Istanbul Diving Guide (Diving Spots and Centers)

Istanbul is a great place for diving, given the city is surrounded by sea on three sides. The sport of diving enables you to stay underwater with the help of special equipment. It may be performed as a one-time exploratory dive after you receive basic training. In this article, you can find which spots are suitable/safe and where you can take courses for diving.

Diving Spots


Allow all levels of divers. There are three unique gaps submerged, 17, 22 and 40 meters. You’d meet such huge numbers of various sorts of extraordinary animals from Atlantic or Pacific seas like seastars, Nudi branches, anemones and so forth.

You’d observe often Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus Scriba, Labridae, Sea bream, Ballan, Scorpionfish (Scorpaena_scrofa), Forkbeard, and so forth.

Around 22-23 meters fire corals invite you first. Afterward, between 22 to 30 meters there’s a field of ocean pen set down… If you like large scale animals take care of ocean pens. Nudi branchias, such as a large number of various types of tunicates live around ocean pens. There is a phenomenal anemone garden between 4-8 meters and those anemones are home of anemone creepy-crawly crab’s.


Allow all levels of divers. Yassı Island is a sort of paradise of transient species. You’d meet such a large number of various sorts of intriguing animals from Atlantic or Pacific seas like seastars, nudi branchias, anemones and so forth.

You’d observe often Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus scriba, Labridae, Sea bream, Ballan, Scorpionfish (Scorpaena_scrofa), Forkbeard, and so on.

Around 22-23 meters fire corals invite you first. Afterward, between 22 to 30 meters there’s a field of ocean pen set down… If you like full-scale animals take care around ocean pens. Nudi branchias, such as huge numbers of various types of tunicates live around ocean pens.

An energizing new activity to make the island of Yassiada in Turkey a scuba-plunging hotspot has been conveyed to the nation’s Culture and Tourism Ministry. The island, which is off the shore of Bodrum, has been featured as a key recognize that could carry submerged the travel industry to Turkey.

The island is home to 12 wrecks that go back to old occasions up to as of late as 1994. Some wrecks are based 15 – 45 meters deep from the second, fourth and sixteenth hundreds of years just as a Lebanese ship that sank during the 90s alongside its domesticated animals.

Neandros Island

Maybe the most colorful dive site of Istanbul. Allow all levels of divers. Particularly between 3-8 meters you’d watch a wide range of sorts of animals like Chromis, Uranoscopus scaber, Sciaena umbra, Serranus scriba, Labridae and so forth. Moreover, in any event, 7-8 various types of ocean stars, anemones, crabs and nudi branchias can have you friendly.

22 to 30 meters, there are such a significant number of Sea Pens (delicate coral) set out the floor. At long last, on the off chance that you a fortunate jumper you’d meet with an Oxynotus centrina. (sort of shark that encouraging by jellyfish)


Sivriada, a derelict Marmara island on which there is no other structure than the ruins of an old Byzantine monastery, takes its name from its peak. However, the quarry that was established on the island for the construction of the Haydarpaşa breakwater carved one side of this pointed hill of the island and even the historical pillars on the island were used for the same purpose. The screams of the seagulls, which are not missing from the top, awaken people with admiration and fear.

The island has a small harbor overlooking the Bosphorus, where yachtsmen from Kalamis and please come to enjoy the weekend. Since the breakwater is constantly under the influence of a sore throat, diving from here is always flowing. The underwater structure consists of large rocks and sandy sand that starts at 12 meters and continues down the slope.

The main dive site is on the side of the island facing Bakırköy, where the hill is not carved. Diving can be started from the small bay on this side. The first meters of the dive are quite blurred by jellyfish and algae. Then you will find a layer that can be hot or cold according to the season, which is between 3-15 meters.

The water layer beneath the layer has better visibility than the first. Don’t be discouraged by the water that cools down at an alarming speed as you follow the slope where there are large rocks. After the muddy crystal layer at 25 – 28 meters, you enter the waters of the Mediterranean Sea where both the view is very good and it is very hot. (It should be noted that serious thermoclay may occur in the interlayer).

After 27 meters, the slope decreases and the large rocks are replaced by a sandy bay. These depths, which have a gothic environment due to dark and unexpected clear vision, are worth spending time. But be careful not to approach the limits by keeping the bottom time too long. Because when you leave, you have to pass through a layer of cold water and you inevitably get out fast, beware of decompression sickness.

The famous 67 stones are located on this slope. It is a stone-like apartment building that rests on the sand with its top 43 and 67 meters bottom.

As for the creatures you can see; martesterias glacialis (native, ugly big spiny brown-purple starfish) and Asterias Rubens (invasive, small, flat, light starfish from outside) and abundant mussels at every depth. After 27 meters you encounter corals of the kind you are not used to seeing in Marmaray.

Çakal Limanı

Çakal Harbor, located on the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus, is the last bay at the exit point of the Black Sea. It is surrounded by steep rock walls under the shadow of the Anatolian Lighthouse. On the narrow shoreline of the bay, the wooden walls of the large and small boathouses became darker and even decided in some places. A couple of fishermen can see each day. If you catch the weather, Çakal Harbor is a convenient, easy-to-reach dive point in Istanbul.

Beykoz – Anadolu Kavağı or Kavacık Tunnel of Çakal Harbor Regardless of the road you go, Anadolu Feneri – Polonezköy road crossing continues in the direction of Anadolu Feneri. There is no other way to Coyote Harbor. Before coming to the lighthouse, turn left, going down a very narrow hill. I’ll is careful, you end uphill, sea!

The cliffs surrounding the bay continue at sea. The bottom structure of Çakal Harbor is rocky and piece stony from the shore to the mouth of the sheep. Wearing your pallets in this basket after finally entering the water to the level of the chest will help you move further in the first few meters. Northern winds cause strong waves in the bay.

When you try to dive in the bay in the north of the Black Sea blowing, you will be invited to get injured. The waves can throw you to the shore like a slingshot with all the loads on your back. Dive in the bay in windless weather or southern winds. However, if there are gaps between the hills surrounding the bay, the southern winds can be effective. If you spend time in the wind blowing in the east – southeast direction, try not to get too open. Otherwise, you will not be dragged into the open.

Starting from the first meters of your dive, it makes a simple marine life blended with living creatures from both the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea. During the year of September – November, the silverfish was put in the bay. It encourages you to stay away from the nets that manage dives here in the fall. This warning is both for your safety and for not being a pastor with fishermen.

Do not forget to compass in the bay, which is deeply inclined to light off the coast. The depth at the mouth of the bay varies between 10 and 11 meters and the coastal rocky and rocky shore up to this point suddenly leaves its place to the sandy beach. You are almost out of the bay and reach the edge of the strait canal.

For places where sandy sheep are found, none of which has a bearing point, do not forget to adjust the compass sight on the shore. In the meantime, your eyes are walking on the sandy four ways! It shows him a shield or stingray fish.

Your compass may deviate slightly, but there is nothing to worry about. The deflection in your compass is caused by rusty steel ropes that are bent at the bottom like metal snakes. Once you want submarines to enter the strait, you can surprise your deflection compass for a moment when you want to have nets made of stretched steel wire.

When you landed, sheep opened the tensioning station on the northeastern side of the net and the machine gun nests built to protect it. Remains that can be seen above and underwater make your dive in the bay even more interesting.

You can look to the left from the end of the slope, if you give your back to the rocks and move towards the open, you may encounter a similar steel rope net on the north shore at a depth of almost 10 m. Underwater scrapping, which creates interesting poses for wide-angle photography on calm, clear water, does not promise much to macro enthusiasts.

However, if you are not one of those who say close-up photography, if you often meet in sheep, duck fish, various gobs or shrub shrimps, those around the past may have prepared beautiful squares. The search and find size was established.

Heybeliada Çamlimanı

You can take a snappy visit around the island and go plunging to see a wide assortment of marine species, for example, lobsters, red scorpionfish, and antiquated vessel structures like amphora.

Rumeli Feneri

The adventure to Rumeli Feneri takes roughly 2.5 hours. Jumpers are probably going to see ocean breams, curbs, beams, burbots, ocean basses, enormous antiquated stays, amphoras and old cannonballs. It is additionally conceivable to see antiquated earthenware and cauldrons in the disaster area found in the headland called Fil Burnu.

This area may not be appropriate for plunging consistently. Rumeli Feneri offers a more clear view and hotter water than the Marmara Sea. Jumpers are probably going to see almost 15 old stays, dolphins, whales, turbos and soles.

Çilingoz, Kıyıköy, Yalıköy

It takes around two or 2.5 hours to arrive from Istanbul. You are probably going to see flathead dark mullets, snailfishes, dolphins, whales and turbos on your plunges.

Diving Centers

İspermeçet Diving Center

As İspermeçet Diving Center, they provide service with training and diving organizations organized with the slogan of four seasons diving in Kadıköy district of Istanbul. Diving training and diving tour organizations based in Istanbul have been organized by their diving instructors and assistants trained in this sector for many years.

As an Istanbul dive center, they provide individual dive pieces of training as well as support to well-established universities and various companies in dive pieces of training and dive tours. In 2018, they brought together more than 300 new divers with deep blue on 30 trips. In 2019, they will continue to bring them together.

As a dive center in Istanbul, they offer various and special services for those who want to start diving or to improve their experience. In addition to training opportunities in different systems such as PADI and CMAS, they offer diving experience in different regions with their monthly dive tours.

In the dive center, where they offer special diving courses, you can take your dive training at your desired dive point with your instructors. For more information about diving courses, please visit their Courses page or contact them for more information.


İspermeçet Diving Center

Hasanpaşa, Deniz Yıldızı Sk. No:16/3, 34722 Kadıköy/İstanbul

+90 542 201 15 49

Diving Team

Diving Team Dive Center, Nature, Blue and this perfection of all segments, who have devoted to photography of all ages to be frequented by everyone on behalf of the work, continue with the power of you.

Without losing its amateur spirit, it shares the blue with all his volunteers with his professional team of professional instructors. Diving Team, TSSF (Turkey’s underwater sports federation) No. 418 document registered with the international CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities) engages in connected work.

After your theoretical and practical training, you will open the doors of a magical world, the “underwater world ve and become a conscious and certified follower of an indispensable activity. Diving Team Diving Center and Expert Trainer Staff; Safe, healthy dives and training-making, has adopted as a way of life. You can open the doors of Other Blue by relying on their expert trainers.

In their international and national dive organizations, which continue throughout the year, their only wish is to provide that adrenaline, enjoyment, excitement, safe, blue and embrace at the most beautiful dive spots of the world and Turkey, and to be a pioneer in your life.


Diving Team Diving Center

Fenerbahçe Mah. Bilgili Sk. No:8/4 Kalamış34724 Kadıköy  – İstanbul

+90 532 376 30 64

[email protected]

Istanbul Dolphinarium

General requirements: An individual, who might want to partake at their plunging course, ought to be least 15 years of age, realize how to swim and not have any medical issues.

Scuba jumping course is a novice level of PADI Open Sea Diving Course program. It points the individuals who have time limitations and is given in bunches under the supervision of an experienced mentor. PADI Scuba Diving Course comprises of 3 sections;

1A – Independent Study and General Knowledge Gaining: First, the specialists of the course are given the first PADI examining book and are mentioned to peruse at home the initial 3 parts and do the tests that are found toward the finish of every section.

At that point, the members should take an arrangement from the coach and present the completed tests for his/her assessment. If their test scores are adequate, they are permitted to continue to the following stage – the pool exercises. Autonomous contemplating (for example concentrating individually) has gotten famous because of a few significant instructive and strategic favorable circumstances.

1B – Theory Lessons with the Trainer: The members are required to go to 8 hours of study hall plunging hypothesis exercises with PADI coach. The tests are given during the homeroom exercises, and if the outcomes are good, the members are permitted to the phase of pool exercises.

2 – Pool Lessons: These exercises point to learning the essential viable abilities in the quiet condition by the pool. The pool exercises are giving the significant opportunity to try the theoretic information the members picked up during free examinations and study hall exercises. Under the supervision of PADI preparing they will figure out how to collect the plunging unit (veil release, controller cleaning, sharing air assets and such).

3 – Open Sea Diving: After 2 plunges at the Dolphinarium’s biggest pool, the understudies are prepared to get PADI Controlled Environment Diving Certificate. Congrats! To finish the course program, the members need to do 2 vast ocean plunges with the most extreme profundity farthest point of 12 meters (it isn’t prescribed to pass this profundity limit for the helped jumps).

At the point when the understudies arrive at vast ocean jump level, they can achieve PADI Scuba Diving course by making a plunge the untamed ocean whenever and area they like and get their full PADI declaration

Plunging course expense incorporates: Original PADI Independent Study Book, 3 pool exercises (one at the little and two at the huge pool), jumping register journal endorsed by Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, PADI Controlled Environment Diving Certificate.


Istanbul Dolphinarium

Silahtarağa, Silahtarağa Cd. No:2 D:4, 34050 Eyüp/İstanbul

(0212) 581 78 78

Hamsi Diving

At Hamsi Diving, we’re enthusiastic about the sentiment, astounding magnificence, and sheer pleasure in scuba. Jumping means being shipped to undersea caves, swimming with schools of apparently pretend fish, investigating places that lone bunches of individuals have looked at plunging can take all of you around the globe to the world’s most staggering areas, and extend your comprehension of nature’s conceivable outcomes.

Scuba is just a charming, loosening up leisure activity if the jumper has a sense of security and well-prepared. That is the reason Hamsi Diving has been working SSI who has worked throughout the previous 40 years to consummate their mark preparing system “comfort through reiteration”, build up the most stringent educator accreditation norms.


Hamsi Diving Center

Merdivenköy, Şair Arşi Cd. No:50, 34732 Kadıköy/İstanbul

(0216) 368 70 03


TECH-EXPLORERS Diving Center has its primary aim to provide quality education in every branch of diving. You can participate in sportive, technical and semi-closed circuit diving courses. You can give your loved ones a trial dive or dive gift.

Besides, they have special diving trainings for their hearing-impaired friends accompanied by TİD trainers. The basic motto of their dive center is Güvenli Safe Dive starts with good training, principle while educating students who have mastered safe dive skills, at the same time to bring divers who know and practice their responsibilities to the underwater world.

They care about entertainment as much as they care about education. This allows you to tour the most beautiful diving spots they organized Turkey and abroad, they aim to provide memorable experiences.

Underwater diving is one of the best options for your staff to increase their motivation by coming together in social activities outside their working environments. Team spirit is first and foremost a feeling. This feeling requires belonging to the team and adopting the team.

Therefore, individuals who have reached an understanding of team spirit; If you have a hobby diving club in your institution, you can organize sportive and technical diving courses and diving tour organizations by the needs of your underwater club. They also provide free consultancy services. If you want to establish a social connection with Tech Explorers, please contact them.


Tech-Explorers Diving Centers

Ali Kuşçu, Yavuz Selim Cd. No:6, 34083 Fatih/İstanbul

+90 542 331 55 25

Istanbul Akvaryum

Diving Course for Beginners

On the off chance that you are keen on scuba jumping preparing, you can pick plunging courses composed by master educators at the Bosporus Underwater Research Center inside the CMAS (Confederation Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques – World Underwater Events Confederation) norms.

By effectively finishing the courses, which don’t require any essentials and for which the jump gear is given by the program, you can get the ideal plunging declaration.

Scuba Diving Training

After game jumping become well known inside a very brief time a gathering of individuals, one of which was Jacques Cousteau, established the CMAS on January 10, 1959. The CMAS, which means to institutionalize and further build up the sportive submerged exercises in the part nations has organizations on 83 nations on 5 landmasses.

The main legitimate report in Turkey with respect to laws and guidelines on jumping is the CMAS identification. CMAS is spoken to in Turkey by the TSSF (Turkey Underwater Sports Federation). Our jumping courses, given inside Istanbul Akvaryum, are completed by CMAS educators as per CMAS measures.


So as to take an interest in the course and to SCUBA jump it is adequate to show a restorative report that expresses that it is ok for you to plunge and you need to realize how to swim. The archive to be utilized in the specialist’s report can be acquired from our organization. You don’t need to purchase any plunging gear.

All plunging gear will be without given of charge during the course. Before the ocean plunges it is important to proceed with the courses, practice in the pool and effectively finishes the hypothetical tests.


Istanbul Akvaryum

Şenlikköy Mahallesi Yeşilköy Halkalı Cad. No:93 Florya-İstanbul

444 9 744

Warnings about Diving in Istanbul:

There are some thermocline layers in the Marmara ocean. Water temperature changes 6-28 C surface to 18 meters. At this layer, waters originate from Blacksea. Underneath 18 meters, you jump into Mediterranean waters and this layer constantly 11-12 C.

Along these lines, if you don’t mind put on your hood and gloves. Permeability in every case clear in Mediterranean waters. Some of the time it very well may be tad hazy in Blacksea waters. At the north and south edges of Island flows get more grounded.

Moreover, do not forget to compass in the bay, which is deeply inclined to light off the coast. The depth at the mouth of the bay varies between 10 and 11 meters and the coastal rocky and rocky shore up to this point suddenly leaves its place to the sandy beach. You are almost out of the bay and reach the edge of the strait canal. For places where sandy sheep are found, none of which has a bearing point, do not forget to adjust the compass sight on the shore.

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