İstanbul Furniture Guide (The Best 10 Place to Buy Furniture in Istanbul)

After that you have obtained your excellent property in Istanbul, you should enliven within it, this is perhaps the most tiring stage when you purchase a house however no stresses, we have selected some quality furniture shops that sell upscale products in Istanbul for you. Thus, where can you purchase furniture in Istanbul? In this article, you can find some brands that sells furniture in Istanbul.

Even though Istanbul is as yet known for the Ottoman ceremony with regards to style, nearby fashioners have moved far away from the rich and concentrated on an increasingly negligible way to deal with design. You will discover numerous stores that lean toward the utilization of regular wood and materials for an outcome that communicates a Scandinavian impact. Here are some mainstream furniture stores that will make you dream about upgrading your own living spaces.


Concealed away on the correct side passageway of the French Passage in Karaköy, there is something extremely German about 333km. Established by planner Deniz Duru, the negligible showroom and structure studio centers around usefulness and ergonomic plan, with models being a coarse cloth couch in dull green, a rectangular strong wood sideboard for beverages, or remote lights with a strong wood base.

Address: Kemankeş Caddesi, Fransız Geçidi Iş Merkezi No.53/C4, Karaköy, Istanbul, Turkey, +90 212 249 72 54

Diseno Istanbul

Transform your living space into an elegant, popular and elitist home. Pick a fun and trendy complement furniture to show your carefree side or sharp and new age furniture that dazzle and stagger you and your guests at each sight. Regardless of whether you’re investing energy with loved ones on your agreeable couch or preparing for your day at your cherished end table, the pieces you pick are a piece of your excellent life. Your environment impacts you.

Picking appealing lounge room basics and living in style is the best approach to having a fruitful existence brimming with grins. Visit them and request a flighty methodology from their expert workers for a completely palatable approach to brighten your preferred room in your home with energetic mats and cool emphasize cushions that easily feature your character. You can choose the most superbly structured furniture that adds to the way of life you had always wanted.

Furniture from past days. Outfit your home with handpicked furniture conveyed by a time machine. Since the day they built up their image, they have helped out driving plan brands from around the globe introducing their assortments in their store and they turned out to be a piece of numerous inventive and rousing ventures on the run.

They generally gave the most extreme significance to living with structure. They have created a location where the absolute best and grant-winning items could without much of a stretch be available not exclusively to the experts yet in addition to a wide gathering of individuals who acknowledge quality and appreciate the flavor of life.

Diseno keeps on boosting up enthusiastic way of life with contemporary edge bringing novel ornamental and masterful articles, lighting, furniture, cover, embellishments other than offering pleasant living style books with extraordinary visuals, style optiques with solid style explanation and numerous other shrewdly planned items in stores.

Address: Halide Edip Adıvar Bulv. Çiftecevizler Deresi Sok. İstanbul Ev Dekorasyon Merkezi No:4, 34382 Şişli/İstanbul


Customary handicraft and present-day configuration meet up at Hamm, an awesome home structure store that has become colossally throughout the years. Their unique store and showroom in Çukurcuma are overflowing with the magnificence of normal wood uplifted with a progressively inventive stylish. You’ll discover smooth wooden tables with Carrara marble tops, couches with blended shading palettes, and metal appendable lighting installations just as a frill, for example, fine earthenware production and awry cutting sheets from nearby creators.

Address: Seyrantepe, Hom Design Center Huzur Mah. Cendere Cad. No:114 Kat:2 No:72-73-74 Şişli İstanbul

Stoa Design

Creator Tardu Kuman took a shot at a gems assortment in Paris and repurposed metal and wood materials into workmanship protests in Athens before he opened a store in Istanbul. At Stoa, the emphasis is on wood, similar to oak and pecan, with furniture that offers appreciation to its regular tints and bends while as yet radiating total innovation in its express straightforwardness. Working with the mortise and join strategy, Kuman doesn’t utilize types of cement yet depends on the structures to hold each other together normally.

Address: Hayriye Cad. No:16 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Damp! Design

A one-stop search for extraordinary structure needs, Dank! The configuration has a wide determination of exceptional furnishings and home extras that you will need to peruse for some time. Situated on two stories in space, new or used furniture by neighborhood and global architects ooze both contemporary and exemplary style. On the off chance that you are a piece overpowered by the decisions, Dank additionally gives inside plan benefits that should drop the weight from your shoulders.

Address: Balabandere Caddesi, Istanbul, 34460, Turkey


IKEA is acknowledged as Europe’s greatest furniture creation organization and it offers extremely fascinating structured furnishings for your home. Particularly the staff working there is useful and constantly prepared to help you during your shopping demonstration. Additionally, it is amusing to shop with your children since there is a play area within it where you can drop your children off decisively. You should attempt the café too; the scrumptious Swedish meatballs.

While shopping, there are some room models that you can take a stab at everything inside; envision smaller than expected houses! Also, the vast majority of the products of IKEA are sold in level boxes with the goal that you can convey them effectively, or if you wish you can profit by its vehicle administration. There are 2 IKEA branches in Istanbul city.

The IKEA Concept emerged from offering a wide scope of home improvement items that fit the financial limit of numerous individuals, not only a constrained network. In this idea, where supportability is constantly thought about, usefulness, quality, structure and worth ideas are united. IKEA Concept shows its quality in each region of its organization from structure, obtainment, bundling and dissemination procedures to its plan of action. They will probably guarantee that more individuals carry on with a superior life in the home condition.

The IKEA Concept wakes up from numerous points of view: Their stores, IKEA index, site, applications and in particular a huge number of homes far and wide become animated. Contacting the hearts and homes of a great many individuals around the globe today, IKEA has a birth story like some other effective brand. Did you realize that IKEA began its experience as an independent company in the little Swedish town of Älmhult, selling through the postal list? Do you realize that IKEA’s central station responsible for configuration is as yet working in a similar spot? Here’s their story.

IKEA was established in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, a 17-year-old who sells items, for example, wellspring pens, wallets, and photograph outlines. Ingvar experienced childhood in Småland, which is known for being a stony and rough spot. Around then a large number of the individuals needed to make do with little means; he was attempting to do however much as could reasonably be expected with not very many conceivable outcomes.

It is accurately thus that the occupants of Småland, known for utilizing “down to earth” ways to deal with taking care of regular issues, are said to be saving and creative individuals. This legacy from the past is one of the focuses that give a thought of the mystery behind IKEA’s working style and achievement.

Did you know these? IKEA comprises the primary letters of its organizer Ingvar Kamprad, the homestead Elmtaryd and the town of Agunnaryd. Älmhult, where IKEA was established, was in a generally unusual in Sweden, so it was difficult to arrive at potential clients in enormous urban communities. The IKEA index was conceived in 1951, and Ingvar had just structured IKEA as a brand selling quality furniture at a low cost:

Why are delightful items made uniquely for a little crowd? Quality plan and usefulness ought to likewise be open at low costs. “- Ingvar Kamprad said. The costs in the first IKEA inventory were low to such an extent that individuals at first questioned the nature of the items. While trying to mitigate these questions, Ingvar transformed an old workshop in Älmhult into a showroom where individuals could come and inspect the items before requesting them.

Cumbersome furniture conveyance was both troublesome and expensive. What’s more, items were some of the time harmed during shipment. In this manner, in 1956, they chose to destroy the LÖVET table. This is how the possibility of self-get together and gathering of parts was conceived. They love difficulties!

Since their commencement, their best thoughts have risen after the best difficulties they have ever confronted, and they accept that is the thing that makes them not the same as others. Today IKEA is one of the most acclaimed home improvement marks on the planet. Thinking about a huge number of individuals working for their providers, around 1 million individuals are working with them inside the structure of their vision of giving a superior life to individuals. What’s more, that is only the start. As Ingvar Kamprad stated, “There is still a lot to be finished. A brilliant future anticipates us! “

IKEA Ümraniye: Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mahallesi Balkan Caddesi No:62 Ümraniye

IKEA Bayrampaşa: Discussion Istanbul Kocatepe Mahallesi Paşa Caddesi No:1 Bayrampaşa


Istikbal Türkiye is one of the mainstream furniture organizations that is known with its item go, structure quality and expert client assistance. You may discover the present-day structure and comfortable furnishings for your new property. Istikbal offers exceptional costs for your buys on the off chance that you shop from one of its branches. In Turkey, there are several parts of Istikbal, just as in Istanbul.

Established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1989, their organization has a generation office of Turkey’s greatest bed home material assembling and preparing offices additionally consolidated inside the fiber. Turkey pioneer in the sleeping cushion industry, the creation of home materials which has a significant spot in their organization, Istikbal and Bellona marked beds; Istikbal, Bellona, Mondi and Deco marked home material items are delivered.

Istikbal Mobilya is the most seasoned organization of which all offers are claimed by Boydak Holding. It has two generation offices and its administrative center is in Kayseri. It is creating beds, home materials and mechanical generation in a shut territory of 69.200 m² and an open region of 56.032 m².

Istikbal Furniture, spring beddings, wipe beddings, boxless plinth, resting sets, bed material sets, bed blankets, bedding defenders, pads, arouse, practical infant seat, infant dozing items, covers, sheets, towels and wraparounds sets, for example, dozing items makes. Also, mechanical items, for example, move wadding fiber, siliconized pad, pad filler fiber, snowflake pad filler fiber, pad case, garden furniture pad fiber, which are both a contribution of these items and created to different organizations and outside business sectors of Boydak Holding It is in the item arrangement of Istikbal Furniture.

What’s more, propagating the Turkey administration in the assembling of sleeping pads, to expand its piece of the pie in abroad markets, become the business head in-home materials, regular impacts, particularly industry inward and outside improvements quicker and increasingly adaptable reactions given to the reason and beds, just as new speculation continuous in-home materials Istikbal Furniture, It will end up being the biggest coordinated bed generation office in Europe under one rooftop.

Istikbal Furniture has indicated a quick development and improvement pattern since its foundation; Although it is an across the country chief in its division, it means to stay a pioneer with its endeavors to keep pace with worldwide advancements.

Prepared for bed area in Turkey happened in 1960, a few years later on is the fundamental contender of the furniture is situated in this part. Albeit huge numbers of the contenders entered in the Boydak Holding division after 1990, Istikbal and Bellona beds prepared marked Turkey proceeds with its administration of the market. Istikbal and Bellona brands are the two most popular brands in this area.

With the mission of “Adding to the World Sleep Products Sector ve and the vision of Olmak Being a World Sleep Leader Ist, Istikbal Furniture keeps up its administration in the segment by concentrating on imaginative items and mechanical ventures throughout the years and plays the rest authority in the worldwide market. The Global Compact was marked in 2012 to leave a manageable future for the following ages.

Turkey and Europe in the furniture business EFQM Excellence 3 Star and future is the principal organization with 5 Stars competency authentication, in 2012. Operational Units classification, one of Turkey’s most esteemed prize has been granted the National Quality Award. In 2015, their organization positioned 368th among the best 500 mechanical organizations declared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and positioned eighth in Kayseri Corporate Tax positioning in 2014.

Mudo Concept

An imaginative home idea organization, Mudo Concept is a store chain that keeps its cutting edge and quality style for a considerable length of time. Wonderful furnishings and accessories for your future home are displayed in its stores. The classifications go from indoor and outside furniture to washroom and kitchen products and beautiful accessories. With its 115 branches in 26 cities, this is a generally excellent alternative for you.

With their committed and full-trained group, they are hanging tight for you to get in touch with us. As Kılıçlar Global, they are constantly prepared to support you. Mudo was conceived in 1964 in Beyoğlu Fitaş Pasajı in a 12 square meter shop. Following the worldwide design slants in those years, it has united the items mirroring the world style with its clients. In the Turkish prepared-to-wear, furniture and embellishment retailing divisions, since its foundation, it has constantly progressed by the standards of value and contrast. it is developed.

Mudo with his striking and creative activity has prompted the advancement of design sense, particularly among youngsters in Turkey. Turkey in the segment in 1967 with the acknowledgment of the first printed T-shirt deals to prompt changes that have any kind of effect in history than it started. In 1987, he made the Mudo Collection brand for ladies and men more than 25 years old who are present-day, agreeable, care for quality and care for apparel.

In 2005, by building up a Mudo FTS64 brand that tends to youngsters between the ages of 18-24, it has achieved in turning into an adolescent uniform. Around the same time, Mudo Accessories, a supplement to instant garments brands, was set up.

Also, Mudo opened a little adornment and gift shop in 1993 under the name Mudo Pera in Beyoğlu. Created with the thankfulness and backing of its clients, this activity has formed into another brand, Mudo Concept, which pursues the plan slants on the planet and builds the item extend step by step with the rule of offering her Everything for home and lifelike. Today, Mudo Concept offers its clients a huge number of choices running from indoor and open-air furniture, lighting, restroom and kitchen items, home materials, improving items to various blessing choices.

Maslak Mudo Concept store in 2001 in Turkey with such a wide extent of this assortment was the principal store that joining administrations under one rooftop.

By speaking to various tastes, with a scope of items, a huge number of frill from dress Mudo today in 29 territories in Turkey, 129 stores and TRNC, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and opened in Bulgaria by 5 abroad stores Turkey proceeds with its way among the main organizations in the retail business. Mudo, which intends to give items that are current, agreeable, in every case high caliber and available to its clients by the standards of being extraordinary, presents its items that leave its imprint to the season with all its assortments.


Ersa, established by Metin Atabey Ata in 1958, Sivas, has raised one of the pioneers of the furniture part in Turkey with offering significance to development and plan. The basic engineering plan of the industrial facility in congruity with nature is an impression of the practical creation approach that Ersa receives. Spread on around 60,000 square meters and outfitted with best in class creation advancements, the production line can process 4.5 million square meters of board sheets, 500,000 running meters of overlaid boards, and 530,000 household items in a single move.

Ersa, which offers creative and great answers for the compositional needs of its clients in Turkey and all around the globe, has an imperative fare accomplishment in the worldwide field with the normal fare rate multiple times more than the business normal of Turkey.

Ersa is breaking down the necessities of the clients and places in the most ideal manner, in light of the ideas of life and work, which are getting new and interrelated definitions on account of innovation. Ersa offers ways to deal with shape the fate of living and working spaces that are continually changing with the thoughts and structures they have created. Inside the system of corporate supportability,

Ersa underpins earthy person creation and configuration understanding. With its R and D and advancement situated ventures, Ersa consistently intends to give imaginative plans at worldwide measures. Ersa, teaming up with significant originators from Turkey and all around the globe; has more than 50 renowned honors both broadly and universally, including Red Dot, Good Design and Design Turkey, additionally, Ersa is representative in Turkey the world-celebrated furniture brands like Haworth, Cappellini, and Quadrifoglio.

In March, Ersa propelled its first R and D focus in the workplace furniture class with speculation of roughly 3 million TL additionally has marked a first by enlisting the Design Center that it has built up in the Altunizade working in Istanbul by the Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology. Ersa expects to extend its local development on a worldwide scale by partaking in TURQUALITY® Support Program in 2017.

Ersa, which proceeds with its development concentrated on plan and advancement consistently, respected the 60th commemoration of its foundation with the items it created for living spaces just as working spaces. Ersa has propelled its Life arrangement at the fourteenth Istanbul Furniture Fair just because. Ersa, which meets its clients for living spaces in its 60th years, has propelled its first life themed store in HOM Design Center.

Starting in 2019, Ersa is showing its living spaces in Ankara Officium Beytepe, just as its living spaces. Ersa expects to furnish quicker and increasingly exact help with its new stores in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, and Izmit, just as stores in Bursa, Adana, Antalya, and Trabzon.

Address: Bulgurlu Mahallesi, Alemdağ Cd Masaldan İş Merkezi, B1 Blok No:60 D:3, 34696 Üsküdar


On March 19, 1984, known as “S.S. MASKO İSTANBUL FURNITURE AND WOODWARE MANUFACTURERS SITE OPERATION COOPERATIVE lanmış Istanbul is characterized as the mechanical and business focus; Ikitelli Organized Industrial Zone, simple to get to, Ataturk Olympic Park Road, by the E-6 Tolls, 778 stores, comprising of a FURNITURE CITY. The establishment of which was laid on June 21, 1987, is 440,000 square meters, the aggregate of the Social Facilities is 43,000 square meters and all outshut regions are 483,000 classifications.

The development of Masko Shopping Mall, which has a development region of 27.419 square meters, has been finished and has been inactivity. Masko Management Floor was based on the third floor of Masko Shopping Mall and every managerial work of Masko is completed in this segment.

With a complete land region of 390,000 square meters and 610 accomplices, Masko’s objective is; household use, yet additionally the present fare process by expanding the quick, perceived and believed everywhere throughout the world to turn into a Furniture Center, their nation is to build the additional incentive to the most extreme rate.

MASKO, which is a learned and cognizant furniture fashioner and utilizes every one of the chances of contemporary innovation, has a rich item extend in its furniture types and structure, other than its rich furniture assortment with its quality and costs engaging everybody. Youthful, infant, kitchen, office furniture, frill, home materials, and rug and glass alternatives likewise incorporate the necessities of the prerequisites of homes and work environments.

MASKO FURNITURE CITY, football, ball courts, cafés, booths, and mosques, just as simple stopping administration, rich open spaces, diversion parks have been made, both the site guests, just as the genuine feelings of serenity everything being equal, as per the way of life and craftsmanship directors, It is for the presentations of world-renowned craftsmen, and there is a multipurpose Meeting and Conference Hall to be opened by the displays. MASKO FURNITURE CITY, other than being a contemporary Furniture City, is certain, tolerant and sure of tomorrow with all its humanized utilization.

Open 360 days every year, the greatest furniture city in the nation is where you can discover several furniture shops at a truly sensible cost. There are 778 shops within it and there is a wide scope of choices for the room, family room, office, youthful, kitchen, washroom furniture and some more; the rundown continues endlessly. Inside the MASKO, there are additionally sports offices, eateries, a mosque, a parking garage.

Address: Atatürk Olimpiyat Parkı Yolu, E6 Gişeler Yanı, MASKO Mobilya Kenti, Ikitelli


In 1969, MODOKO, which is the most current and most recognized Furniture Manufacturers of their nation, has been serving you since the day it was established. This year they praise their 50th commemoration. Turkey’s most elite furnishers site is found 350 significant store Furniture Capital of 150,000 m2 in Modoko. Modoko, which makes living spaces more furniture private by fusing numerous organizations delivering a wide range of furniture and making especially crafts, utilizes 5,000 straightforwardly and in a roundabout way 35,000 individuals.

They are pleased because; Notwithstanding meeting the majority of the furniture needs of the houses worked in Istanbul in a year, an impressive measure of furniture is transported to different urban areas of their nation and MODOKO organizations add to the national economy with the business they make abroad. You don’t stroll around for quite a long time to get furniture.

Take a day to MODOKO or ten minutes to MODOKO, the Capital of Furniture, which serves 7 days every week with furniture delivered at world guidelines in a zone of 150.000 m2 with several stores inside its structure, will discover a huge number of choices to suit your taste and spending plan. 350 stores are united to discover all that you’re searching for Modoko’da conceivable. They make redid structures in Modoko, the focal point of the local creation. They have draftsmen in each organization and drawings are made in the ideal size and style.

Address: Yukarı Dudullu, 34775 Dudullu/Ümraniye/İstanbul


Enza Home is an ideal brand that Yataş Group offers to the likes to make new living things. Enza Home, which shapes existence with a wide scope of items from the lounge area to youthful room, bed types, material, and extras, carries various ways of life to your home with present-day and creative methodology.

Enza Home is sitting tight for you to have any kind of effect in existence with choices that intrigue to various tastes and living arrangements that offer the most characteristic type of solace and available plan approach. Enza Home items, which meet every one of the criteria of solace and quality, toughness and tastefulness, openness and configuration, are controlled by Yataş Group’s long stretches of understanding.

Turkey to spread crosswise over wide assistance system and administrations organize consumer loyalty with Enza Home, far beyond a household item from the individuals, offers a way of life. Enza Home welcomes you to meet new universes with its idea of store ideas around the globe. They carry quality and style to your home. From accomplices to lighting, form the backdrop to cover, they offer each item finished in its idea.Enza furniture is a youthful, dynamic and present-day with its materials, hues, structures and every other element.

It does not just give you the energy of a recently purchased furniture, however, it keeps on making dynamism in your home for quite a long time with its immortal structures. From furniture to embellishments, from bed to bed-headboard, from vivid home materials to cushion quilts, they offer rich alternatives with almost 2000 distinct items.

Address: Huzur Mh. Cendere Cd. No:114 HOM Design Center (Skyland) Blok D:1 No:26-27-28, 34485 Sarıyer

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