Istanbul Beaches Near Taksim

Istanbul is a city where you can do so many things and where there are numerous places to enjoy. Apart from all these, Istanbul draws attention with its developing beaches. During the hot days of summer, Istanbul has beautiful beaches that will save working people from the monotony of daily life and also will provide tourists to enjoy the sea while visiting Istanbul for tourists. These beaches, some of which are sandy, are very suitable for families with children. However, you can evaluate the day with sports activities while enjoying the sea and have a picnic in grass areas. Also, you might have all these opportunities without going away from the city and with affordable prices. Furthermore, some of them are free. If you are in Istanbul on hot summer days, we have compiled for you beaches that we can consider close to Taksim where you can go and the beaches that are beautiful but a little far from Taksim. You might enjoy summer by cooling off on these beaches in the city. Let’s take a look;

Istanbul has beaches where you can enter the sea or enjoy yourself with friends on the beach. Beaches close to Taksim include: Florya Güneş Beach, Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach, Caddebostan Beach, Atarlı Beach, High Beach Club, Dalia Beach, Burç Beach, Non- Stop Beach, Uzunya Beach, Suma Beach, Kısırkaya Beach, Keçilik Cove, Poyrazköy Women Beach, Menekşe Beach. Beaches a little far from Taksim include: Adalar Beach Club, Minder Beach Club, Büyükçekmece Beach, West Istanbul Marina Beach, Gürpınar Public Beach. Let’s start with close ones;

1- Florya Güneş Beach/ Bakırköy

Florya Güneş (Sun) Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Istanbul. Atatürk’s photos are available on this beach while he enters the sea, and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality currently performs the operating assets of this beach. Florya Güneş Beach has a lifeguard tower, sunbeds, parasols, toilets, changing cabins, showers, buffets, cabinets where you can put your items, and a parking area for 240 cars. There is also a volleyball court on the beach, which offers the opportunity to play volleyball. Florya has two beaches. One is free, and the other one is not free. Sun Beach is the paid one. That is why it has better quality. According to the current prices, the entry price is 2,95 dollars for adults and 1,18 dollars for students. As with Caddebostan Beach, it is free to children ages 0-7, citizens with disabilities, and their one companion. But at Florya Güneş Beach, the entrance price includes only changing cabins, showers, and toilets. You can rent a sunbed for 1,18 dollars and a safety locker for 1,77 dollars. The buffet is the same as the buffet on Caddebostan Beach. Their prices are just as reasonable. You can go to Florya Güneş Beach 7 days a week between 8:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m. Between Taksim-Florya is 22 km.

How to go? It is opposite Florya railway station. To reach the beach, you can use buses 73B (from Bakırköy station), 73Y (from Yenibosna Metro station), 73F (from Taksim), BN2 (from Eminönü). You have to get off at the Eceler stop. But using a Metrobus is a faster way. If you get off at the Cennet Mahallesi stop, you can then walk to the beach.

Address: Şenlikköy, Florya Beach Park, 34153 Bakırköy/Istanbul, Turkey

2- Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach/ Bakırköy

This beach belongs to the municipality, and it is free of charge as it is a public beach. You can go whenever you desire. Because it’s open to everyone, it’s likely to be crowded. Those who want to go to this beach can use the 72T-72YT-81 Bakırköy- Yeşilköy bus line, Metrobus, or collective taxis that depart from Yenibosna. People who prefer using Metrobus for transportation should get off a stop called Florya and then take the minibus.

3- Caddebostan Beach/ Kadıköy

One of the beaches you can go to in Istanbul to refresh during the summer season is Caddebostan/ Kadıköy Beach. It is 21 km between Caddebostan and Taksim Square and will take approximately 32 minutes on the traffic-free road. Kadıköy has 3 Caddebostan beaches in total, 2 of which are free and 1 of which is paid. These beaches have sunbeds, parasols, changing cabins, showers, lifeguard towers, toilets, and snack bars. The entrance price of Caddebostan 1 Beach is 1,41 dollars for students and 2,95 dollars for adults. In addition, this beach is free for children aged from 0 to 7 years, citizens with disabilities, and their one companion. You can use your Istanbul Card to enter the beach. The entrance price includes sunbeds and parasols at this beach. It is located 7 km from the center of the district. On the other hand, although entrance to Caddebostan 2 and Caddebostan 3 Beach is free, you can rent sunbeds and parasols for 1,18 dollars. There is a green area behind the beach. Buffet prices are also in a reasonable price range. Caddebostan 1 Beach offers service between 8:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m.

How To Go? To go to these beaches, you can first arrive at Kadıköy by metro, metro bus, minibus, or ferry from your location. Then you can go to Caddebostan by getting on the collective taxis that depart from Kadıköy near Besiktaş Ferry Terminal. For those who do not want to get on collective taxis, there is a road. You can also go to Caddebostan by taking IETT buses from Kadıköy. You might reach Caddebostan 1 beach by buses no GZ1, ER1, 4, 16, 16D, 222.

Caddebostan Beach- 1 Address: Operator Cemil Topuzlu Street, Park Road, Beach 1, 34748 Kadıköy

Caddebostan Beach- 2 Address: Operator Cemil Topuzlu Street, Park Road, Beach 1, 34748 Kadıköy

Caddebostan Beach- 3 Address: Çetin Emeç Boulevard, Park Road, Suadiye, Beach 3, 34740 Kadıköy

4- Atarlı Beach/ Kadıköy

Atarlı Beach is a beach located in Suadiye which is connected to Kadıköy. Even if the sea usually consists of sand, there are stones in some places. For those who are uncomfortable with stones, it is useful to take precautions and go. There is also a pier on the beach for those who do not want to enter the sea from the seaside. The beach has showers, changing cabins, sunbeds, and wi-fi. It is a beach that will meet the desires of families with children and day vacationers who want to swim in Istanbul. The only difference from Caddebostan Beach is more expensive because it is managed by a private business. The price of this beach is 3,54 dollars per person. In addition, this price covers the fee for sunbeds and parasols.

How To Go? You can go to Atarli Beach by much public transport. Kadıköy- Bostancı dolmuş goes to Atarli Beach. Those who want to come with Marmaray should walk about 12 minutes by getting off at the Bostancı stop to go to the beach. Those who go by bus can get off at the Suadiye stop. In addition, the beach is a 10-minute walk from Bostanci Ido Pier.

5- High Beach Club/ Sarıyer

Between Sariyer and Taksim is 20 km and will take 31 minutes to go there, if there is no traffic. In High Beach Club you can enjoy the beach during the day and participate in entertainment events in the evening. The entrance price is quite high compared to some other beaches. But it has a few returns along with its price. On this beach, which is quite high quality, you can do many sea sports activities. As of 2021, the entrance price of the beach is 11,83 dollars, while the parking fee is 1,77 dollars.

How to go? If you wish, you can reach the beach using High Beach Club’s service by making a reservation beforehand. Or you can get off the Kilyos Central stop by using bus number 151. This bus departs from the Hacıosman Metro stop.

Address: Kumköy Neighborhood, Tatlısu Street, No: 4 Sarıyer/ Istanbul

Phone: +90 533 967 46 71

Service telephone: +90 533 222 95 53

6- Dalia Beach/ Sarıyer

Dalia Beach is a private beach where the sea, sand, sun, and greenfield coming together, making you feel as if you are in the Mediterranean when you are in Istanbul. There are cafes, bars, and available areas for doing sports on this beach where families with children and young couples can be comfortable. In addition, you can find various opportunities like surfing in the Black Sea waters and beach volleyball. The entrance price changes from weekend to weekday. You could enter the beach for 5,91 dollars on weekdays and 8,28 dollars on weekends. Dalia Beach is open between 9:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m.

How to go? Take bus 151 and get off at Kilyos central bus stop and then take a taxi. Those who prefer to go in their car should follow the Demirciköy road. At the end of the village, they will reach the beach.

Address: Demirci, Kilyos Road, PK: 34450 – Sarıyer / Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 204 03 68

7- Burç Beach/ Sarıyer

Graduate students of Boğaziçi University established Burç Beach. When you go to this beach, you will understand that it is out of the hands of students. This place where more young people visit also has a lot of social opportunities. This beach, focused on entertainment, has a large bar, sunbeds, parasols, puffs, changing cabins. The price that guests will pay is 9,46 dollars on weekdays and 17,15 dollars on weekends. But only if you get the ticket at door. If guests get tickets online 8,28 dollars on weekdays and 14,78 dollars on weekends. Boğaziçi University students and staff pay 1,77 dollars on weekdays and 2,95 dollars on weekends. If you are a member of BÜMED, you can take advantage of the beach facilities by paying 5,32 dollars on weekdays and 8,87 dollars on weekends with the requirement to get the ticket through the door. If you buy tickets online, it is 4,73 dollars on weekdays and 7,69 dollars on weekends.

Address: Gümüşdere, Sarıtepe Campus, 34470 – Sarıyer/ Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 203 09 11

8- Non-Stop Beach/ Sarıyer

Non-Stop Beach is one of the more affordable beaches in Sarıyer than other beaches in Sarıyer. At Non-Stop Beach, which has many activities, you not only go to the sea but also enjoy entertainment with concerts held day and night. In addition, you can also participate in activities such as yoga, pilates, beach volleyball. You have to pay money to enter the beach. Access to the beach is suitable between 9:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m.

How To Go? To get to Non-Stop Beach, you can take bus number 151 or minibus SRY- 04. Kilyos Merkez stop is the nearest stop and is about 15 minutes walk away.

Address: Kumköy, Beach Road Street No: 28, 34450 Sariyer- Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 201 23 05

9- Uzunya Beach Restaurant/ Sarıyer

Uzunya Beach “you will experience the holiday weather in Istanbul, enjoy the entertainment, sea, sand, sun and excellent tastes.” it offers you a pleasant day with its motto. Uzunya Beach is a beach with sand areas as well as grass areas. As in Non-Stop Beach, you will have the opportunity to spend a beautiful day with entertainment and activities have done day and night. It also has a restaurant, cafe, and campsites. It is possible to spend time on this beach for 7,09 dollars on weekdays and 11,83 dollars on weekends. This beach is free for 0- 12 years children. Uzunya Beach serves longer than other beaches. Starting at 9:00 a.m, your fun and rest can continue until 11:00 p.m. So what’s on Uzunya Beach? There is a restaurant, beach, wedding, and event area. Yes, you can do a wedding on this beach.

How To Go? You can take bus number 151 or minibus SRY- 04. Demirciköy is the nearest minibus stop and is a 30 minutes walk from the beach. Parking is available for those who go by private car.

Address: Demirciköy Quarter, Beach Road Street, Sariyer-Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 204 07 33

E-mail: [email protected]

10- Suma Beach/ Sarıyer

Another beach in Sarıyer is Suma Beach. It is possible to go with pets. During the day you can enter the sea, and at night you can enjoy the entertainment accompanied by famous DJs until the morning, you can enter this beach by paying 11,83 dollars. The beach offers ATV tours and water sports. Sunbeds, free parking, shower, changing room, and internet are among the beach facilities.

How To Go? You can go with 152, 59RK bus line. The nearest bus stop is the Güvenlik stop and there is a 14 minutes walking distance. Or you can take the SRY-03 minibus. The nearest minibus stop is the Plaj Yolu stop and is a 25-minute walk from the beach.

Address: Gümüşdere Quarter, Boğaziçi Campus Road, No: 1/ A, Kumköy (Kilyos) Village, Sariyer-Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 203 08 63

11- Kısırkaya Beach/ Sarıyer

Kısırkaya Beach is located in the village of Kısırkaya of Sarıyer. Entry is free. There are no social facilities and beach facilities on the beach. For this reason, we recommend that you take chairs, parasols, food, and drinks with you when you go. Those who want to camp can take tents.

How To Go? If you want, you can go in your private car. Those who want to go by public transport, bus number 152, departing from Hacıosman, or minibus SRY- 03, departing from Sarıyer, is available.

Address: Kısırkaya Neighborhood, Incekum Street, Sariyer-Istanbul

12- Keçilik Cove, Anadolu Kavağı/ Beykoz

Keçilik Cove is located in a small indentation in the Istanbul Strait on the Anatolian side. Decidedly scenic, this cove is located beneath Yoros Castle and between Poyrazköy and Anatolian Kavağı. The sea of the cove with a long beach is 5 meters wide and is surrounded by forests. Because of the depth of the sea, usually, those who come by boat enjoy this cove. There are 26 kilometers between Taksim and Beykoz.

How To Go? You can take bus number 135, 15A or by Sariyer- Rumeli Kavağı- Anadolu Kavağı ferry. The nearest ferry stop is Anadolu Kavağı which is 40 minutes walk away. The nearest minibus stop is Tokatköy stop, which is 46 minutes walk away.

13- Poyrazköy Women Beach/ Beykoz

Poyrazköy Women Beach is the beach for only women. Everyone is a woman, even the officers who work in it. The beach has sunbeds, parasols, showers, cafeterias, buffets, entertainment activities, masjid, and picnic areas. The entry price is 4,14 dollars per person. It is free for children in the 0-7 age range.

How To Go? There are tours to Poyrazköy Women Beach. You can go with a tour service if you want. In addition, those who want to go from the Anatolian side can go by bus 135 Poyrazköy- Kavacık. Bus line 29B Istinye Park Sarıyer is also possible to go.

Address: Poyrazköy Women Beach, Poyraz Quarter, Beach Street, No: 1, Beykoz-Istanbul

Phone: +90 539 961 42 69

14- Menekşe Beach/ Küçükçekmece

Florya Menekşe (Violet) Beach is a public beach, and the entrance is free. It is likely to be more crowded as it is free and there is a place for everyone to come. You can also do picnics and barbecues. Florya Menekşe Beach is located between Küçükçekmece Lake and Florya Güneş Beach.There are sunbeds, parasols, shower cabins, toilets, and 3 buffets. The buffet is again the same company’s, and the prices are reasonable in the same way. But the operation of the beach belongs to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Although entry is free on the 600 meters long Menekşe Beach, those who want sunbeds and parasols should rent them for 1,18 dollars. There is a parking lot for 120 cars belonging to the beach. Rescue boats and ambulances are on standby at the beach for a possible plight. Between Taksim- Küçükçekmece is 30 kilometers.

How to go? You can reach the beach by bus BN1, BN2, BN3. Or you can choose Metrobus, which is a faster way. You can get off at the Küçükçekmece stop and reach the beach by walking.

Address: Menekşe Street, Park Road, 34290 Küçükçekmece/ Istanbul

Now let’s check the beaches that are far from Taksim;

15- Adalar Beach Club/ Adalar

Ada Beach Club is one of the most popular beaches in Heybeliada. Even on the way to this beach, where you will have a good time with family or friends, you will pass through a very pleasant sea path. After arriving in Heybeliada with a sea journey from Kabataş, Bostancı, Kartal and Avcılar, you arrive at Ada Beach Club with the club’s free boats and beautiful view to go to Çam Liman Cove. The beach has a sand area, grass area, platform, or private lodges that you can choose from. You can participate in a mini-golf tournament held at the beach or play beach volleyball. Moreover, you can prefer cafes or fish restaurants at this beach which also offers you free wi-fi. The entrance price, which includes a parasol, shower, and sunbed, is 7,09 dollars on weekdays and 9,46 dollars on weekends. You will not find time to get bored with activities that will be held throughout the day. You can also book weddings and invitations at Ada Beach Club.

How To Go? After going to Heybeliada by ferry, sea bus or passenger engines departing from Bostancı, Kabataş, Kadıköy, and Kartal, you can reach Ada Beach by free motor service from the pier to the beach, by phaeton ride that will take 5 minutes or by 15 minutes walk from Çam Liman Bay.

Address: Çamlık Mevki, 34973 Heybeliada

Phone: +90 216 351 17 70

E-mail: [email protected]

16- Minder Beach Club/ Büyükçekmece

Another beach in Istanbul that you will feel like on the Aegean coast is Minder Beach. The sea is low and Sandy, so it is suitable for families with children. The beach has a shower, changing room, wi-fi, hookah, live music, alcoholic beverages, parking, and a restaurant. After enjoying the sea during the day, you can drink a hookah on the sand with live music against the sea view at night. The entrance price is 3,54 dollars per person. This price covers parasols and sunbeds. There are 49 kilometers between Taksim and Büyükçekmece.

How To Go? You can take bus number 76BA. The nearest bus stop to Minder Beach is Üzüm Street/ Avcılar direction, 7 minutes walk away. Another way is to use the minibus number BL- 109. Büyükçekmece Fatih quarter stop is 3 minutes walk away.

Address: Kordonboyu Street, Büyükçekmece- Istanbul

17- Büyükçekmece Beach/ Büyükçekmece

Büyükçekmece Beach is a public beach with free access. For toilets and showers, you can use the business spaces located around the beach.

How To Go? You can go by bus number 142B or minibus number BL- 109.

18- West Istanbul Marina Beach/ Beylikdüzü

West Istanbul Marina was opened in the Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul in 2011. The marina, drawing the attention of both Istanbul residents and foreign tourists, has developed over time depending on the demands. In 2019 and 2020, they opened cafes, restaurants, bars, spas, sports facilities and established a small social living area. West Istanbul Marina Beach is the first seaside in this region to have a beach. With its beautiful facilities, this beach allows you to get away from the busy pace of daily life and have a quiet time. The founders opened West Istanbul Marina Beach to the public in 2020. The beach, which is located in a good location as location, has a small living area. So people started to prefer this place more often. The beach has parking for 550 vehicles, cafes and restaurants, a small market, toilet, baby room, disabled toilet, shower, laundry service, internet service, and an infirmary for emergencies. The facilities provided by the beach are as follows;

  • There is a fitness center, spa center, swimming pool, and tennis court that you can use as a member of a yacht club.
  • There is a sailing school where you can get services from professional instructors.
  • There is a helicopter pad and a travel lift with a capacity of 75-700 tons.
  • Boat Trailer
  • There is only one parking rack system in Turkey, where you can put your boats with a capacity of 96 units and up to 7 meters.
  • There are ramps, and 9 hangars in the range of 20- 48 Meters.
  • Indoor garage, warehouse, and technical services are available.
  • There are yacht agencies and 24/7 Mooring services where boats can take service.
  • There is a diver service consisting of a professional team responsible for cleaning the bottom of the boat, where you can get help to recover your belongings that have fallen into the sea.
  • Environmental services such as drain-water pumping stations, engine oil disposal tanks, waste warehouses, and battery collection boxes are available.
  • Fuel stations, special cameras, and professional teams with high security and yacht market are among the facilities provided by the beach.

Entrance to the beach is 3,54 dollars per person, but it is free for children aged 0-6 years. The first 2 hours of free parking is 2,36 dollars after 2 hours. The beach is open from 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m, while the cafes and restaurants within the marina are open until late at night. For those who go to enjoy the sea, we recommend that they leave home early. If you want to sit down and have a drink with your loved ones, it is okay to go late in the evening, because cafes and restaurants in the marina also serve during late hours. With the landscaping, you will feel yourself on this beach in the Aegean. You can also enjoy the day at this beach, which opened in 2020 and is not too crowded as few people know it yet. There are 43 kilometers between Taksim and Beylikdüzü.

How To Go? You can take bus 458 or minibus BL- 109 to go to the West Istanbul Marina. The nearest stop is Beylikduzu Marina, a 27-minute walk from West Istanbul Marina. Kavaklı seaside is a 29 minutes walk away from the beach. The first minibus A- 209 to the address leaves at 09:00, and the last one leaves at around 02:28.

Address: Yakuplu Marmara Neighborhood, Ulusum Street, No: 28, 34524 Beylikdüzü/ Istanbul

19- Gürpınar Public Beach/ Beylikdüzü

Gürpınar Public Beach is a public beach located in Beylikdüzü, as you can see from its name. So entrance is free, but you need to rent sunbeds and parasols.

How To Go? To go to Gürpınar Public Beach, you can use buses 142B, 76G, 458.

Which Month Is The Best To Visit Turkey?

Turkey has unique landscapes in all seasons. So you can visit Turkey in your favorite season. In spring, you can see the Black Sea, Cappadocia, Safranbolu; in summer you can visit the beautiful sea of Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kaş, Fethiye, Marmaris; in autumn you can go to Bolu- Yedigöller; in winter you can see Uludağ, Kartepe, Kartalkaya, Palandöken. You might visit these places in all seasons. But if you have to choose one place, we strongly recommend that you visit Bolu/ Yedigöller every season. You can be sure to encounter stunning views one more beautiful than the other. And for Istanbul, spring and autumn might be the right decision because you can enjoy the revival of nature in parks and gardens of Istanbul, the edge of the Bosphorus without rain, mud, wind, and the hot weather of the summer months. However, you can find flights and accommodation at a more affordable price because it is out of the summer season. 

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