How to Use the Internet in Istanbul?

In this guide, you can find several ways to get internet while you are a tourist in Turkey.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

Below you can find wifi hotspots locations and options in Turkey:

Hotels: Almost every hotel has owned its Wi-Fi, and most are free. Some hotels offer low connection than others due to trouble with their network setup or the connection due to the historical location however at the least you will have free wi-fi at your hotel. All you have to do is to learn the wifi password to access the internet.

Cafes: Every café, bistro, restaurant share their internet with their guests. Even small restaurants now have internet access. Stability and speed depend on where you are and what kind of café, bistro or restaurant you are in. Starbucks, Nero, etc. typically have stable wi-fi unless very crowded.

If you are in a Starbucks all you have to do is connect your device (SSID should be “TTNET” or “DorukNet”, ND if you are in Nero “DorukNet”) and fill out some basic information for verification that you have to fill. After that, you are ready to go.

And if you are in the other restaurant or cafés you can just ask your waiter to get SSID and Password and after that you are ready to go.

Public Center and Squares: Municipality of Istanbul recently announced that free public wi-fi will be available in most common city centers and squares. All you have to do is (when you near of one of these centers of course) register your id via your cell phone and you will get an access password.

Wifi in Airports

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport offers its new mobile app which aims to provide a “stress-free” experience for passengers.

The app has various features, such as real-time journey information, indoor navigation, access to Wi-Fi, information on shops and food & beverage outlets, as well as detailed information on transport options.

The app is available both on the App Store and Google Play. By logging on, visitors to the airport can also use the “Free Wi-Fi” service.

In future, some features expected to be seen in the terminal include fast track systems, smart parking systems, new generation loyalty management systems, lost and found software, and an apron card application portal, among others.

Sabiha Gökcen Airport

Connecting to wireless internet in Sabiha Gökçen Airport is now faster and easier than ever. The WiSpotter Wireless Internet Access service allows you to access a wireless connection for a fixed price.

With the WiSpotter service, you can access the internet at certain service points with your laptop or WiFi-enabled mobile phone.

You can use this service from one of 8 kiosks set up around the terminal departures level both domestic and international land and airside.

To connect to SAW passenger Wi-Fi, use your device to connect to SSID SAW free Wi-Fi as shown below:

Tourist SIM card for Turkey (Locally)

Let’s check out all the Turkey mobile internet providers to see what tourist sim cards they offer.

To find a tourist sim card, Turkey has not that many options. There are only three mobile internet providers in Turkey locally.

These are Vodafone, Turkcell and Turk Telekom. They have stores all over Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya and all the other popular tourist destinations in Turkey.

Also, you can find them at SAW Airport and IST Airport in Istanbul. Finding a shop to buy a Turkey prepaid sim card is not that hard.

Unfortunately, while sightseeing in Istanbul is a lot cheaper, buying a Turkey sim card for tourists is expensive compared it to its neighboring countries.

How can you get a Turkey sim card? Your passport! With a proper photo ID, you won’t be able to buy a Turkey sim card.

All popular tourist destinations in Turkey have now a 4G connection and they are rolling at 5G at the moment as well.

Based on the 4G coverage maps Turkcell still has the best 4G network in Turkey as of August 2019.

If you travel to the more remote areas in Turkey then Turkcell is the best Turkey sim card for you.

Based on the internet coverage, you would maybe not choose a Turk Telecom sim card, but if you only stay in like Istanbul, Izmir or Antalya then Turk Telecom will be just as good as the others.

Internet speed Turkey

With a respective 33rd place on the world ranking, Turkish mobile internet speed can be expected around 30 Mbps on average.

While researching the best sim prepaid sim card for Bulgaria I found out that the internet speed in this Turkish neighboring country is even slightly faster with 32 Mbps.

Buy your Turkey sim card online

You can buy a sim card with 6 GB data to use in Turkey for $40. It will be shipped to your home address before your Turkey trip. You can’t call and text with this sim card, just data!

Prices Turkey sim card as of August 2019

Vodafone Turkey prepaid sim card

200 TL ($35): 750 minutes – 250 SMS and 20 GB data.

This Vodafone prepaid sim card is valid for 30 days and only for use in Turkey, not in the rest of the EU!

Here’s the tip: Vodafone Turkey sim card at IST Airport starts from $60! So if you want to save a couple of dollars then wait till you get to the city.

Turk Telekom prepaid sim card

At the Turk Telekom they have much more prepaid sim cards for tourists:

150 TL ($26): 750 minutes and 10 GB data.

200 TL ($35): 750 minutes and 25 GB data.

A prepaid sim card from Turk Telekom is cheaper than Vodafone Turkey, they offer better value and more options for tourists.

Turkcell prepaid sim card

We already saw that Turkcell already has the best Turkey mobile network, let’s see what kind of Turkey prepaid sim cards for tourists they offer. They only sell one prepaid Turkey sim card:

150 TL ($26): 200 minutes – 1000 SMS and 20 GB data.

This package is valid for 30 days. Extra top-ups are cheap:

39 TL ($7): 6 GB.

49 TL ($9): 10 GB

For most tourists, 20 GB data is more than enough for their Turkey trip.

The disadvantage of buying a new SIM card is that first off your phone has to be unlocked! Second, you always get a new number, which of course can be annoying.

Tourist SIM card for Turkey

Using your smartphone while traveling in Turkey? Checking roaming costs is better that the UK mobile operators charge for Turkey. Otherwise, you might face an undesired bill caused by heavy roaming data usage abroad.

UK roaming bill

Although roaming charges are reduced within European countries; unfortunately most of the UK operators do not have a specific and reliable data package for Turkey.

Roaming Charges for Everything Everywhere (EE) Users

If you are using EE, there is no difference between Pay-As-You-Go and Pay-Monthly options.

You need to purchase the package called Add On to use the internet abroad which is another additional cost. See the charges for different usage alternatives below:

Data Amount    Duration             Price

40 MB   24 Hours              £4

100 MB 24 Hours              £7

250 MB 7 Days   £20

750 MB 7 Days   £40

Orange Roaming for Turkey

If your operator is Orange, you would pay £8 per MB on a standard tariff. Or you can buy data package alternatives if you are a Pay-Monthly user.

The alternatives are, 20MB data use per day for £3 or 100MB data use per day for £10.

There are no package options for Pay-As-You-Go users and the standard tariff is £8 per MB.

Roaming Charges for T-Mobile Users

T-Mobile users cannot use data roaming without buying a package called “ internet travel booster”. The data amounts, durations, and prices are the same as EE, so you can check the table above.

Remember, there is no difference between Pay-As-You-Go and Pay-Monthly options.

Roaming Charges for O2 Users

O2 recently announced a free Bolt On called “O2 Travel” for pay monthly customers.

You can use unlimited data by activating O2 Travel for £3.99 per day; however, you cannot use your phone’s mobile hotspot feature while roaming.

For pay, as you go, customers, there is no package and standard roaming charges which are £6 per MB applies.

Three Mobile Roaming for Turkey

To sum up, three seems the last operator you would like to use since they do not offer any special package except the standard roaming fee which is £3 per MB.

Although they offer to Feel at Home package, which allows you to use your data abroad with no extra cost, it is available only in Europe and does not cover Turkey. If you are traveling to Turkey, you do not seem to have many options.

Therefore you can also use Tep Wireless, a portable WiFi device that lets you connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet wherever you go for just a couple bucks per day.

Tep Wireless

Also when traveling to Turkey with kids take a look at a Teppy: they offer unlimited data for a couple of dollars per day in more than 100 countries and you can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.

Alldaywifi 4G pocket wifi for Turkey

Instead of using your data roaming, Alldaywifi offers an alternative solution for travelers in Turkey.

You can simply rent a mobile hotspot for only $5 per day with an unlimited data plan. It can be delivered to any hotel in Turkey or at the Ataturk Airport upon your arrival.

Furthermore, if you are traveling within a group or with your family you can save huge amounts of money on your data roaming costs.

Alldaywifi can connect up to 10 people at the same time and it comes with an extra battery to keep you connected all the time during your trip to Turkey.

Book your Alldaywifi now for your upcoming Turkey trip and enjoy unlimited mobile internet wherever you go in Turkey.


Stay connected to the internet all around Istanbul. With this unique service of Rent ‘n Connect, your life in Istanbul will be a lot easier.

This is a little device that you only have to turn on and put in your pocket. That’s it, your wi-fi network is now roaming in Istanbul with you.

Simply connect to it via your mobile device and use Google Maps, Facetime, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and more at all times anywhere in Istanbul, without having to look for wi-fi or worry about expensive roaming charges and quotas.

How to order and activate?

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders get 3 days of free unlimited mobile wi-fi rental and free shipping from Rent ‘n Connect, a total value of €27! You just need to make an online booking with your Istanbul Tourist Pass ID and pay the €0.10 deposit.

Turn On & Connect

Your mobile hotspot kit will be delivered to your desired delivery address or at the airport.

Turn the device on, find the wi-fi network created and connect to it using your wi-fi enabled mobile device. Password information can be found on the back of the device.

Leave at the Hotel Reception or The Airport

Returns are very simple! When your rental period is over, simply leave the kit in the return bag at the reception of your hotel or the airport. We’ll take it from there.

  • First, 3 days and shipping are free with any Istanbul Tourist Pass
  • 1 hotspot provided for every 3 adults in the group
  • Extend rental for €5.99 + VAT (18%) per day per device
  • Connect up to 10 mobile devices at the same time with 1 hotspot
  • Works all over Turkey
  • Complimentary USB travel-charger kit to charge your mobile devices
  • Enjoy unlimited internet connection at 4G (LTE) speed
  • Buy Istanbul Tourist Pass to get free Unlimited Mobile Internet Access (3 days) & more.

Included in the Pass

Avoid paying €27 for the 3 day Mobile Wifi Rental and shipping. Enjoy high-speed internet access all around Turkey with Rent ‘n Connect.

1 hotspot provided for every 3 adults in the group (€0.10 deposit required).

When to use?

Istanbul Tourist Pass holders get their first 3 days of mobile wifi rental and shipping for free from Rent ‘n Connect. Service can also be extended for €5.99 + VAT (18%) per day. Rental must start on a date where the pass will be valid.

Where to use?

This service is accessible throughout Turkey. Deliveries and collections are made within Istanbul and the rest of Turkey to/from your hotel or to/from airports. Please keep in mind that even though we’ll make it as simple as possible for you, it is your responsibility to make sure the device gets back to us.

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