Istanbul Food Guide (What and Where to Eat)

The best places to eat in Istanbul are delectably various. The most well-known city in Turkey is enjoyable to investigate for many reasons–however, the nourishment in Istanbul certainly has a place at the highest priority on any rundown examining the city’s qualities. Istanbul has been a focal segment of the worldwide nourishment and zest exchanges for a large number of years, and nothing makes that more clear than venturing inside a nourishment market or eatery in Istanbul.

Extraordinarily fluctuated, truly fascinating, and delectable, the best nourishment in Istanbul pulls impacts from everywhere throughout the world and merges it into a nourishment scene that is one of a kind. In case you’re making a beeline for Istanbul and are prepared to practice your taste buds, this is what you need to eat in Istanbul. In this article, you can find best foods in Istanbul and where to eat in Istanbul.

Best Foods in Istanbul and Where to Eat Them

A full rundown of all the best foods in Istanbul that is deserving of your consideration could fill a book–yet accepting that you don’t have a lifetime to investigate the city, here are a few food sources you have to organize eating in Istanbul.


Turkish meatballs are unimaginably well known you’ll discover a plate of them on about each menu. In Turkey, Köfte is normally produced using sheep, hamburger, or a mix of the two kinds of meat, and is presented with flame-broiled peppers (yum), fiery sauce, and typically bread or rice. Many various systems, meatballs every more heavenly than the other. Prepare to go on a meatball adventure to locate the one you love the most!

Köfteci Ali Baba

With delectable warm meatballs hot off the barbecue and brilliant red tomatoes going with them, Arnavutköy’s Köfteci Ali Baba got into the meatball business in 1982 by opening a little store, like most other meatball cafés. Ali Baba got kids snared on the meatball-piyaz combo and when they grew up they kept on being faithful to the setting, which likewise developed.

Address: Arnavutköy Mahallesi, Beyazgül Caddesi, No 2/A, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Price: $15 for 2 people average

Günaydın Steakhouse

Günaydın Et is probably the best spot to appreciate great meatballs or even request great meatballs to go. Günaydın Et produces their very own meat in their very own ranch in Tekirdağ. The 3 areas offer butcher administrations, inviting you with 3 distinct kinds of meatballs, kasap meatballs, burger patties, and chicken meatballs.

Address: İstinye Park, Kat -2, Pınar Mahallesi, İstinye Bayırı Caddesi, No 73, Sarıyer, İstanbul

Price: $40 for 2 people average

Hain Köfte

Hain Köfte, signifying ‘trickster meatballs’, contemplated while picking its name. In the wake of making a fixation among individuals who might even break their weight control plans for these delectable meatballs they chose to go with the name ‘trickster meatballs’. Situated in Maslak, Hain Köfte utilizes a meatball formula that began in Macedonia.

Address: Altunizade Mahallesi, Prof. Dr Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Caddesi, No 7, Üsküdar, Istanbul

Price: $10 for 2 people average


The rich kebab eatery Köşebaşı can be found in two areas in the city, in a normal Levent home with a nursery, and Kurukahveciler Köşkü on the Asian side. The eatery separates itself from other kebab cafés with its principal timber, jazzy stylistic layout. Picked by Time magazine as Istanbul’s best kebab café, and one of the world’s 50 best cafés by Conde Nast Traveler, Köşebaşı serves dishes from Adana and Tarsus. Setting up their nourishment as indicated by conventional plans, Köşebaşı’s ‘çöp şiş’ (little 3D shapes of barbecued meat on a stick) is mouth-watering.

We prescribe eating it with the Toros plate of mixed greens made of arugula, mint and different greens and herbs. Here you won’t locate the standard mezze plates served at other kebab cafés. The mezzes are unique and restricted in number; our most loved is the aubergine plate of mixed greens. These kebabs and mezzes can be appreciated in the eatery’s branch in Reina, open from 19.00-01.00. Köşebaşı’s Maslak Mudo Concept, Ataşehir and Kavacık branches all offer home conveyance.

Address: Göztepe Mahallesi, Bağdat Caddesi, No 235/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul

Price: $50 for 2 people average

Özcanlar Köfte

With Özcanlar 1 and Özcanlar 2 in Tekirdağ and Özcanlar Sahil situated along the Tekirdağ coast, Özcanlar Köfte likewise has an area in the Astoria Shopping Center. It is the best spot to appreciate Tekirdağ meatballs. Özcanlar Köfte, an exceptionally famous scene for as long as 59 years, makes Tekirdağ meatballs utilizing just hamburger, onion, garlic, bread, salt, cumin, and dark pepper.

Özcanlar additionally produces their very own meat on their homestead in the Yurtbekler town, in the Muratlı area in Tekirdağ. The setting expends a normal of 300 kilos of meat daily, giving meatballs to 8 cafés in different areas of Istanbul.

Address: İnkılap Mahallesi, Küçüksu Caddesi, No 71, Ümraniye, İstanbul

Price: $25 for 2 people average

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta

The way that Istanbulites love meatballs are particularly obvious in the scope of meatballs whose name begins with ‘notable’. While recently opened bistros appear to close immediately, meatball eateries have stood the trial of time because of their memorable properties. Of the memorable meatball settings, Sultanahmet Köfteci Selim Usta is an immortal top pick.

Address: Alemdar Mahallesi, Divanyolu Caddesi, No 12, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $15 for 2 people average


Döner–practically any world explorer will be comfortable with what is one of Turkey’s most acclaimed fares! Meat for döner is cooked on huge, vertical rotisseries, and shaved off as it cooks to make a scrumptious feast.

Karadeniz Doner

Karadeniz Doner is situated in Besiktas and it’s among the noticeable cafés in Istanbul. Numerous individuals all over Istanbul rush into this café and you can regularly observe a long line before the shop. In spite of its immense prominence and the high number of clients, Karadeniz Doner keeps up its models.

Doner at Karadeniz Doner is a unique one. A little sheep meat is blended in with hamburger in doner. Be that as it may, hamburger comprises a large portion of the doner here. The meat utilized in making doner is provided from Balikesir and in this manner, the flavor of doner is in every case great at Karadeniz Doner.

Numerous individuals who happen to be at Besiktas Carsi eat doner at Karadeniz Doner. Numerous national TV channels that communicate appears about nourishment and well-known gourmets in Turkey view Karadeniz Doner as a standout amongst another doner kebab in Istanbul.

Address: Sinanpaşa Mahallesi, Mumcu Bakkal Sokak, No: 6, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Price: $10 for 2 people average

Kasap Osman

Kasap Osman is situated in the Old Town on Hocapasa Street, where you can discover incredible eateries. Istanbul’s best cafés in their very own class can be found here and you are prescribed to attempt pide, meatballs, cag kebab, and lahmacun here. Kasap Osman is the best doner shop here and it stands apart as perhaps the best spot to eat doner at Sirkeci-Eminonu neighborhood where you can discover other astonishing eateries and pastry shops. Doner at Kasap Osman is presented with pilaf as an afterthought and the meat is uncommonly picked by the butcher himself.

Kasap Osman is a perfect spot for lunch for the ones doing shopping at Spice Bazaar and the close-by zone. If you visit Kasap Osman, you can unwind in its garden and appreciate the customary climate of the Old City. What’s more, Kasap Osman is just 5 minutes stroll from Sirkeci Tram Station and Sirkeci Marmaray Station. Its ideal doner makes it outstanding amongst other doner shops in Istanbul.

Address: Hocapaşa Mahallesi, Hocapaşa Sokak, No 8/A, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $20 for 2 people average

Sedef Iskender Bufe

On the off chance that you feel hungry while visiting the principle vacation spots in the Sultanahmet zone, you may offer a lunch reprieve at Sedef Bufe. Sedef Bufe is found only a couple of moments stroll from Sultanahmet Tram Station. You may discover it beside Simit Cafe which is simpler to perceive from the separation. Sedef Bufe has been serving in a similar spot for quite a while. It’s a settled doner kebab place in Sultanahmet with a decent notoriety.

You can have your doner as a wrap or sandwich on the off chance that you’d like a brisk lunch. However, I would prescribe you to arrange the doner on a plate (there are 1 and 1,5 part alternatives). The cut meat of a doner kebab is presented with certain chips, crisp vegetables, and rice, so it’s an ideal blend for a solid lunch. They likewise have Iskender Kebab which is presented with extraordinary tomato sauce and yogurt. Sedef Bufe is anything but difficult to-discover and tasty Doner (Shawarma) Shop in Sultanahmet.

Address: Alemdar Mahallesi, Divanyolu Caddesi, No 21, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $14 for 2 people average

Munhasir Doner and Kebap

Bistro Krepen, which served its clients from 2008 to 2014 at Istiklal Street in Halep Pasaj, presently fills in as Munhasir Doner and Kebap. Munhasir Doner and Kebap has gotten one of the well-known spots for both nearby and outside visitors in Istanbul. At Munhasir Doner and Kebap, you can go for doner wrap or doner in a pita.

Furthermore, on the off chance that you have your doner on a plate, it’s presented with sauce, pita, and margarine, which is filled in as iskender kebab. Besides, you can likewise have nearby treats like serving of mixed greens and kibbeh at Munhasir Doner and Kebap.

Munhasir Restaurant is the best spot you can eat doner kebab in Taksim. To arrive at this eatery, you can stroll along Istiklal Street from Taksim Square and discover it on your right side after Madame Tussaud’s exhibition hall. If you are originating from the Galata Tower, you will find that the café is alongside the region’s tourist spots, for example, Cicek Pasaji and Beyoglu Fish Market.

Address: Hüseyinağa Mahallesi, İstiklal Caddesi, No:62, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

Price: $30 for 2 people average

Zumrut Bufe

Travelers visiting Sultanahmet, as a rule, go to Eminonu neighborhood to make an incredible finish of their day. Your movement in time will be incomplete before you go to Eminonu and do shopping at Spice Bazaar, which has become fresh out of the plastic new gratitude to the redesign completed as of late. At the point when you feel tired in the wake of visiting the great and bright shops at Spice Bazaar, you can take a mid-day break without going too far because Zumrut Bufe is the spot at the intersection of Spice Bazaar’s Sirkeci Buyuk Postane exit.

Both neighborhood and outside travelers show tremendous enthusiasm for Zumrut Bufe as it’s perhaps the best spot to eat doner in Istanbul. Doner is presented with pureed potatoes as an afterthought at Zumrut Bufe and doner wrap is the most well known decision among its clients.

Address: Rüstem Paşa Mahallesi, Sabuncu Hanı Caddesi, No: 12, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $15 for 2 people average

Tatar Salim Doner Lokantasi

After its Atasehir branch, another was opened in Kadikoy and this spot offers some other extraordinary dishes separated from a doner. Gourmet doner is presented with emptied lentils out of Kizilkaya, Mardin, crisp shepherd serving of mixed greens, ayran and french fries at Tatar Salim Doner Lokantasi.

The meat is provided from Biga and Kesan region for the most part and it is marinated with unique sauces and served every day. Tatar Salim creates its conventional harsh ayran accepting “The best drink that goes with doner is ayran.” Water that is utilized to make ayran is provided from Madran and the salt is provided from the Eastern Anatolia district.

Tatar Salim has additionally dessert in its menu. Old style rice pudding without starch is cooked in a stone stove prepared with stick vanilla. In general, Tatar Salim is viewed as a standout amongst other doner cafés in Istanbul Asian Side.

Address: Küçükbakkalköy Mahallesi, Atilla İlhan Caddesi, No 4, Ataşehir, İstanbul

Price: $15 for 2 people average


Once in awhile (mistakenly) portrayed as Turkish pizza, lahmacun is comprised of a dainty bit of mixture, beat with minced meat, flavors, and vegetables. Lahmacun is a mainstream road nourishment and is frequently devoured by moving it up and eating it kinda-sorta like a taco. Lahmacun is made out of two Arabic root words that signify “meat” and “plied mixture”.

Lahmacun is made of the manipulated mixture to keep the batter flimsy. Lahmacun is around a slim bit of mixture bested with minced meat, minced vegetables, and herbs. Lahmacun began in the east of Turkey and it’s been a most loved dish of everybody all around the nation from that point forward. It’s a dish worth difficult in any event once in your life. Its size and fixings may change contingent upon the locale, however underneath you can discover a rundown of the Best Places to Eat Lahmacun in Istanbul.

Borsam Tasfirin

Borsam Tasfirin was established on the Asian side of Istanbul in 1968 and you can discover lahmacun and pide cooked in a wood fire here. Borsam Tasfirin is professed to be the primary shop preparing nourishment in a wood fire on the Asian side and it as of now has 3 branches in Kadikoy. Its first branch at Kadikoy Fish Market offers two stories and tables outside the shop, yet they are full pretty much every time.

New parsley, lemon cuts, pepper pickles, and sumac are constantly prepared in a bowl on the tables at Borsam Tasfirin where you can have ezogelin soup and tasty pide decisions as well. Almost certainly, you will have your fill of lahmacun and ayran, without a doubt the best drink that goes with lahmacun, at Borsam Tasfirin.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Güneşli Bahçe Sokak, No 22, Kadıköy, İstanbul

Price: $20 for 2 people average

Ciya Sofrasi

Ciya Sofrasi is a most loved spot among both household and remote guests in Kadikoy who need to attempt Anatolian dishes. Here, you can have various sorts of lahmacun. Notwithstanding zesty, non-hot, and onion beat lahmacun, you can discover vegan lahmacun at Ciya Sofrasi.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Güneşli Bahçe Sokak, No 43/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul

Price: $20 for 2 people average

Kilisli Omer Usta

Aside from pide, doner and renowned “Kilis Tava” (container kebab) in Kilisli Omer Usta’s menu, lahmacun merits attempting as well. Fiery and non-zesty lahmacun is presented with greens, an irreplaceable garnish on a lahmacun. Lahmacun is made of unleavened and firm batter with minced meat and unique flavors and it’s not very greasy and extremely heavenly. Kilisli Omer Usta has two branches in Atasehir.

Address: Atatürk Mahallesi, Ataşehir Bulvarı, 38. Ada, Ata 3/3, No 1, Ataşehir, İstanbul

Price: $10 for 2 people average

Halil Lahmacun

Halil Lahmacun is situated on Gunes Street, the following road following Fish Market in Kadikoy. You can have fiery, non-hot, and cheddar pide at Halil Lahmacun. Besides, Halil Lahmacun is outstanding amongst other lahmacun puts in Kadikoy and lahmacun is presented with parsley and lemon here. Furthermore, you can have kunefe here after your dinner. The spot shuts down at 21:00 in the late night.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Güneşli Bahçe Sokak, No 26, Kadıköy, İstanbul

Price: $12 for 2 people average

Gaziantepli Cavusoglu Kebap

Lahmacun is as well known as kebab decisions at Gaziantepli Cavusoglu Kebap and Baklava, which is situated in Laleli. This shop speaks to Gaziantep kitchen impeccably and lahmacun is cooked in a wood fire here. After your dinner, you should have a go at stunning Gaziantep baklava at Gaziantepli Cavusoglu Kebap and Baklava.

Address: Mimar Kemalettin Mahallesi, Ordu Caddesi, Şair Fitnat Sokak, No 4, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $24 for 2 people average

Develi Restaurant

Develi Restaurant’s first branch was opened in 1912 in Gaziantep and its first branch in Istanbul was opened in Samatya in 1966. It has different branches in Etiler, Atasehir, Florya, Eminonu, and Tuzla Marina. It has a rich menu wherein you can attempt a lot of alternatives at Develi Restaurant, be it etli cig köfte (steak tartar a la Turca), nut kebab, or kulbasti (flame-broiled sheep steak).

On the off chance that you are a lahmacun sweetheart, you are emphatically encouraged to attempt lahmacun at Develi Restaurant where you can discover bas pinar lahmacun (as large as a plate), garlic lahmacun, dib roman lahmacun, and findik (dainty) lahmacun.

Address: Koca Mustafapaşa Mahallesi, Gümüş Yüksük Sokak, No: 7, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $30 for 2 people average

Tatbak Restaurant

Tatbak Restaurant’s first branch was opened on Akkavak Street in 1960 and it serves its clients in a two-story nostalgic eatery, however, it has plenty of branches in Istanbul. The most well-known branch is Nisantasi branch. Its slim, fresh, somewhat fiery, and vegetable stuffed lahmacun is the most loved decision at Tatbak Restaurant. Also, on the off chance that you need to eat lahmacun, you ought to have their carefully assembled and heavenly ayran close by lahmacun.

Also, pide alternatives are certainly worth difficult at Tatbak Restaurant. Particularly, cooked hamburger pide and kasseri pide are energetically prescribed. Tatbak Restaurant has been picked as the ”Best Lahmacun Place in Istanbul” commonly.

Address: Mimar Sinan Mahallesi, Selmani Pak Caddesi, No 56/2B, Üsküdar, İstanbul

Price: $10 for 2 people average

Antebi Kebap and Lahmacun

Antebi Kebap and Lahmacun began its business in Arnavutkoy by selling baklava dispatched day by day from Gaziantep 20 years prior. Be that as it may, the business developed and they opened another branch in Acibadem where you can have three unique kinds of lahmacun. Onion, non-onion, and Tabak alti (lahmacun that is as large as the base of a plate) are the choices here. Antebi Kebap and Lahmacun offers additionally nearby indulgences, for example, purslane tomato plate of mixed greens and zahter salatasi (thyme serving of mixed greens).

Furthermore, before having your lahmacun, you can eat Gaziantep’s popular anali kizli (soup made of meatballs, tomato, bulgur, and chickpeas). Also, you are fortunate if you love dessert as there are some incredible treat choices like carrot cut baklava, hot curved kadayif, katmer (pistachio flapjack with coagulated cream), and kunefe. Aside from its Acibadem branch, Antebi Kebap and Lahmacun have another on the Asian side in Ciftehavuzlar.

Address: Acıbadem Mahallesi, Acıbadem Caddesi, No 84/A, Kadıköy, İstanbul

Price: $25 for 2 people average


Dumplings loaded down with sheep or hamburger and bested with yogurt sauce (think harsh cream, not Yoplait) and garlic–trust me when I state this is genuinely an epic blend. Mantı are scrumptious, and keeping in mind that their beginning is to some degree questioned, there’s no denying that they’re mainstream nourishment in Istanbul!

Bodrum Mantı Arnavutköy

With many branches around the city, Bodrum Mantı features fried mantı, called Çıtır Bihter. Opening 24/7, its Fenerbahçe branch is a go-to place for late-night eats.

Address: Fener Kalamış Cad. No.67, Fenerbahçe; T: (0216) 330 05 68

Price: $15 for 2 people average


Tazele at Kanyon has two versions of Antakya mantısı on their short menu: one with regular meat, the other filled with dried eggplant.

Address: Kanyon Shopping Mall, Büyükdere Caddesi No. 185, Levent; T: (0212) 353 50 51

Price: $10 for 2 people average

Emek Mantı

Open since 1988, Emek Mantı is one of Istanbul’s classics. Like Bodrum Mantı’s Çıtır Bihter, Saray Mantısı is a deep-fried version of mantı which we highly recommend after the traditional one.

Address: Köybaşı Caddesi No. 118, Yeniköy; T: (0212) 262 69 81

Price: $5 for 2 people average

Aşkana Mantı

Another Istanbul classic, Aşkana Mantı has been operating since 1987 and focuses almost solely on mantı. Along with their mantı varieties, their çiğ börek (a thin fried pastry with a raw meat filling) is worth trying.

Address: Metehan Sokak, Türkel Apt No. 1/1, Ulus; T: (0212) 268 74 42

Price: $12 for 2 people average

Kuru Fasulye

White beans are heavenly, yet they are particularly scrumptious when served in kuru fasulye! Kuru Fasulye is a stew comprised of white beans, olive oil, tomato sauce, and onion, in addition to a lot of flavors.

Fasuli Lokantası 

The beans at Fasuli Lokantası shine amazingly orange, as though the gourmet specialist slipped a touch of something radioactive in the pot. Whatever the formula, these beans are among the best we’ve had in Istanbul. Solidified by a ton of margarine, the sauce and beans accomplish nearly the equivalent rich consistency. The cool, fresh crude onions and salted hot peppers are an invite parity to the extravagance of the dish, although their fragrance remains with you long after your dinner.

Host to a reliable lunch swarm, this white-tablecloth foundation additionally presents the other Black Sea claims to fame, including muhlama (a kind of Turkish fondue), stuffed chard leaves and chile cake. The area, over the road from Tophane’s nargile bistros and close to the Karaköy waterfront, is a special reward. 

Address: Kemankeş Karamustafa Paşa Mahallesi, Kılıç Ali Paşa Caddesi, No 6, Beyoğlu, İstanbul

Price: $35 for 2 people average


An extreme man in a monogrammed overcoat remains at the entryway to Hüsrev, welcoming significant benefactors who stroll in and check their jackets without delaying from their phone discussions. Spy and you’ll presumably catch significant business bargains being shut. It’s anything but difficult to get so made up for a lost time in the charged air that you overlook that everybody has requested just a bowl of beans joined by a salty yogurt drink.

In any case, that is what’s so pleasurable about Hüsrev, which considers itself the “world’s bean respectable man.” From Hong Kong to Houston, a powerful business lunch is moved by a major steak and firm beverages, yet here, bargains are fixed over beans. The fair and smooth beans, washed in a rich, red sauce, are positively deserving of their committed after. We got the inclination that each factor in the formula is firmly constrained by a leading group of chefs in white coats.

With such assets, how could these not be the best beans in Turkey? To be sure, however, we couldn’t recognize a solitary defect, we were somewhat baffled to discover them just delightful. We were seeking after enchantment beans that would change us into rich and fruitful individuals like every other person at Hüsrev. Yet, even though they were the most costly beans we’d at any point eaten, we weren’t that a lot less fortunate leaving the spot. 

Address: Gayrettepe Mahallesi, Yıldız Posta Caddesi, No 48/C, Beşiktaş, İstanbul

Price: $25 for 2 people average


You can’t miss the colossal, red earth cauldron sitting behind the counter at Çömlek. The individual with the enormous spoon says the pot improves these beans than the rest. Cooking vessel aside, a serving of these beans likewise has the most elevated meat include of any we’ve tasted in Istanbul. While most beans may have a shred or, best case scenario a couple of chunks of delicately simmered hamburger in there for a season, Çömlek’s are delegated with a liberal aiding of meat.

In such a rich dish the meat satisfyingly counterbalances the cloying beans, leaving the accommodating still ready to leave and the solid willed ready to arrange up another half part. The eatery, situated on the lush inclines above Üsküdar on the Asian side, is somewhat off the beaten path. However, for us, these are beans at their best and worth the outing. 

Address: Kısıklı Mahallesi, Turistik Çamlıca Caddesi, No 50, Üsküdar, İstanbul

Price: $15 for 2 people average

Erzincanlı Ali Baba 

As per students of history, Tiryaki Sokak (“Addicts’ Alley”) got its name from the opium served up in its cafés during Ottoman occasions. Even though that substance has for some time been restricted, since 1924 Ali Baba has been spooning out something similarly addictive from an extraordinary copper pot: Erzincan-style prepared beans.

Fixings, for example, onion, tomato, and stew pepper are progressively unmistakable in the soupy base, as the bean is greater than its Black Sea partner. Even though we remain, addicts of the Black Sea assortment, the Erzincan planning is a pleasant difference in pace and there’s no better spot to give a bowl than sitting a shot Ali Baba’s squat stools in the shadow of the minarets of the radiant Süleymaniye Mosque.

Address: Süleymaniye Mahallesi, Profesör Sıddık Sami Onar Caddesi, No 7, Fatih, İstanbul

Price: $10 for 2 people average


The most acclaimed pastry in Istanbul is irrefutably flavorful: made of unfathomably meager layers of batter stacked over one another and afterward covered in a sugar-syrup, baklava is a treat for sweet darlings all over the place. By and by, we believe that pistachio baklava is the most delicious of all, however, make certain to attempt a few various types to locate your top choice!

Baklava had its beginnings within the imperial kitchens of the Ottoman Empire, where a baklava usta (master) would spend a lifetime honing his skills. Baklava can be found all over Istanbul, but not all desserts are created equal, so make sure to get your baklava from these recommended spots.

Gaziantepli Baklavacı Bilgeoğlu

The city of Gaziantep is known for its mile upon mile of pistachio trees that produce some of the best nuts you can find in the whole country. As such, it’s no surprise that Gaziantep is also famous for its baklava filled with this Antep fıstığı (Antep pistachio). Bilgeoğlu is one of the best places in Istanbul to taste some of that Gaziantep style baklava, especially the kuru (dry) version, which is thick and sticky baklava filled to the brim with delicious crushed pistachios. You’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you see the stack of kuru baklava in the window.

Address: Muvakkithane Caddesi No.56 Kadıköy +90 216 336 00 49

Price: $10 for 2 people average


Located in Karaköy, Köşkeroğlu sometimes lives in the shadows of Güllüoğlu, which is always filled to the brim with tourists chowing down baklava in every shape and size imaginable. More of an insider’s tip, the baklava at Köşkeroğlu has been said to taste even better because it’s not mass-produced and is made traditionally. Make sure to try the bülbül yuvası (baklava shaped like a bird’s nest filled with nuts and thick syrup).

Address: Mumhane Caddesi, Kat Otoparkı Altı No.2/3 Karaköy +90 212 245 52 45

Price: $15 for 2 people average

Karaköy Güllüoğlu

Speaking of the devil, Güllüoğlu is probably the most well-known producer of baklava in Istanbul and has stores all over the city. However, you have to keep in mind that the Güllüuğlu family has many members, and only a few Güllüoğlu branches still produce the kind of baklava that the family’s ancestors would be proud of. The original Güllüoğlu branch in Gaziantep as well as Güllüoğlu in Karaköy are the best places to buy baklava adhering to the traditional techniques and ingredients of a family business that began in 1871.

Address: Rıhtım Caddesi, Katlı Otopark Altı No.3-4 Karaköy +90 212 293 09 10

Price: $20 for 2 people average

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