the Istinye neighborhood of the Sarıyer region, Istinye Park has carried another measurement to Istanbul’s shopping idea. Spread out over a zone of 242.000 sqm, the mall offers an assortment of open-air and glass-roofed indoor areas, for example, a green focal park, Fashion District, roadside shopping, a children’s stimulation focal point of 1.500 sqm, Hillside Sports and Leisure Club, The Bazaar — a region propelled by chronicled Turkish design — and 12 motion picture lobbies, one of which being IMAX 3D.

Istinye Park shopping center highlights 300 shops, the first IMAX Theater, top neighborhood and worldwide brands, bistros, and selective eateries. The mall is a novel urban way of life condition arranged on a characteristic geological “amphitheater” of private neighborhoods. Over, a terrific roundabout appearance court sits between an outdoors way of life focus and a glass-roofed indoor retail region.

Other than the numerous stylish shops and a hip theater complex, the advanced shopping center has an assortment of eateries, bistros, and even a nourishment showcase. The shopping center demonstrates that it’s distinctive to its clients since the opening day with the different living spaces. With its pristine idea, for example, The Fashion District, The Boulevard, The Square and the nostalgic Market Place.

The new shopping center offers celebrated lavish brands, for example, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior, Prada, Celine, Fendi, Hugo Boss, Max Mara, Zara, Boyner, Mango, M.A.C., Sephora, Sevil, Vakko, and Debenhams.

The most extravagance and elite stores are situated outside the outdoors way of life focus that is open from the upper floor. Istinye Park Brands Street, an open space planned as a city square that is a first in Turkey. The city square highlights numerous brands that prepare for the universe of design, for example, Burberry, Gucci, Miu, and Louis Vuitton, and cafés of various cooking styles line up.

IstinyePark offers craftsmanship, fun, sports, shopping and world foods to anybody. It is the new Istanbul’s indisputable favorite with its just about 300 stores and 40 eateries. While this miracle of configuration meets various tastes and needs, it additionally demonstrated its distinction among all the shopping centers with 41 new brands that entered the Turkish market utilizing İstinyePark.

Green, eco-accommodating, altruistic and eye for subtleties is how you can best depict Istinye Park. There are three waste gathering focuses and a waste oil gatherer. Wheelchairs, storage spaces to leave your assets, infant surreys for nothing out of pocket and quick expense discounts are just a portion of the attentive administrations gave.

Address: Istinye Bayırı Cad. No: 73, Sarıyer – Istanbul


As a four-story shopping mall situated in the money related locale of Levent, the 37.500 sqm mall has 160 stores among which Turkey’s and the world’s most chosen brands, gourmet eateries, bistros, a wellbeing, and sports club and film corridors. In case you’re one of those individuals who like to complete their shopping in one spot, at that point this is outstanding amongst other shopping centers to visit is Kanyon.

This specific shopping center is appropriate for the mid-year, since it’s outside, and you’ll discover all that you’re searching for, regardless of whether it’s homeware from Turkey or names from abroad. Kanyon is in the business locale, so at noon, you’ll truly get the opportunity to see the entirety of Turkey’s young specialists getting their lunch at one of the numerous eateries upstairs.

Kanyon was granted with the 2006 Cityscape Architectural Review Award in the “Business Built” classification.

Address: Büyükdere Caddesi No:185 page/


If you appreciate being in the focal point of the design, not to mention shopping, you must see City’s in Nişantaşı, some portion of the Şişli area and near Taksim. City’s is a mall that mixes in with the verifiable surface of the zone.

City’s idea is portrayed as a LifeStyle Center. It sure merits this classy title, thinking about the assortment of the stores, bistros, eateries and the indispensable 24-hour six-story stopping administration it gives to the crowded territory.

Address: Teşvikiye Mahallesi Teşvikiye Caddesi No:162, Nişantaşı – Istanbul


This isn’t a mall, yet a locale inside strolling separation of Taksim known for submitted customers looking for refinement.

In the mid-nineteenth century, Sultan Abdülmecid I started the nice living in Nişantaşı. Today, Nişantaşı has the third biggest network of remote occupants in Istanbul. It is an in vogue shopping and an upper-scale neighborhood. Local people of the region are known as honorable, respectful and instructed.

Abdi Ipekçi depends on the month to month rent costs, the most costly and tasteful road with unmistakable Turkish brands just as world-referred to extravagance retail locations, for example, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Cartier, Dior, Gucci, Gianfranco Ferre, DKNY and some more.

Other than the shopping elation, Nişantaşı has become a notable culture and craftsmanship focus. Additionally, its bistros and eateries in the region, particularly on MimKemal Öke and Atiye avenues are tasty.

Bağdat Caddesi

On the Asian side of the city and generally parallel to the shore of the Marmara Sea, Bağdat Avenue is a fairly green and gleaming 14 km long high road. The main private strides in the region were the lavish wooden chalet houses that worked after the 1870s. Some still exist and add to the well off the look of the upper-scale neighborhood. Just as the shopping richness, Bağdat Avenue is well known for global and neighborhood food cafés, bars and bistros.

Bagdat Avenue scored 83 out of 100 and became fourth (!) on a positioning rundown of the world’s most well-known shopping roads made by a Paris-based market counseling organization in 2012.

If you happen to be on the Asian side and are hoping to go out on the town to shop, at that point Bağdat Street is the spot to go. With one end showing all the very good quality brands, for example, Prada and Vakko (another of Turkey’s head retail chains), the opposite side has different brands like Zara or Massimo Dutti. You can spend an entire day strolling here and there this road, completing your shopping and mixing in with local people.

The criteria of the puzzle customers were:

  • Appearance (tidiness, lighting)
  • Welcome (staff welcome, kindness, accessibility)
  • Environment (trash jars accessible, open space, clean asphalt)
  • Contact with passers-by (kind disposition, accommodation to individuals going through the store)

The remarkable line for customers is the 6 km extended length with single direction traffic from Bostancı to Kızıltoprak. You can find the greater part of the shopping centers and design stores toward the path westbound between Suadiye, Şaşkınbakkal, Erenköy and Caddebostan neighborhoods.

We prescribe you to get to Bostancı and afterward stroll back towards Kadıköy – toward the traffic stream. You will effortlessly spend an entire day in the Bağdat Caddesi.

Forum Istanbul

Whatever you may require, you can nearly wager on it that you can discover it in Forum Istanbul. The shopping mall made its presentation in 2009 and is based on a gigantic zone of 495.000 sq meters. About 8.000 sq meters of it is involved by Turkey’s first immense aquarium Turkuazoo and the principal ice historical center, Magic Ice.

The rest is shared among enormous stores like IKEA, the games store Decathlon, Praktiker, a few innovation stores, 62 households, and worldwide garments and shoe stores, 15 bistros, 34 eateries, and 10 motion picture lobbies.

Address: Kocatepe Mahallesi, Paşa Caddesi, Bayrampasa – Istanbul


You have quite recently left the air terminal upon appearance and there is a crisis. You have to do some shopping! Advise your cab driver to take the ocean side street because the spot to be is Galleria, the absolute first shopping mall in Istanbul.

In the ’80s Turkey confronted a lot of social changes. The brains were the imaginative Prime Minister Turgut Özal who prescribed structure such a shopping mall since he was propelled by the shopping center Houston Galleria in Houston, Texas, USA. Situated on the shoreline of the Ataköy suburb, Galleria was based on a secured zone of 77.000 sq meters.

It has a few tip-top stores, eateries, motion picture corridors, a bowling lobby, and an ice skating arena. Galleria was perceived as the world’s most exceptional shopping center in 1990 by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) for advanced diagram plan, quick development, and interesting auxiliary highlights.

Address: Bakırköy Ataköy arası sahilyolu, Istanbul


A four-story mall lodging 140 stores situated in the fund area of Levent. Teflon covered fiberglass texture was utilized for the rooftop development, which lights up the shopping joy.

Metrocity is legitimately associated with the M2 metro line.

Address: Büyükdere Cad. No:171 1. Levent

Zorlu Center

Zorlu is the most up to date expansion to Istanbul’s shopping center scene. It is based on 105.000 m² of land, including a 10.000 m² primary court. There is likewise the second court of 12.000 m², and a leasable region of 70.000 m², home to around 180 stores.

Zorlu Shopping Mall emphasized gourmet, with shops and eateries, for example, Eataly, Jamie Oliver’s Italian, Tom’s Kitchen, and Morini, just as neighborhood cafés, for example, Köşebaşı, Günaydın, Far East and Welldone.

Address: Zorlu Center, Beşiktaş – Istanbul

Akasya Acıbadem

Akasya Acıbadem on the Asian side of the city is a huge complex with a huge shopping mall, lodging global brands that you won’t discover anyplace else in Istanbul. It’s ideal on the off chance that you are remaining on the Asian side of Istanbul and need to shop your heart out.

Address: Çeçen Sokak No. 25, Acıbadem; (0216) 325 03 72

The Mall of Istanbul

The Mall of Istanbul is perhaps the greatest shopping center of Turkey and hosts the main brands on the planet and Turkey. With its 350 stores, gourmet focus, MOiPark, the principal uncommonly structured amusement park, conventional expressions road and execution expressions focus, Mall of Istanbul Shopping Center gives a particular dynamism and ready to be Turkey’s most useful shopping mall with this idea.

Shopping center of Istanbul opened to guests on 23rd May and is created by Torunlar GYO, the greatest local Shopping Center financial specialist of Turkey, with speculation of 1.3 billion TL. Shopping center of İstanbul has the world’s and Turkey’s driving brands with its leasable territory of around 156 thousand square meters and an aggregate of 350 stores.

At MOİ where Migros, Koçtaş, Media Markt, Teknosa, Zara, Mudo, YKM are the main stores, Toyzz Shop opened its greatest store and Victoria Secret has its full idea store in Turkey. Debenhams opened its second store with another idea in Turkey at MOİ and besides, MOİ likewise has probably the greatest store of LCW opened in shopping centers in Turkey.

Decathlon of France and Miss Selfridge of Britain are just a portion of the worldwide brands that opened their areas without precedent for the shopping centers claimed by Torunlar REIC.

Aldar, a speculation bunch situated in Dubai, opened a three-story café with a region of 1,000 square meters at Mall of İstanbul without precedent for Turkey. In this café with chains in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, tastes from the Middle Eastern cooking are served. Gourmet focus “GustoMoi” offers tastes of Black Sea, Anatolia, Antep and Aegean foods all under a similar rooftop.

The shopping center of İstanbul has five atria, three enormous and two little, each with various ideas. With 83 elevators and 42 lifts, the shopping center gives its guests a simple route and shopping opportunity with its tremendous passageways.

Standing apart for its excitement idea, Mall of İstanbul has Turkey’s initially themed inside carnival, Moipark. With monster rides and Horror Hotel, which makes their first introduction in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East with Moipark on a place that is known for 12 thousand square meters, for which 36 million USD was spent.

With 16 theaters and 3,050 seating limits, Turkey’s greatest film complex is another unique division at Mall of İstanbul. All theaters, which will give administration by Torunlar-possessed Cinetech brand, are furnished with cutting edge advanced varying media innovation frameworks.

The complex likewise incorporates an inn with a 300 room limit and a 37,500 Sqm excitement and providing food region, including a 10,000 Sqm event congregation, a 1,200 seat multi-reason assembly room, a 16-screen film, and a 7,200 Sqm snow park, cafés, and bistros.

Four nearby private towers and an inn tower remain on the finished platform, which interfaces with the green top of the shopping center legitimate through a progression of the person on foot sky spans.

For more information check:


Palladium Istanbul shopping mall situated on the Asian side of Istanbul highlights driving Turkish and worldwide brands, in a one of a kind way of living space.

The Palladium in Istanbul is known for its monster glass circle and is one of the most famous locales in the city, with its stores extending crosswise over five stories. The middle offers a differing scope of nearby and worldwide brands, all from the core of the lively Atasehir area.

The Palladium in Istanbul cost almost $230 million to manufacture and opened its entryways in 2008. The perfect current magnum opus is home to 190 stores, making it one of the biggest shopping centers in Istanbul. Guests can peruse the rails in originator showrooms, for example, Guess, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Zara, and Pierre Cardin or shop at outlets for brands like Adidas and Gap.

Offering one of the most assorted and lavish encounters of any Istanbul Shopping Mall, the family-accommodating Palladium has its in-constructed theater, bistros and a gigantic nourishment court with more than twenty cafés.

Address: Palladium Istanbul Barbaros Mah. Halk Cad. No:8, Yeni Sahra, Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey

Trump Towers

Trump Towers Mall Istanbul carries another shopping experience to the fifth biggest city on the planet. Trump Towers shopping center in Istanbul, the main dare to hold up under the Trump name in Europe, opened on nineteenth April 2012.

175 stores offering an interesting mix of design, amusement, and eateries covering an all-out territory of 43,600 square meters at the shopping mall situated in Istanbul’s Şişli locale.

A shopping mall for youngsters is one of the fundamental advancements brought by the new focus, covering a zone of 9,000 square meters, where kids can engage and take an interest in exercises. The “Youngsters’ Store” structured especially for kids, will likewise bring Turkey’s first Disney Theater, with a limit with regards to 600 individuals.

Unadulterated Fitness, a main world wellness brand, offers benefits in a 3,300-square-meter territory. The all-out development region of the towers is 260,000 square meters, including the 37-story living arrangement tower and the 37-story office tower.

Address: Trump Towers Mall Istanbul Mecidiyeköy Yolu Caddesi, No:12 Şişli, 34388 Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul Cevahir is the biggest shopping center in Europe and the second biggest shopping center on the planet. Cevahir Shopping Center has an all-out gross region of 620,000 m² on six stories and expenses $250 million to manufacture. There are 280 shops, some of which are the first in Turkey to sell certain global brands; 34 drive-through joints and 14 selective eateries in the shopping mall.

Under its rooftop, there is a major organize for appears and different occasions, 12 films including an IMAX 3D cinema. It additionally has a film for youngsters, a few other excitement offices, and a bowling lobby. A crazy ride traverses the inside of the shopping mall. The structure’s 2,500-m²-glass rooftop conveys the greatest check on the planet, with digits every 3 m huge.

A portion of the worldwide brands in the shopping mall is as per the following: Dorothy Perkins, Benetton, Esprit, Zara, Adidas, Dockers, Levi’s, Reebok, Converse, Best Mountain, Guess World, Guiseppe, Nine West, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonalds, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

Address: Istanbul Cevahir Shopping focus Buyukdere Cad. No:22 Sisli/Istanbul

Astoria Istanbul Shopping Center

The Astoria Istanbul Shopping Center unites driving Turkish and universal brands, in an exceptional way of living space. Including everything from extravagance eateries and bistros serving food from around the globe, the world-well-known Far Eastern Spa, Anantara, a wellness club with the most recent innovative exercise gear, and an indoor pool to a multiplex film.

The Astoria is very much situated to be the freshest vacation destination in Istanbul, Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2010, because the mix of the Kempinski name with the world’s generally well known and alluring brands will attract sightseers to the shopping center.

Different things that set it apart include:

– 35,000 m2 of all-out space

– 25,000 m2 of leasable space

– 110 shops

– 49-meter high twofold chamber, the biggest in Europe, gives normal light

– 800 vehicle parking structure planned by US principles with wide slopes

The complex is similarly as simple to reach Etiler and Levent. One can without much of a stretch get to the E5 motorway, and it isn’t excessively a long way from the Trans European Motorway. Kempinski Residences Astoria has a five-story mall, leaving for 1,000 vehicles, a diversion zone, health, and wellness focus and two 27-story towers that hold 160 homes. It is situated inside a zone of 120,000 square meters with an interesting perspective on the whole Istanbul horizon.

The 160 habitations come in various sizes and can either be obtained or leased on short or long haul rent. Administrations are given on a by and by custom-made premise contingent upon the prerequisites of the proprietor and his family or visitors. “Feel Comfortable at Kempinski Residences.”

Address: Astoria Istanbul Buyukdere Caddesi Astoria Kuleleri No:127, 34394 Esentepe – Istanbul

Istanbul Sapphire

Istanbul Sapphire is a shopping center and extravagance habitation blended-use task and perhaps the tallest structure in Istanbul. A progressive building, ascending in the core of Istanbul’s new focus, Buyukdere Caddesi. An exceptionally canny, ecologically well disposed of, vitality productive structure with vertical plants that protect the connection among people and nature, including social and action spaces as well as Istanbul’s most elevated golf training range.

Istanbul Sapphire is ascending to have its spot as Istanbul’s chief living condition. Appreciate amazing perspectives on Istanbul from your nursery 200 meters above road level. Istanbul Sapphire, or Sapphire, is the tallest structure in Istanbul’s Levent primary business locale. Furthermore, the second tallest structure in Istanbul and Turkey – after the Diamond of Istanbul situated in the close by Maslak business region.

Sapphire is the main environmental structure of Turkey, having two singular glass shells that can take the outside air normally by gaps situated on every 3 stories. On account of this framework, the occupants of the structure won’t be influenced by the troublesome climate conditions and outer urban commotion, other than to furnishing a cushion with the outside air and the inner offices.

Ingestion of the daylight and bright bars will be guaranteed by a remarkable window ornament framework that is naturally constrained by a PC, contingent upon the season, day and hour. Sapphire ascents 54 stories over the ground level and flaunts an over the ground rooftop stature of 238 meters. The structure has a general auxiliary tallness of 261 meters including its tower, which is a piece of the plan and not a radio receiving the wire.

Sapphire Istanbul is the extravagance home venture of Biskon Construction. The site of Istanbul Sapphire has been granted globally “Top tier”.

Address: Sapphire Istanbul Büyükdere Caddesi, 4. Levent, 34330 Istanbul, Turkey

Viaport Asia in Pendik, near SAW air terminal

365,000 m2 space, 250 stores, 4,000 vehicle leave, diversion focuses films. Structured in a road idea and offers shopping at moderate costs at the stores are planned in an outlet idea. A fun place for families with youngsters, with the Pony Club, Amusement Center, bowling and film. 10 min. drive to Sabiha Gokcen Airport (SAW).

Address: Yenişehir Mah. Dedepaşa Cad. No:19, Pendik



Stores, style, films, hypermarket, stimulation, nourishment and action regions. Zones for kids.

Address: Küçükbakkalköy mah. Dudullu Yolu Cad. No:23-25, Ataşehir, 34746


Venice Mega Mall Outlet

Situated in the Othman Ghazi Pasha zone on the European side of Istanbul. It has more than 180 unique shops among the Venice Mall of Istanbul. You’ll be astounded, as you walk around a duplicate of the Italian city of Venice, where a momentous patio is worked, with a pinnacle encompassed by Italian and global eateries and bistros.

Shops in Venice Mall situated on the banks of beautiful conduits, in which rich pontoons help you to remember the antiquated city of Venice. On the off chance that you are searching for settlement and soundness, Istanbul’s Venice complex is a lovely decision in Istanbul, between Turkish scenes and Italian pontoons! It comprises of 5 private towers appropriate for families, particular condos with various territories and an assortment of perspectives.

Istanbul Valley Mall

Situated in the Istanbul Valley territory, one of the biggest shopping malls in Turkey, and one of Istanbul’s best and most esteemed shopping centers with a complete zone of 103,000 square meters, the immense business complex incorporates more than 270 stores of dress and design shops with world-driving brands. Istanbul Mall likewise has various bistros, cafés and amusement habitats for grown-ups and children. Istanbul Valley Mall highlights one of the world’s most exceptional film innovations film!

The shopping center is situated inside the Istanbul Valley complex and is one of the most significant private tasks in the locale, which has an immediate perspective on the huge woodlands of Belgrade.

212 Outlet Mall in Istanbul

Shopping center 212 is situated in the Mahmutbey region, with more than 175 retail outlets, a youngsters’ den, 3D films, a ski and bowling corridor and scope of eateries and bistros. Notwithstanding its job in the shopping and media outlet, Istanbul is one of Istanbul’s most significant exchange focuses, offering fantastic choices when searching for business workplaces and lofts in the city.

Olivium Outlet Center

On the off chance that you are searching for shopping centers in Bakirkoy, the Olivier Mall is situated in the energetic Zeytinburnu zone. It has more than 140 shops of different Turkish and worldwide brands at limited costs and limits during the time with a scope of cafés, bistros, films and custom climbing dividers for climbing sports devotees.

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