Maps of Istanbul: Places You Must Visit Near To Istanbul on Map and Transportation Map

Introduction to Istanbul

Found deliberately along the Silk Road, Istanbul is the biggest city of Turkey. With its foundations somewhere down in the pages of rich history, Istanbul is currently really a cross-country city with one piece of the populace living in Asia and the monetary and verifiable focuses in Europe. Its vital area at the intersection of global land and ocean exchange courses makes Istanbul the center of the economy of Turkey.

Otherwise called the “Passage to Asia”, Istanbul is additionally a well-known traveler area. Every year a huge number of travelers run to this incredible city to wash in its rich legacy and culture. The castles and landmarks are a living declaration to crafted by its various rulers. In 2010, it was named the European Capital of Culture. This brought about expanded vacationer inflow, making it the tenth-most well-known traveler goal. Shopping right now gives you a sentiment of traveling through time as the antique markets exist together in concordance with the cutting edge shops.

History of Istanbul

The written history of Istanbul goes back to around 660 B.C., albeit late unearthings show remainders going back to the seventh thousand years B.C. Istanbul’s history can be extensively separated into two periods—Byzantine and Ottoman and Turkish. Constantine, I turned into the Roman head after overcoming Licinius in 324. He made another city called Constantinople (as Istanbul was then known) and made it the eastern capital of the realm. On May 11, 330 Constantinople came to be known as the capital of the Byzantine Empire.

Various houses of worship were worked inside the city, the most acclaimed being the Hagia Sofia, which stayed as the biggest church building for a thousand years. Constantinople was the biggest and most extravagant city in Europe during the Middle Ages however its position began declining after the fourth campaign. On 29 May 1453, Sultan Mehmed II involved Constantinople and the city turned into the new capital and managerial center point of the Ottoman Empire.

Mehmed II changed the name of the city to Istanbul. The Ottomans changed the city from a Christian fortification to an Islamic focus of a culture. During this period some of the city’s attractions were constructed, particularly during the rule of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566). On October 29, 1923, the Treaty of Lausanne was marked denoting the introduction of the Republic of Turkey, cutting down the blinds on the Ottoman Empire.

Places You Must Visit Near To Istanbul

Prior as far as possible of summer, you should visit these wonderful places in Istanbul to move away from the climate of congestion and to unwind in the arms of lovely nature and to go through exceptional occasions with your family:


As of late, this district has considered huge to be by visitors as it is situated close to Istanbul and described by its enchanting normal and peaceful and wonderful feeling and music and confabulation sessions climate. Ağva, with its official name, Yeşilçay, is a beachfront town of Şile and 40 km east of it. In 1992, it turned into the district. Agva, which has a change type atmosphere between the Black Sea and Mediterranean atmosphere, has a populace of 2,500 in winter and 15,000 in summer. For numerous years, it has been the focal point of wood-consuming, wood-consuming and stacking them onto vessels.

Agva is forested and the majority of the trees that are cut are made of charcoal. Truth be told, until the 1950s, a critical bit of Istanbul’s charcoal need was met by Agva. Agva, which is somewhat a wellspring of salary for generation, vegetable creation, angling, carpentry, and Şile material hand preparing and generation, is endeavoring to turn into a touristic focus with its creating inns, inns, and benefits.

Agva, with its back to lavish woodlands, faces the Black Sea. The absence of local locations exceptionally near the shore takes out the issue of picture and ocean contamination on the banks of Ağva. Right now, wide sandy seashores and the reasonable ocean take on a structure that strokes your spirit.


Around 70 km outside of Istanbul, Şile is uncommon contrasted with another week’s end trips you can take if you’re wanting to contribute some vitality by the Black Sea. In case you don’t have a vehicle, transport 139 in like manner drives right to Şile.

The vehicle ride takes around two hours. Once there, take your pick among one of the various seashores and irrefutably stop by one of the different fish bistros to eat up some fresh fire-cooked close by fish. If you have to experience the night, there are heaps of sensible annuities and campgrounds.


By day, this shimmering neighborhood on the banks of the Bosphorus is the perfect spot for unwinding in the sparkle of beachfront life. You can value the salty sea breeze during a long walk around the pleasant waterfront, regard the wood carvings and magnificent Ottoman houses masterminded over the slight side roads, and top off on anchovies and mussels at the popular Adem Baba restaurant. Make an effort not to deplete yourself, be that as it may, because as dusks, Arnavutköy changes into the inside purpose of the city.

Put your moving shoes on and advance toward the perpetual blended beverage bars along the waterfront, where you can thump elbows with irate partiers and close by financial specialists as you ingest the nightlife the zone is striking for. The clubs can end up being so squeezed, to be sure, that the social event as often as possible spills out into the paths as late-night revelers fill the basic drag, relishes regardless of everything hand.

On the off chance that you’re looking for the most celebrated in the area, head to Anjelique, a vigorous club housed inside a three-story manor. Taking everything into account, if uproarious music and immense gatherings aren’t your ideas of an OK time, by then maybe advance back to the housing before the sun sets on Arnavutköy.


Kocaeli is the city that happens on the expressway and railroad associating Istanbul to Anatolia. The name of the city was Nicomedia in the hours of the Roman Empire. Today it is an extremely mechanical community for Turkey. The biggest town in the region is currently Gebze. There are loads of harbor offices inside Kocaeli, including the essential base of the Turkish Navy.

Kocaeli was established by Phrygian King Nicomedes the first in 262 BC, under the name of Nicomedia. The city was the city of Bithynia under the Roman Empire, and Diocletian made it the eastern capital city of the Roman Empire in 286. Nicomedia stayed as the eastern (and generally senior) capital of the Roman Empire until Licinius was vanquished by Constantine the Great in 324. Constantine chiefly lived in Nicomedia as his break capital city for the following, not many years, until in 330 he pronounced the close by Byzantium as Nova Roma, which in the long run got known as Constantinople.

Until the late XI century, the city was under the Byzantine principle. Then it was caught by Seljuk Turks. After the catch of Constantinople in 1204 the city, together with a large portion of the Bithynia region, turned into a piece of the Latin Empire. It was recovered by the Byzantines around 1235 and remained in its outskirts until the first 50% of the XIV century. The city was vanquished by the Ottomans in 1338 and still is a Turkish land. Kocaeli has a common urban summer with blistering and dry, and the winter is wet.


Known as “Green Bursa”, this territory with its more than 3 million individuals remains on the lower slants of Uludag (Mount Olympos of Mysia, 2543 m) in the Marmara area of Anatolia. The title “Green” of Bursa originates from its nurseries and parks, and obviously from its being in a significant organic product developing district. In Bursa, there are things you ought not to miss. Above all else you are in the country of the scrumptious “Iskender Kebap”, perhaps the best dish of world – well known Turkish Cuisine.

The sweetened chestnuts (Kestane Sekeri) are a forte of pastries and have a life-changing taste. The peaches of Bursa are one of a kind. Concerning something to buy; Bursa is a focal point of the silk exchange (since first silk cases were carried here with the bands of the Silk Road) and towel fabricating. It is additionally the country of the exceptionally popular Turkish fables figures, Karagöz and Hacivat shadow manikins.

Given its being the main Ottoman capital, Bursa is extremely wealthy in strict landmarks, mosques, and tombs (Turbe), showers. One of the spots to be found in Bursa is the Yesil Cami (Green Mosque), with its cut marble entryway which is truly outstanding in Anatolia. It is an intricate and critical structure in the new Turkish style. Simply in verse, is the Yesil Türbe (Green Tomb), set in a green nursery with a captivating outside designed with turquoise tiles. Close to the tomb, the Medrese complex (old philosophical school) presently houses the Ethnographical Museum which surely merits visiting.

The Yildirim Beyazit Mosque is significant as it is the first working in the new Ottoman style and is joined by the Emir Sultan Mosque which lies in a tranquil setting. The area is brightened with these landmarks, every one of which is an artful culmination. Here are the Ulu Cami (Grand Mosque) worked in the Seljuk style, with noteworthy calligraphic divider designs. The Orhan Gazi Mosque; the “Hisar”, an appealing piece of the area; the Mausoleums of Osman, the originator of the Ottoman Empire, and his child Orhan Gazi are other significant destinations to visit alongside the clock tower sitting above the city.

Something you will appreciate in Bursa is the warm, mineral-rich springs; without a doubt the greater part of the lodgings right now warm shower offices. The Turkish showers (Hamam) are incredible spots that ought to be visited in Bursa. The Eski Kaplica (Old Spring) of Çekirge locale is the most seasoned in the region. The Karamustafa Pasa Baths are well known and brag the best hot, mineral waters.

Concerning keepsakes, you should visit the Covered Bazaar, “Bedesten”, or the Koza Han, an alluring Ottoman structure with its design style and a focal point of silk exchange. Surely, Bursa will set aside some of the efforts for you to see and add some increasingly superb encounters to your recollections.


This zone follows Polo state which is close to Istanbul and it is considered as perhaps the best spot to go through an end of the week wherein, as it looks as though it is a bit of paradise on.


This territory is truly reasonable for any individual who needs to get away from the jam-packed Istanbul and go through some agreeable days serenely and discreetly.


Located near Istanbul and it has incredible popularity among visitors, where numerous traveler offices give all that is required by vacationers and it is likewise celebrated for salmon.

Garipçe Köy

This town is known as the angling town and it is situated in the core of Istanbul, however, it is portrayed by its good ways from traffic blockage and clamor of the city.


This territory which follows Istanbul is highlighted with quiet and delightful nature and it is entirely appropriate to go through the end of the week in light of the act of numerous side interests, for example, horseback riding and stroll around in the forested areas.


Ideal region for a short occasion, portrayed by the calm lake, and numerous cascades and numerous cafés dispersed close to cascades and enchanting nature, and the most lovely depiction can be depicted in his area as being liberal.

Avşa Adası

This zone is portrayed by superb nature and its quiet and its seashores of brilliant sand.

Kandıra Bölgesi

A very helpful spot for those wishing to swim in delightful seashores, where this district is situated among Istanbul and Koca state.

Marmara Adası

An enormous island in the Sea of Marmara, portrayed by its new nature and with olive and pistachios trees.

Travel and Transport

Istanbul can become by every one of the three sorts of transport—air, land, and sea.

Air: The Istanbul International Airport is the primary air terminal of Istanbul. Around 700 planes utilize this air terminal consistently. Practically all the significant carriers work out of this air terminal. The air terminal has a 24-hour Tourist Information Office where you will discover pamphlets, and officials to assist you with your inquiries. You will likewise discover vehicles that employ work areas, trade workplaces, a drug store, and ATMs. The Sabiha Gokcen Airport fills in as the second air terminal of Istanbul.

Boat: If you are going from Europe you have the alternative of arriving at Istanbul on a journey deliver. The Karakoy International Maritime Passenger Terminal, situated close to the Galata Bridge, is the place the voyage ships show up.

Land: You can arrive in Istanbul via train both from Europe and Asia. Trains originating from Europe end at the Sirkeci Railway Station while those going from Asia and the east and northland at the Haydarpasa Railway Station. The International Istanbul Bus Station is the city’s primary bus stop for both intercity and global courses.

Moving in the city: There is no lack of decisions for going inside Istanbul. You can profit transport, cable car, vacationer transports, metros, rural trains, link vehicles, autos, bikes, taxicabs, and bikes. You can likewise get around Istanbul by taking a ship or ocean transport.

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