How Much Taxi Cost in Istanbul?

Taxi is a car with taximeter carrying passengers for a fee. It is a commercial vehicle. Taxi fare is a total of 2 fares which are the opening fee and mileage fee.

At the beginning of the service, the number on the taximeter is the opening fee of the taxi and this fee varies according to the city where you use the taxi. The mileage fee on the other hand, is calculated by multiplying the number of kilometers traveled by the price per kilometer. The total cost of the taxi, ie the taxi fare is calculated by adding these two numbers together. This result is also mentioned as taximeter fee.

The summation of the Istanbul taximeter opening fee and the Istanbul taximeter mileage fee determined by the chamber of taxi drivers will give you the taxi fare. Taximeter opening fee in Istanbul is $ 0,75. Taximeter kilometer cost is $ 0,50. So if you know the distance you will travel in kilometers, you can multiply it by 0,50 and add 0,75 to calculate your taxi fare.

Let me give you an example. Let’s assume you want to go from Beşiktaş to Kadıköy in Istanbul by taxi. The distance between these two districts is approximately 14 km. Now if we write our formula, it will be like this: (14 x 0,50) + 0,75. The result of it will be 39. Hence you will pay $ 7,75 to go Kadıköy from Beşiktaş by taxi (and of course additional fees like bridge tolls etc.).

How Much Do Taxis Cost: Working Principles of Taximeters

Under this heading I will explain how the taximeters work. Especially when you go to a city or place where you are foreigner, you can get over the suspicion of falling for a scam with the help of this information.

As everyone knows, taximeters are instruments that measure time and distance. They then convert this data into the currency to which the fare is paid. The fares paid in taxis may vary regionally. So you can pay less or more money in another region by traveling the same distance.

The fare to be paid when using a taxi may vary depending on how many people are in the taxi, the driver’s request to carry your baggage, and the use of roll roads. As mentioned earlier, traveling the same distance may not always correspond to the same fee due to the traffic density or some different reasons.

While measuring the distance and the time, taximeters use electric current. While measuring the distance traveled, the sensors connected to the car’s transmission system are used. These sensors send electrical signals per distance unit predetermined during travel. When the taxi is traveling, a set timer is also running. The timer transmits an electrical signal at the specified time intervals.

To explain the situation, for example, if a taximeter adds a fee per 90 meters but the signals come to the taximeter every 0.9 meters, it means the taximeter reflects the fee when it reaches 100 signals. Let me give you an example from New York City. The opening fee of the taximeter is $ 2.5. In addition to this, 40 cent is added to the fee per 300 meters. Besides these, 40 cents are added per minute when the car does not move. However, due to the traffic conditions in the world, the calculations cannot be performed so simply. In every large city, the fee is calculated by stop-and-go method.

The fare tariff for each city may vary. However, for city taxis in general, you can see the route pricing in the vehicle. For this reason, it is easily learned how much fare will be paid. However, unfortunately, if you have a bad taxi driver, you may not be able to benefit from learning the price you will pay in advance.

Things to Consider When Taking a Taxi in Istanbul

You can use taxis when public transport is insufficient. If you choose to take a taxi in Istanbul, you should take a look at our recommendations below.

Before you take a taxi, you can do a little research about the route you are going to take and how many kilometers it will take on average, as well as how much it will cost from taxi stations or taxi fare calculating sites.

With navigation from your smartphone you can specify the route and give the necessary routing to the cab. Or you can calculate the fare for your route from smartphone applications.

The most important issue you should pay attention to when you pay for a taxi is the scam that the taxi driver change your 50 TL banknot with a 5 TL banknote. This scam can be done not only with 50 Tl but also with other banknotes, so you should be careful. To avoid this, make sure you have some change before taking a taxi. Or go to a business nearby to cash your money.

Always make sure to use the taximeter. Some taxi drivers can give you a fixed price suggestion for the route you are going to take and may enter into negotiations, telling you that traffic is heavy and if you use the taximeter the price will increase. Never accept that. Those who want to swindle you will demand a much more money than the fee you will pay when the taximeter works. Therefore, warn drivers about opening the taximeter. If the taximeter is not working or is corrupt, take another taxi or tell the driver to stand by the first police vehicle you see and inform against the driver.

Be careful about taxi selection. Make sure the license plate is written in the car’s doors and on the roof. You should also prefer taking a taxi from the taxi stands, airports or hotels. These are legal and registered taxis, and you have someone to contact if there is a problem. If you know where the taxi stand is located, it will be easy to contact the authorized person in any situation.

Take a note of the license plate and the name of the stand, or take a picture and record it with your phone.

Let the driver know the attitude and behavior you are uncomfortable with. Express the situations like he should slow down if he is going too fast, turn the volume down if it is too loud, or roll down the window if it is fuggy inside, clearly.

“Bitaksi” application developed for smart phones. This application also has an English-language version. All you have to do is download this application to your smartphone and register. You can call a taxi through the application by seeing the taxis in your neighborhood. Even the information of the taxi and the taxi driver are stored in this system. With this application you can make your journey more secure.

Tipping taxi drivers is not a tradition in Turkey. It’s up to you to do it. You can tip small amounts, especially if they help you when placing your bags.

If you do not speak Turkish, you will have difficulty describing your destination to the taxi driver. Because most taxi drivers in Istanbul do not speak English. Therefore, it is useful to write your address on a piece of paper.

If the taxi driver is having trouble with the address of your destination, call the people you know and ask them to tell the taxi driver about the address.

In addition to the taxi fare in Istanbul, there are some additional fees to pay. These might be bridge, motorway and bus terminal entrance fees. They are added to your taxi fare, do not be surprised.

Until a few years ago taxi fares were charged day and night, but this difference is no longer valid. The opening fee for the taximeter in Istanbul is $ 0,75 and a fee of $ 0,50 per kilometer will be reflected to your fare.

And finally, use the departing passenger gates, not the arriving passenger gates at airports. By this way, you won’t have to wait in line.

What Is BiTaksi

BiTaksi is a smartphone application that draws the passengers looking for taxis and taxis looking for passengers together. Beyond being an application, it is one of the best inventions for metropolitan people.

By using BiTaksi, you can call a taxi to the location where you are with one button. You can see the name of the driver, his score and the license plate of the taxi on the screen and watch his arrival on the map.

You can pay by cash or by credit card. At the end of the journey you can give the driver a rating and write a comment about the trip. Moreover, hearing and visually impaired passengers can also use it easily.

Features of BiTaksi

BiTaxi finds and directs the nearest taxi to you. You’ll see the driver’s name, picture, score, the taxi license plate and the number of minutes in which taxi will show up. You can see the arrival of the taxi on the map. You can also pay by credit card and BKM Express.

At the end of the journey, you can give the driver a rating, write a comment about your journey! If you want to travel with top quality drivers, you can easily use this taxi application. If you can’t find a taxi from the stand or on the road, and if you don’t want to drive in the traffic, or wait for busses, try BiTaksi.

Advantages of BiTaksi

• No change problem

It very easy to pay by credit card! Don’t deal with the coins, don’t search ATMs street by street.

• Your journey is recorded

Did you forget something in the taxi? Don’t worry, travels are recorded.

• You can calculate fees

You can calculate how much to pay to the destination from the fare calculation menu.

• You can share the route

During your journey you can share your location with your family and friends. In this way, they can follow the journey on the map.

Live the convenience of technology in transportation.

Added Features of BiTaksi Application With The New Update

BiTaksi users can now choose the destination before or during the journey and do not have to describe the adress they want to go. With the add-on button on the home screen, users can view their destinations and their favorite addresses, and select a destination with one click. The driver who matches the BiTaksi passenger can see his/her destination only at the moment the journey begins.


Uber is a smartphone application. Once installed on the phone, users will be able to locate, find, call, determine the price and route of the transportation vehicle to accompany them to their destination. The user can have the options of going by taxi, luxury vehicle, boat or any other vehicle.

No need to describe where to go to the driver as it is written in the system at the first place. Uber transportation service provides the opportunity to pay by credit card, thus eliminating the obligation to have cash. Uber, which brings together vehicle seekers and vehicle owners, serves in 315 countries in the world together with Istanbul.

To use Uber, you need to be a member of the service first. You can also enroll from or Android or iPhone. Then, when you need a vehicle, you choose the location you want to be picked up over the application. When you request a vehicle according to your location, a driver assumes your request.

Airport Taxi Fares in Istanbul

I made an estimated price list through taxi fare calculation tools and other taxi calling applications for the new (3.) airport in Istanbul. Some central districts of Istanbul are listed. Prices will vary according to neighborhood and street you want to go.

Fee inquiry was made on 1 December 2018 and the taximeter prices may vary according to the time spent in traffic and the route used. Prices do not include motorway and bridge fees. Don’t forget, these taxi fares are estimated.

Arnavutköy 10 KM $ 6 8 MIN
Ataşehir 55 KM $ 30 1 HOUR
Avcılar 50 KM $ 25 45 MIN
Bağcılar 38 KM $ 20 40 MIN
Bahçelievler 40 KM $ 21 37 MIN
Bakırköy 49 KM $ 25 50 MIN
Başakşehir 32 KM $ 17 25 MIN
Bayrampaşa 42 KM $ 22 31 MIN
Beşiktaş 42 KM $ 25 40 MIN
Beylikdüzü 53 KM $ 28 42 MIN
Beyoğlu 38 KM $ 20 30 MIN
Büyükçekmece 58 KM $ 31 45 MIN
Beykoz 50 KM $ 28 40 MIN
Çatalca 37 KM $ 20 40 MIN
Çekmeköy 53 KM $ 29 45 MIN
Esenler 37 KM $ 20 30 MIN
Esenyurt 45 KM $ 24 40 MIN
Eyüp 38 KM $ 20 35 MIN
Fatih 43 KM $ 23 35 MIN
Gaziosmanpaşa 36 KM $ 19 35 MIN
Güngören 43 KM $ 24 35 MIN
Kadıköy 48 KM $ 26 1 HOUR
Kağıthane 34 KM $ 18.50 32 MIN
Kartal 70 KM $ 35 1 HOUR
Küçükçekmece 45 KM $ 24 40 MIN
Maltepe 62 KM $ 33 50 MIN
Pendik 73 KM $ 38,50 1 HOUR
Sancaktepe 64 KM $ 35 1 HOUR
Sarıyer 43 KM $ 24 40 MIN
Silivri 90 KM $ 46 1 HOUR
Sultanbeyli 66 KM $ 35 1 HOUR
Sultangazi 30 KM $ 16,50 30 MIN
Şile 93 KM $ 49,50 1 HOUR 10 MIN
Şişli 38 KM $ 20 40 MIN
Tuzla 83 KM $ 44 1 HOUR 10 MIN
Üsküdar 45 KM $ 24 45 MIN
Ümraniye 52 KM $ 28 40 MIN
Zeytinburnu 43 KM $ 24 40 MIN
Taksim 40 KM $ 22 40 MIN
Eminönü 41 KM $ 22 40 MIN
Bostancı 57 KM $ 31 45 MIN
Şirinevler – Ataköy 41 KM $ 22 35 MIN
Maslak – Ayazağa 37 KM $ 20 30 MIN
Mecidiyeköy 40 KM $ 22 40 MIN
Altunizade 47 KM $ 25,50 45 MIN
Nişantaşı 39 KM $ 21 40 MIN
Bebek 40 KM $ 21 40 MIN
Levent – 4. Levent 36 KM $ 20 30 MIN
Yeşilköy/Atatürk Havalimanı 40 KM $ 21 35 MIN
Zekeriyaköy 33 KM $ 18 30 MIN
Etiler 38 KM $ 21 35 MIN
Caddebostan 58 KM $ 31 50 MIN

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