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Istanbul Hotels Near Taksim

Taksim Square is always a vibrant nightlife, shopping, and restaurant district. Nostalgic trams run along Istiklal Street and it is closed to vehicle traffic. The 19th-century buildings lining this street are home to stores, cinemas, and cafes. The narrow streets also have antique stores and great restaurants with amazing Bosphorus views. In the center of the square, there is the Monument of Republic. The square is located in Beyoğlu. It is the heart of Istanbul. It is where every journey begins in this enormous city. This importance makes Taksim Square the best place to stay. So most of the tourists are tend to find a hotel in this area. And in this post, we will be talking about the best hotels to stay for tourists near Taksim.

There are very well-known national and international hotels near Taksim like Pera Palace Hotel, InterContinental, CVK Hotels & Resorts, and Divan Istanbul Hotel. They are the most chosen ones and actually the most luxurious ones. But if you want to stay in a more affordable place there are lots of choices like Luna Suites, Central Suites, Utarit Hotel, and Taksim Galatist Hotel. These are a little bit less-known, and mostly national hotels. Still, the services and the facilities are just as amazing as the famous five-star hotels. Of course, there are many more hotels in Istanbul. However, we have taken into account that the hotels are close to Taksim and that the distance to Taksim is between 0.1 and 1 kilometer. When planning your trip to Istanbul, it is important that your hotel is close to Taksim Square. Because of its central location, your access to airports, public transportation vehicles, museums, shopping centers, and entertainment venues will be easier and hassle-free. So let’s start to see the best 20 hotels near Taksim.

  1. Divan Istanbul Hotel

The hotel is located just behind Taksim square and very close to the metro station and Istiklal street, through which one can easily access the Galata district and other transportation vehicles. Even if the location is the best part of this hotel, the staff is also great, very friendly, and helpful. The rooms are very clean and the food quality is excellent. Its classic interior design makes the hotel look more fabulous. And the average price per night is 1554 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 150 Euros and 170 US dollars.

The Address: Asker Ocagi St. No.1, Elmadag, Sisli, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey, 34367

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  1. Taksim Metropark Hotel

Again, its location is very good. It is near Istiklal Street. You just need to walk 80 meters to the public transportation. Taksim Metro Station is just 100 meters away. There are very knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Fast service and free access to Wi-Fi are just other great things in Taksim Metropark Hotel. And the average price per night is just 580 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 55 Euros and 65 US dollars.

The Address: Osmanli Avenue,4, Taksim, Beyoglu, Istanbul, Turkey, 34000

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  1. Ayramin Hotel Taksim

Located a minute’s walk from the shops and restaurants of the lively Istiklal Street, this elegant hotel overlooks the Marmara Sea and is a 9-minute walk from the Taksim metro station. And the average price per night is just 555 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 50 Euros and 60 US dollars.

The Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi, Anadolu Sk. No:4, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Pera Palace Hotel

If you want to travel through time while you are staying, this is the best place for you to choose. Its orientalist classic interior design makes it even beautiful and luxurious. Pera Palace Hotel is Turkey’s first hotel by European standards. The hotel, which was opened with a private ball in 1895, was one of the most magnificent buildings in Istanbul. The first building to have the first electric elevator and hot water except the royal palaces was the Pera Palace Hotel. This is now a five-star hotel. The gym center, swimming pool, spa, and restaurants inside the hotel are the best advantages. The service and the location are great. Pets are also accepted. And the average price per night is 1600 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 155 Euros and 180 US dollars.

The Address: Evliya Çelebi, Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Tepebaşı Cd. No:52, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. InterContinental Istanbul

This is a five-star luxury resort with world-class dining, spa, Bosphorus views, and elegant rooms and suites. Located in a lively area, this hotel is a 7-minute-walk away from the Taksim metro stop and an 11-minute-walk away from Istiklal Street’s shopping and nightlife venues. The spas, swimming pools, and gym centers are great, too. Everything is clean and fresh. And the average price per night is 1450 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 140 Euros and 165 US dollars. And the average price per night is 675 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 65 Euros and 75 US dollars.

The Address: Gümüşsuyu, Asker Ocağı Cd. No. 1, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Taksim Galatist Hotel

With a very clean, fresh, and modern interior design, Taksim Galatist Hotel is a great place to stay. There are televisions, minibars, access to free Wi-Fi, and room service for every room. The staff is very professional and friendly. And the average price per night is just 460 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 45 Euros and 55 US dollars.

The Address: Şehit Muhtar, Bekar Sk. No:19, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Dnz Thetaxımx Hotel

This is where black, gold, and white colors match perfectly. The art nouveau style makes this hotel look more luxurious and beautiful. It is very hygienic and reliable. The hotel is located 100 meters from Taksim Square. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable. And the average price per night is 685 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 65 Euros and 75 US dollars.

The Address: Kocatepe, Marmara Region, Feridiye Cd. No:48, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

  1. Ardilas Residence

Ardilas Residence is a very reliable, clean, peaceful, and close to the square hotel where you can stay in Taksim. There are free Wi-Fi and laundry service just across the rooms. The staff is very helpful and friendly. It has a very magnificent modern interior design that matches really well with the classic outdoor design. And the average price per night is 680 Turkish Liras, which is nearly equal to 65 Euros and 75 US dollars.

The Address: Şehit Muhtar, Bekar Sk. No:19, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Moon Blue Suites

This is a new fresh hotel. Even if it is not that old and experienced, do not hesitate to choose this destination to stay. It is very clean and very affordable. The service and the staff are just great. And there are massage, sauna, and spa choices, too. The spoken languages are English, Arabic, and Russian. And the average price per night is 520 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 60 Euros and 70 US dollars.

The Address: Şehit Muhtar, Marmara Region, Şehit Muhtar Mahallesi Feridiye Caddesi, Farabi Sk. No:5, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Punto Suite

Punto Suite is a very family-friendly, cozy, and fresh hotel to stay. There is no doubt about maximum security, comfort, and arrangement. The staff is very professional and sympathetic. Everything makes you feel safe and happy. It is like a second home. And the average price per night is 680 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 66 Euros and 76 US dollars.

The Address: Kocatepe, Feridiye Cd. No:41, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. La Serena Hotel & Suites

La Serena Hotel & Suites is a very cute and family-friendly place in Taksim square. The style used in the rooms is very beautiful. Everything is soo clean and new. The beds and rooms are very comfortable The staff is very kind and caring. And the average price per night is 615 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 60 Euros and 70 US dollars.

The Address: Kocatepe, Çaylak sk. No:26 Taksim, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Luna Suites Taksim

It is a very nice hotel in terms of location and price. It is safe and family-friendly. You can easily feel like you are at your own home in this cute and cozy place. There is free Wi-Fi. The customer services are great. The staff is very attentive and friendly. And the average price per night is just 360 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 35 Euros and 45 US dollars.

The Address: Kocatepe, Çaylak Sk. No:2, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Mukarnas Taksim Hotel

Mukarnas Taksim Hotel is a three-star hotel that offers great choices to its guests. It is a very comfortable hotel with a gym, jacuzzi, sauna, and free breakfast. It is a 20-minute walk from Galata Tower, a 1-minute walk from Istiklal Street, where is full of shops and entertainment venues, and a 6-minute walk from Taksim metro station. And the average price per night is 600 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 55 Euros and 65 US dollars.

The Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi, 6, İpek Sk., 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Sentire

Sentire is a five-star hotel that has stylish apartments with kitchens in a luxury aparthotel with a gym and free WiFi. It is a 2-minute walk from the shops on Istiklal Street and a 4-minute walk from Taksim Metro Station. This is a very clean, safe, and reliable place to stay. And the average price per night is 800 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 80 Euros and 90 US dollars.

The Address: Şehit Muhtar, No:, Mis Sk. No:1, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. CVK Hotels & Resorts

Located in the best location in Taksim, the center of Istanbul, with a Bosphorus view and five-star, the luxurious CVK Hotels & Resorts is just 2 minutes away from the Taksim metro station. It is very fresh, modern and chick. If you need good refreshment, with gorgeous restaurants, spas, and swimming pools, this is one of the best places to stay. And the average price per night is 2400 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 230 Euros and 270 US dollars.

The Address: Cihangir, Sıraselviler Cd. Taner Palas No:6, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Long Stay Istanbul

The structure, which was built in the early 1900s in Istanbul’s historical district, was rebuilt by professionals and given its final shape in 2018. You can feel the old times and the modern times at the same time. Long Stay is a three-star hotel that has spas and clean rooms. It is very reliable and comfortable. The modern interior design makes you feel cozy. The staff is very kind and hardworking. Taksim Square is just 3 minutes away by walking. And the average price per night is 500 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 50 Euros and 60 US dollars.

The Address: Şehit Muhtar, Turan Cd. No:26, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

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  1. Central Suites

Central Suites is a very clean, cozy, and safe place to stay. As you can understand from its name, it is at the center of Istanbul. It is near to public transportation and tourist places. The staff and the owner are very helpful and friendly. The rooms are very good. It is one of the most family-friendly hotels in Taksim. And the average price per night is 230 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 20 Euros and 30 US dollars.

The Address: Kocatepe, Marmara Region, Kocatepe Mahallesi Feridiye Caddesi, Aşıklar Sk. No:3, 34437 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

  1. Utarit Hotel

If 5 minutes walking distance to HAVABUS station, 2 minutes walking distance to Taksim square, and 1-minute walking distance to Istiklal Street are what you are looking for, then this is the best place for you. At a very affordable price, you can get very good customer service. The hotel is cute, decent, and peaceful. And the average price per night is just 380 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 35 Euros and 45 US dollars.

The Address: Şehit Muhtar Mahallesi Utarit Sokak No :6, 34435 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Visit the Website:

  1. CZN Burak Hotel

Exceptional dining, free breakfast, bar, free Wi-Fi, room service, and great location are what this hotel offers its visitors. The only disadvantage could be that the parking is paid for. Located among the shops and restaurants of the lively Taksim Square area, this cozy hotel is 2 km from both the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art and the ostentatious 19th-century Dolmabahçe Palace. It is a 3-minute walk from Taksim Metro Station. And the average price per night is 1000 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 95 Euros and 110 US dollars.

The Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi, Meşelik Sk. No: 10, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Visit the Website:

  1. LUXIR Hotel Taksim

Another very good hotel in terms of access to events, restaurants, public transport, and the airport is the LUXIR Hotel. There are also very good opportunities like free access to Wi-Fi, modern interior design, and free breakfast. Only 9% of similar hotels nearby offer free breakfast. The spoken languages in the hotel are English, French, and Arabic. And the average price per night is just 445 Turkish liras, which is nearly equal to 45 Euros and 50 US dollars. 

The Address: Katip Mustafa Çelebi, Büyük Parmakkapı Sk. No:13, 34433, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Final Words

When planning your trip to Istanbul, “Where to stay?” is the most important question to be answered. And most tourists tend to find a place near Taksim. Because this square is the heart of Istanbul. And it is near to every important place like the best malls, museums, transportation, and restaurants. In this post, we tried to share the best hotels to stay near Taksim with you. We did compile 20 secure, notable, and decent hotels, suits, and resorts. And now it is time to choose the most suitable one for your next visit to Istanbul. 

Istanbul Taksim To SAW Airport

Sabiha Gökçen Airport, in short SAW, is located in Kurtköy connected with the Pendik district of Istanbul. Sabiha Gökçen Airport which is the second airport in Istanbul the airport took its name from Sabiha Gökçen, the first female fighter pilot in the world and also the first female pilot in Turkey. The foundation of Sabiha Gökçen, a former airport, was laid in 1998 and completed in 2001. Sabiha Gökçen Airport, located on the Anatolian side, has become distanced, especially for those who live on the European side of Istanbul. For tourists, if they are going to reside on the Anatolian side, using Sabiha Gökçen Airport will make their work easier. However, there are many ways to get to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. In this article, we will explain how to get from Taksim to Sabiha Gökçen Airport.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Taksim are approximately 50 km away from each other. And with many options such as IETT, HAVABUS buses, taxis, private vehicles, and airport transfers, you can reach Sabiha Gökçen Airport from many districts of Istanbul, especially Taksim. The distances between the other districts of Istanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airport are as follows: There is 40 km distance with Kadıköy, 12 km with Pendik, 67 km with Avcılar, 54 km with Bakırköy, 44 km with Beşiktaş, 45 km with Eminönü, 85 km with Istanbul New Airport, 11 km with Kartal, 35 km with Kavacık, 45 km with Levent, 22 km with Maltepe, 48 km with Maslak, 46 km with Sultanahmet, 8 km with Tuzla, and 36 km with Üsküdar. We would like to remind you that your journey time will be shortened and extended depending on the traffic situation on the road.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport, which is in a difficult location as transportation, continues to serve thousands of people by removing planes from domestic and international locations every day. Sabiha Gökçen is a preferred airport for many people, although transportation is difficult. The reason for this is that there are more suitable airline tickets. Especially domestic air ticket prices are more suitable than other airports. Even in the off-season, prices fall a lot. Depending on the price you choose, aircraft companies are going to show alteration. Furthermore, many ways to go to Taksim from Sabiha Gökçen Airport:

How To Go To SAW From Taksim


If you are wondering what is the most practical way to get to the SAW Airport, we can tell you about the HAVABUS buses. If you want to go both at an affordable price and sitting, the most suitable option for you will be these buses which leave from in front of the airport. HAVABUS has 3 lines. These are: Kadıköy, Yenisahra, and Taksim. It will take 45 minutes to go to Yenisahra on a traffic-free road with these buses, 1 hour to go to Kadıköy, and 1 and a half hours to go to Taksim.

Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Taksim Havabus Line;

Bus services between Taksim and SAW start at 3:30 in the morning and continue until 10:00 in the evening. The first bus from Taksim will leave at 3:30 in the morning, while buses will continue to move from the stop every half hour until 10:00 in the evening.

The first bus from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Taksim leaves at 6:30 a.m, and the last bus leaves at 00:30 p.m. During the day, buses again serve every half an hour. The bus departure point for those going from Taksim to Sabiha Gökçen Airport is Abdulhak Hamit Street. The journey will take approximately 1 and a half hours, but this time will vary depending on the traffic density. HAVABUS ticket price is 3,24 dollars per person.

Route that passengers will pass on their way: Taksim- Beşiktaş- Boğaziçi Köprüsü- Tem Bağlantı Yolu- Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Route that passengers will pass on their return: Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Kavacık- FSM Bridge- 1. Levent- Zincirlikuyu Metrobus- Dolapdere- Taksim

Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Kadıköy Havabus Line;

For those who want to go from Kadıköy to Sabiha Gökçen Airport or in the opposite direction, the journey will take at least 1 hour, even if it varies depending on the traffic situation. The ticket price for this one-hour trip is 2,42 dollars per person. You can board HAVABUS buses from Kadıköy Pier IETT bus stops.

The first bus from Kadıköy to the airport leaves at 4:15 a.m, and the last bus leaves at 9:15 p.m. Buses run every half hour during the day.

The first bus from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Kadıköy leaves at 6:30 a.m and the last bus leaves at 00:30 p.m. And again, it is possible to get on these buses every half an hour.

Route that passengers will pass on their way: Kadıköy- Yenisahra- Tem Bağlantı Road- Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Route that passengers will pass on their return: Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Tem Bağlantı Road- Yenisahra- Kadıköy

Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Yenisahra Havabus Line;

Buses departing from Kadıköy stop at Yenisahra and then go to SAW Airport. For this reason, bus times coming to Yenisahra are going to change depending on the traffic density. But the hours that the bus should be at this stop are as follows: the first bus arrives at the stop at 4:30 a.m, and the last bus leaves the stop at 9:30 p.m. During the day, HAVABUS comes to the stop every half hour. HAVABUS departure point is Yenisahra Metro. The bus departs from Yenisahra and arrives at Sabiha Gökçen Airport in about 45 minutes. The ticket price per person is 2,42 dollars.

Route that passengers will pass on their way: Yenisahra- Tem Bağlantı Road- Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Route that passengers will pass on their return: Sabiha Gökçen Airport- Tem Bağlantı Road- Yenisahra

P.S.1: You can reach current HAVABUS buses times from this link: HAVABÜS (

Book Your Istanbul Airport Transfer


How do you get to Sabiha Gökçen Airport by municipal buses? Municipal buses are the most affordable vehicles to get to the airport. If you choose municipal buses as public transport to go to Sabiha Gökçen Airport, there are 10 bus lines to the airport for you. With these 10 bus lines, your transportation to the airport is now so easy.

You can able to use the bus line SG2 to get from Taksim to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. This line has 2 color buses. They are red and black. The only black ones are IETT buses. So it belongs to the municipality. These buses depart from Sabiha Gökçen Airport based on passenger density. The journey time is 112.5 minutes.

  • 10 Bus lines that you are able to use to get to Sabiha Gökçen Airport:

E-3 Bus Line- 4. Levent Metro/ Sabiha Gökçen

E-9 Bus Line- Bostancı/ Sabiha Gökçen

E-10 Bus Line- Kadıköy/ Kurtköy/ Sabiha Gökçen

E-11 Bus Line- Sabiha Gökçen/ Kadıköy

16S Bus Line- Sabiha Gökçen/ Uzunçayır Metrobus

SG1 Bus Line- Kadıköy/ Sabiha Gökçen

SG2 Bus Line- Taksim/ Sabiha Gökçen

122H Bus Line- Sabiha Gökçen/ Yenişehir/ 4. Levent Metro

132H Bus Line- Pendik/ Sabiha Gökçen

131C Bus Line- Sabiha Gökçen/ Sultanbeyli/ Ümraniye

Even if getting to SAW Airport by bus is less comfortable than other transport routes, it is much cheaper than other transport routes. To get on municipal buses, you must either use an Istanbul card which is called an “akbil” or you must buy an electronic ticket if you are a tourist. As of 2021, the single-pass price for adults in Istanbul is $ 0,47 and the single-pass price for students is $ 0,23. If you are someone who does go and come very often and stays for a long time, it makes more sense to take a monthly card. The monthly card price for adults is $ 37,32. The student monthly card is $ 6,79. If you are a tourist and will only take the bus to go to the airport or to travel, there are also electronic tickets for you. So, this is an affordable price from Taksim to Saw Airport. Prices change by the number of passes:

Single ticket- $ 0,94            

Two pass ticket- $ 1,53              

Three pass ticket- $ 2,00                  

Five pass ticket- $ 3,07                           

Ten pass ticket- $ 5,43                                        

P.S.2: You can check current bus prices from this link: İETT Toplu Ulaşım Ücret Tarifesi (


Taxis have always been a more expensive option for transportation. You can both sit comfortably and not be in a crowd like on public transport. Especially if we assume that you have suitcases on the way to the airport, using HAVABUS buses or taxis rather than municipal buses re going to make you more comfortable. Well, this situation is valid in case if you don’t have a private car. However, to get from Taksim, on the European side of Istanbul, to Sabiha Gökçen Airport which is located on the Anatolian side, you have to go about 50 km. In addition, in case of traffic, your waiting time on the road is going to increase, and since the taximeter continues to work during that time, the price you will pay is going to change depending on your waiting time. On average, the taxi fare from Taksim to SAW Airport will be around $ 20,07.


Another way to go or return to the airport is airport transfers. Many different companies offer services at varying prices. You can adjust these vehicles, which you could choose its capacity according to your request, before landing at the airport. As long as you tell them about the time of your plane’s landing, even if your flight is delayed, you know that someone will meet you at the airport, and you will not encounter any surprises. Due to you rent these vehicles from the company, which are one click more expensive than taxis, you travel reliably, comfortably, and smoothly. Another difference from taxis is the fact that the price you are going to pay is obvious from the beginning. As in taxis, there is no change in the price you will pay depending on your waiting time in traffic, and maybe that’s why it may even be cheaper than a taxi. Such airport transfer services usually include many services such as free baby seats, water, luggage assistance. For this, we can say mostly, yet we recommend that you contact with the company which you will make a deal with and make sure that they have these services or not. If you have arranged such a vehicle, someone will be waiting for you at the exit after receiving your luggage with a paper in their hand with your name on it. And then they will take you right in front of your destination and drop you off. When you use airport services or public transport, the situation can be challenging if you are a crowded group, family with children, or have many items of baggage. In addition, you will have the opportunity to divide the price, as you can choose the car that you will rent based on the number of people. This, in turn, will allow crowded groups to travel both at an affordable price and comfortably.

  • Average Price Forecast For Airport Transfers

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Taksim-Beyoglu-Galata (or opposite direction), the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 4 passengers is $ 59,07, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 8 passengers is $ 70,89, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 13 passengers is $ 82,70.

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Yeşilköy- Bakırköy- Ataköy (or opposite direction), the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 4 passengers is $ 82,70, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 8 passengers is $ 94,52, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 13 passengers is $ 118,15.

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Sultanahmet- Laleli- Sirkeci (or opposite direction), the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 4 passengers is $ 59,07, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 8 passengers is $ 70,89, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 13 passengers is $ 82,70.

From Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Kadıköy- Üsküdar- Beykoz (or opposite direction), the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 4 passengers is $ 47,26, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 8 passengers is $ 59,07, the price of a one-way vehicle with a capacity of 13 passengers is $ 70,89.

P.S.3: These prices will show alteration depending on the company you choose.

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Istanbul or Athens: Which Historical City to Visit?

Istanbul and Athens… Two mesmerizing and beautiful cities that are full of history. There are a lot of things that make you want to visit those places. While Istanbul is a great metropolis with amazing people, restaurants, and museums, Athens is the oldest city in Europe with great foods and open-air museums. They actually look a little bit similar in the sense of their culture, weather, and geopolitical and historical importance. But, after reading this post, you will be able to see that they are totally different cities, and I assure you that you will be fascinated by the beauty and impact of both Istanbul and Athens. And in this post, I will be talking about those great cities and will compare them in the sense of culture, people, currency, security, what to eat, where to go, what to do, festivals, weather, and transportation. And here is our guide.


Istanbul is a great cosmopolitan metropolis of Turkey. It is among the most populated cities in the world. Nearly 20 million people are living there. And you can imagine that during holidays with the tourists that visit this beautiful city, it becomes more crowded. With nearly 13 million tourists, Istanbul was ranked as the world’s eighth most visited city in 2019.

If the earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Istanbul was the capital of the Ottoman Empire which dominated the city for more than 600 years, and before that, it was the capital of the big Byzantine Empire. This historical importance made this amazing city the center of religion. When you walk down the streets of Istanbul, you may easily see a church near a mosque. The most well-known religious places are:

  • Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque
  • Blue Mosque
  • Süleymaniye Mosque
  • Rüstem Paşa Mosque
  • Chora Mosque
  • Church of the Holy Trinity (Hagia Triada)
  • Saint Antoine (St. Anthony of Padua) Catholic Church
  • The Fener Greek Patriarchate & St. George Church
  • Neve Shalom Synagogue
  • Ahrida Synagogue

Every house, every tile, every bridge, and even every tree has a history and has something remarkable. You will never be able to hide your astonishment when you realize this. We can undoubtedly say that Istanbul is redolent with history. So if you are into history and love to learn more about humanity and religion, you should definitely visit Istanbul. If you have a historical tour in this city, two or three days never be enough. You will need at least one or two weeks. Try to visit all the museums and all the palaces. Start your palace tour by visiting Topkapı Palace, and then see Dolmabahçe Palace, and if you are lucky enough don’t forget to visit Yıldız Palace (I said ‘lucky enough’, because it has been restored and closed to visitors). You will be able to see the different architectural styles of those palaces. You will be amazed by the simplicity and pureness of Topkapı and adore the excellency of Dolmabahçe’s baroque style. A palace tour is a little bit expensive, but you should definitely see them all. 

After talking about palaces, we shouldn’t forget to talk about the cuisine. The Ottoman palace has a remarkable effect on the foods of Istanbul. There are a lot of delicious foods to try in this city. You may choose to relax by sitting on a bench and eating a simit and drinking tea by the seaside. Or you can try some fancy foods like lüfer, lahmacun, içli köfte, kuzu tandır, iskender kebap. Besides them, don’t forget the famous Turkish breakfast. It contains everything you can imagine of. You most probably won’t be able to eat them all. And try to drink some dibek coffee or Turkish coffee. The best desserts I can suggest are baklava, revani, and şekerpare.

Another fact that I love so much about Istanbul is that the cats are very friendly. That’s totally true. I heard it before going to Istanbul. But I didn’t believe it, and I said, “I think they will just run away from me like the other cats.” So I was very impressed when I was just sitting on a bench in Fatih and two cats came and sat near to me. So three of us just sat there for an hour. You can see this type of scene everywhere in Istanbul. They are very lively and friendly.


Athens is the oldest city in Europe. Its name comes from the mythology character Athena who is the goddess of wisdom, civilization, war, handicraft, and practical reason. It is also the hometown of democracy. And now Athens is the capital of Greece, and nearly 3 million people are living there.

Athens, the eye of Greece, mother of arts, and eloquence…

John Milton

If you love history a lot, then Athens is the other city that you should definitely visit. Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheion, Areopagus, and more are there to astonish you. You will be able to see ancient Greek architecture, and while you are walking on these historical roads, you will remember the myths. You will remember and commemorate gods and goddesses like Zeus, Hera, Hephaestus, Dionysus, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes. You can visit the temples (Temple of Hephaestus, Athena Nike, Olympian Zeus, and so on), open-air museums, and archeological museums (Acropolis Museum, National Archaeological Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art, Museum of the Ancient Agora, Byzantine and Christian Museum, and so on) in Athens. This tour can be finished in a week. But don’t forget to get your hat or umbrella to protect yourself. Because those open-air museum areas are very hot, especially during the summer days.

Besides the historical tour, if you want to just relax with your family or your friends, you should definitely pay a visit to Plaka or National Garden. Plaka is a small district that you can find a lot of shopping areas and buy some souvenirs for your friends in your hometown, or there are good restaurants that you can taste the best meze, souvlaki, Greek salad, moussaka, fish soup, and lamb chops. But the best thing I love so much about Plaka is the beautiful and colorful flowers that you can see in summer. They smell so amazing and the whole area is full of this colorful and lively spirit. While in National Garden, a very green land will welcome you. This is the best place to forget all your worries. There are ducks and turtles to meet, and also a small zoo to visit. In my opinion, this is the most family-friendly place in Athens.

What I love so much about Athens is that you can see any historic thing anywhere and any time. They just welcome you all of a sudden. This could be a small monument or a long column. That means that every road you walk has a history, and you travel through the time and find yourself in ancient times.

Istanbul or Athens

After this short introduction to these two cities, we need to ask which city to visit. This is actually a very hard question. Because both cities have something really mesmerizing to see. So in this part, we need to compare them in every aspect.  


Istanbul is among the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. While Muslims make up the majority of the population, the city is a melting pot of ethnicities, origins, and, of course, cultures. Its population is made up of Turks, Jews, Greeks, and Armenians. It is a city where one can really immerse oneself in both Middle Eastern and Western cultures. Its bridges in Bosphorus also symbolize an abstract bridge between Asian and European traditions. Athens, on the other hand, does not have that mixed culture. Of course, it has a very rich culture, but the ethnicity is not that mixed. So that is why Athens is not a cosmopolitan city. Still, you can find a lot of spectacular traditions that continue living from ancient times to today. They still praise the Greek gods and goddesses, and they celebrate some traditional festivals (but we will talk about them later). You can find traces of Paganism and Christianity in Athens.


It is generally important to know which money currency they use before traveling to a new country. In comparison to many major cities across the world especially in Europe, Istanbul may be considered a low-cost city to travel to for tourists. On the other hand, compared to other Turkish cities, Istanbul has a high cost of living. Istanbul’s official currency is the Turkish lira. Credit cards are generally accepted at most places and restaurants, and ATMs are extensively available around the city. And when it comes to Athens, they use the Euro like most of the European countries. Athens is considered a low-cost metropolis in comparison to other European cities.


There are a lot of annual festivals that shouldn’t be missed in both cities. If you are a movie lover, you should definitely go to International Istanbul Film Festival in spring or Athens International Film Festival and Athens Open-Air Film Festival. If you are a theatre lover, you should attend International Istanbul Theater Festival in spring or Athens Epidaurus Festival in summer. If you are an art lover, you should attend International Istanbul Biennial in autumn or Art-Athina. If you are into music, you can go to the International Istanbul Jazz Festival, Efes Pilsen Blues Festival, and International Istanbul Music Festival in Istanbul, or Rockwave Festival, and Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival in Athens. If you are a book lover, Tüyap Book Fair in Istanbul or Athens Book Fair in Athens is the best destination to go to. And besides those festivals, there is Tulip Festival in Istanbul during the spring days that you should definitely visit or the August Full Moon Festival that everyone in Athens celebrates the brightest moon of the year with some concerts and other fun activities and don’t forget to go to Apokries, the Greek carnival. So in these two cities, you will never get bored throughout the year with these joyful festivals.

Hotels, Restaurants, Street Food and Shopping Districts

Both cities have good destinations to stay. Being two important cities worldwide, they both have very famous and safe hotels and restaurants. You may want to avoid the old and small motel-like hotels in the backstreets, but overall they have very good choices. And when it comes to restaurants, they are mostly clean and the food is fresh. But again, some backstreet restaurants may be dirty and the food may not be fresh. So pay attention to the well-known touristic hotels and restaurants in these two cities. When it comes to street food, you may not want to try them. But if there is a long queue waiting for a portion of street food, that generally means it is safe and trustworthy. So you can give it a try. Because you will never want to miss a chance to eat midye dolma in Istanbul streets or meze in Athens streets. And when it comes to shopping in two cities, there are a lot of choices. In Athens, Plaka is the best destination to buy some souvenirs. In Istanbul, The Grand Bazaar is an amazing destination to buy anything you can imagine of from food to souvenirs. And, of course, both cities have great malls if you want to go. Istanbul’s 5 best shopping malls are:

  • İstinye Park
  • Zorlu Center
  • İstanbul Cevahir Mall
  • Marmara Forum
  • Venezia Mega Outlet

And Athens’ 5 best shopping malls are:

  • Attica Department Store
  • Georgia Square Mall
  • Athens Heart Mall
  • 3Quarters
  • Shopping Street

And there are some restaurants that every tourist should definitely go to and try their dishes. Istanbul’s 3 best restaurants are:

  • Asitane Restaurant – Edirnekapı (the best place where you can try special Ottoman palace cuisine like cabbage rolls with chestnuts, gerdanniye, goose kebab, different kinds of seafood, and stuffed quince with molasses)
  • Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta (you can try the best köfte/meatballs there)
  • Maiden’s Tower (this is the place where you can eat very delicious foods while you are covered with beautiful Bosphorus scenes in the middle of the sea.)

While Athen’s 3 best restaurants are:

  • Orizontes Restaurant (this is the place where you can try the best Medditerrian dishes with Greek touches with a unique and breathtaking view on Lycabettus hill)
  • Klimataria (this is the best place to experience the traditional Greek music and dance while eating the delicious Greek and Medditerrian dishes)
  • Ta Karamanlidika Tou Fani (you can try the authentic Karamanlidika cooking recipes and traditional Byzantine pastries. They are famous for pastourmas, kavourmas, soutzouki)


Both cities have distinct cultures and traditions. But the thing that will astonish you most is the friendly, lively and hospitable people in these two cities. Greek and Turkish people are even similar in their looks. They will welcome you with a big smile on their faces. They will try to help you if you need anything. Greek and Turkish people both have huge respect for their elders. And they may want to see the same respect from you. For example, in Istanbul, they expect you to kiss the elder people’s hand and then put this hand on your forehead to show your respect. And in Athens, elderly people have great authority and get great respect from youngsters. They may be sometimes too talkative but in a good way of course. They generally ask a lot of questions to get to know you better. Getting to know new people is always a big pleasure and an amazing opportunity. In Istanbul and Athens, you will get the best experience by meeting and talking with those amazing people.


Wherever you go, of course, there is a risk about your security. You may get pickpocketed or you may be attacked by some terrorists or you can get caught in a natural disaster. So it is important to learn before going somewhere that whether the place you will go is safe or not. When it comes to both Istanbul and Athens, they are pretty safe. But if we will compare these two cities, Athens is a little bit safer than Istanbul. Because natural disasters and sexual assault risks are very very low in Athens. Only on hot summer days, sometimes forest fires can occur. The highest danger is caused by pickpocketers and scammers to the tourists in Athens. So be careful about the people who look like to help you. They may try to steal your bag. On the other hand, Istanbul’s biggest problem is again pickpocketers and natural disasters. Especially very crowded and tourist center squares like Taksim and Sultanahmet are the places where pickpocketers can be seen very often. And natural disasters are the riskiest things in Istanbul. During hot days, forest fires can occur, and also it is in the earthquake zone which makes it more dangerous. And for solo women tourists, night times can be risky to travel in Istanbul. There are dangers everywhere in the whole world, of course. So don’t worry and don’t hesitate to travel to those cities. You can easily get a precaution and if you be more open-eyed, you will never be regretful for your trip to Istanbul or Athens.


It is very important to learn to go where and how. Transportation is always a big problem in big cities. And Istanbul is one of them. Its traffic is so unpredictable and can ruin all your plans. One of the best ways is, of course, taxis. But if the traffic is too heavy, you should use the tram or metro or bus. You can get an Istanbul Kart to use public transportation. It will be faster and more planned. And there are Hop-on Hop-off Bus Tours for tourists that will help you to go to the well-known places. And the airports are New Istanbul Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. While in Athens, walking is a fantastic way to get a feel for the city and see the important sites, especially because many of the city’s key areas are in the heart of the city. But if you need to go further distances, the Athens public transportations can take you to the most remote locations like Piraeus and Rafina. You can use the metro, bus, tram, or taxi as public transportation. They are all safe and secure. Athens International Airport is the most used airport in Athens.


A very important question is when to go to those cities. That is very significant. Because you will never want your travel to be an indoor hotel activity while it is raining so much. When it comes to Istanbul, There’s no need to be concerned about the weather in Istanbul. The city has hot and humid summers, as well as chilly, rainy, and often short snowy days in winters. But the best time to visit Istanbul would be from May to July. You will be able to enjoy the sunshine and seaside more during these months. You can get on a ferry and have a great Bosphorus tour. On the other hand, from May through September is the ideal season to visit Athens. Summers are hot and winters are warm and rainy. You can even have a Greek islands tour for a week after traveling to Athens. This would be a great activity to do in the summer holiday.

An Overall Look

In the table belove, you will be able to see the overall look and total scores of these two cities according to the things we have mentioned so far:

Final Words

Istanbul and Athens… One of the oldest cities in the world. They have seen a lot of civilizations and people throughout time. There are a lot of things to see and visit. One is the place where democracy was born and the other one is the place that was the capital of very important empires. There are a lot of amazing things to do and to see in those cities. We tried to cover nearly every aspect that you need to know and learn before visiting those cities from the places to go, security, weather, and the things to eat to how to travel in the cities. In my opinion, every history lover and every food lover should visit those places. Two of them have both advantages and disadvantages, of course. But you will be the one who will say the final words. There is still an unanswered question waiting for your answer: Which historical city to visit: Istanbul or Athens?

Istanbul Airport To Taksim Taxi Fare

Istanbul, one of the largest and most crowded cities in Turkey, has two airports for passengers, 1 cargo, and an airport where private planes land. One of the airports for passengers is Sabiha Gokcen (SAW), while the other is Istanbul airport. Istanbul Airport is also known as the third airport or new airport. Because Istanbul Airport was opened after Ataturk Airport, which is used to serve passenger planes, and now which cargo and private planes land. So, how to get to Taksim from Istanbul airport, which opened on October 29, 2018, and is one of the largest airports in the world? How much does the taxi cost?

Akşamları Köprünün Yakınında şehrin Sokağına Park Etmiş çeşitli Taksiler

Although Istanbul airport is a little far from the city, it is very easy to reach. Because you can get to the airport in many ways. For example, you can go from Taksim to Istanbul Airport by Havaist, IETT, metro, VIP transfer, taxi, and your private car. There is a very large and several-story car park belonging to the airport for those who prefer going in their private vehicles. But in this article, we will mention the taxi fares for those who prefer to go by taxi from Istanbul airport to Taksim. We would like to remind you that the taxi fare will be a little more expensive than other types of transportation. You could prefer public transportation for paying less.

Kaldırıma Yakın Park Edilmiş Sarı Taksi Fotoğrafı

Airport taxi fare varies depending on the distance you go, the traffic situation on the road, and therefore the time you leave. In addition, the price you will pay is determined by the taxi-cab metric. We investigated how much you could pay when you travel to Taksim from Istanbul Airport in average Istanbul traffic. Before we tell you the price, we’d like to make you a suggestion. Taxis working for Istanbul Airport use the smart taxi app called EnTaksi. If you want, by downloading this app to your phone, you can see in advance which route you want to go to, how soon you can go and how much you will pay. About the taxi fare…

It is approximately 50 km between Istanbul Airport and Taksim. That is why from Istanbul Airport to Beyoğlu district, which Taksim is connected to, the taxi fare will be $ 17,35 on average. This price may also vary from $ 1,19- 2, 39 more or less depending on where you land. Commercial taxis in Istanbul will start their taximeters from $ 1,72 as of 2021.

Istanbul Airport Estimated Taxi Fees To Other Destinations In Istanbul

For those who wonder how much they should pay to go from Istanbul airport to other districts of Istanbul:

European Side Districts

  1. Arnavutköy- $ 6,03
  2. Avcılar- $ 15,67
  3. Bağcılar- $ 12,06
  4. Bahçelievler- $ 16,28
  5. Bakırköy- $ 17,48
  6. Başakşehir- $ 13,25
  7. Bayrampaşa- $ 14,46
  8. Beylikdüzü- $ 18,66
  9. Beşiktaş- $ 17,45
  10. Büyükçekmece- $ 19,24
  11. Çatalca- $ 13,83
  12. Esenler- $ 12,03
  13. Esenyurt- $ 18,64
  14. Eyüp- $ 7,21
  15. Fatih- $ 15,63
  16. Gaziosmanpaşa- $ 14,43
  17. Güngören- $ 15,63
  18. Kağıthane- $ 10,82
  19. Küçükçekmece- $ 16,24
  20. Sarıyer- $ 14,43
  21. Sultanahmet- $ 21,65
  22. Silivri- $ 27,66
  23. Şişli- $ 17,44
  24. Zeytinburnu- $ 15,63

Anatolian Side Districts

  1. Ataşehir- $ 18,06
  2. Beykoz- $ 16,85
  3. Çekmeköy- $ 22,87
  4. Kadıköy- $ 20,46
  5. Kartal- $ 30,10
  6. Maltepe- $ 26,48
  7. Pendik- $ 30,10
  8. Sancaktepe- $ 23,47
  9. Sultanbeyli- $ 23,47
  10. Şile- $ 32,50
  11. Tuzla- $ 27,09
  12. Ümraniye- $ 17,45
  13. Üsküdar- $ 19,24

People who go to Istanbul Airport must pay the bridge and highway fees, as well as the taxi fee.

Takside Smartphone Ile Zarif Ceketli Siyah Adam Gülümseyen

Taxis Belonging To Istanbul Airport

Operation of Istanbul Airport belongs to IGA. IGA has signed with Istanbul Taxi Drivers Cooperative No. 34. According to the standards in the agreement, inspections will be carried out frequently and work will be done to provide the best service. Drivers must show the A1 English certificates they receive to the IGA and renew them at certain times. Moreover, thanks to the screens inside the vehicle, passengers will be able to access information such as instant road information, information about the drivers, road route, and traffic status. Passengers who choose to take a taxi will be able to pay with the pos device in all luxury vehicles. In most other non-luxury vehicles, this occasion will be provided. In addition, the knowledge of English of employees who direct taxis within the airport will be significant. However, drivers will wear a certain dress code and each will have a points system. Under this system, drivers with low scores will not be allowed to work. Additionally, passengers will not be able to wait in front of the terminal for a long time. It will be more convenient to park in the parking lot for those who come to pick up their relatives by private car instead of waiting at on terminal so long. Furthermore, Istanbul airport taxis are going to take you in front of your home. Door-to-door service.

IGA, which operates Istanbul Airport, announced that they have started a taxi service for disabled passengers with new statements. Taxis with special seat mechanisms have now started service at Istanbul airport.

You can choose your taxi from among the taxis that line up outside the domestic arrivals and international arrivals terminals of the Istanbul Airport. There the official taxis of the airport will be waiting for you. But if you have already arranged your taxi before, the pickup process can happen on the -2 floor. Yet, sometimes these things might change. Therefore, when you land at the airport, we recommend you ask one of the officials that where you should take your pre-booked taxi.

Kadın Holding, Smartphone

Is Uber Cheaper Than Taxi In Istanbul?

Is it a taxi or uber cheaper? This has been the most debated topic since uber came out of the market. Cabbies have demanded that uber cease activities in Istanbul because they are restricting their business. Even this incident had gone all the way to court, whereupon in 2019 the court ruled that Uber had caused unfair competition, and that is why they shut down the uber website and app. But the uber app and website were reopened in 2021 following the company’s counterclaim. This means that people who want to can request a yellow taxi through the app. But with a difference, anyone will not be able to provide transportation services with a luxury vehicle. In other words, the third people cannot make transport with large vehicles which carry 6-8 people. So, how are uber car prices calculated in Istanbul? Come and see it together.

The basis of the calculation of uber vehicles in Istanbul is the basic price, the time spent in the vehicle, and the distance traveled. In addition, these uber vehicle prices change depending on the district and type of vehicle in Istanbul, and the price you will pay varies depending on the road conditions. From the uber app, you can see the amount you will pay with the calculated version of all this. There are 4 criteria for calculating uber fares in Istanbul. These;

  • Base cost
  • Cost per minute
  • Cost per mile
  • Booking cost

For example, the starting price of an UberXL type service vehicle in Istanbul is $ 0.48. The fee per mile is $ 0.26. The service cost is also $ 0.26. We would like to remind you that the price that appears in the application and the price that you will pay may not be consistent. In other words, passengers in Istanbul may have to pay an additional charge. That is because if you pass any ticket office along the way, they add it to your uber fare.

As for taxis… as we mentioned above, taxis determine prices by the taximeter. As of 2021, the opening fee for taxis starts at $ 1.72. In other words, the most expensive transportation route to Istanbul airport is taxis. It varies around $ 18.04 if you prefer a yellow taxi to go from Istanbul Airport to Taksim, $ 20.45 if you prefer a turquoise taxi, and $ 36 if you prefer a black luxury taxi. Prices changes according to the type of vehicle. However, due to the traffic, which is a huge problem in Istanbul and is a dimension that we cannot ignore, the hours you will spend on the road will be longer. In this case, it will be reflected in your taxi fare. Since the taximeter will continue to write during the time you wait in traffic. So, traffic is another reason for you to pay more money.

P.S.: If you want to get more information about Istanbul airport transportation, you can visit this website “” or this website “Taksi (”.

P.S. 2: All prices mentioned in this article may change according to certain conditions.

Sarı Taksi Kaydırma Fotoğrafçılığı

Car Park of Istanbul Airport

As there are many ways to go somewhere, there are several ways to go to Istanbul airport. We’ve described a few of these ways above. Taxi, uber, etc. But what if you don’t need any public transport and want to go in your private car? Is there a parking space waiting for you? What are the costs? Now let’s answer these questions. Yes, Istanbul Airport has 2 parking lots, both open and closed. Of these, 22,000 are open and 18,000 are closed. In other words, there is a huge parking lot where 40,000 vehicles can park in total. However, car washing, car hairdresser, tire change and bank, mini maintenance, fuel oil filling services, authorized service services such as offers its guests. In addition to this, there are other services. We can put in order follows:

  • Your car is monitored with the 24/7 camera system of the parking lot and your safety is in the first place.
  • With the ‘Where Is My Car’ application developed, you can track your car and find out where your car is.
  • Another application, the ‘My Vehicle Route’ application, is quickly delivered to your vehicle.
  • Thanks to their ‘Vehicle Guidance System’ they allow you to park quickly and comfortably.
  • There are various payment facilities. Such as automatic payment and NFC payment.
  • There’s a valet service.
  • There’s a CCTV camera system. In addition, 24/7 security personnel and patrol service are also among its services.

Those who will enter the parking lot temporarily must use the main entrances of green and turquoise parking lots. That means you will use floors P1, P2, P3, P4, P5 of the green car park and floors P1, P2 of the turquoise car park. Except that people who want to receive valet service among departing passengers will not be able to enter the storeyed car park.  For those who will benefit from valet service:

  • On the P6 floor of the green parking lot, this is the departing passenger floor, there are 2 valet car pickup points across door 3 and in the CIP parking lot. You can leave your vehicles here. For those who want to deliver their vehicles, green parking is located on the P3 floor, this is the arriving passenger floor, there is a valet car delivery point opposite door number 9. The valet fare at Istanbul Airport is $ 4.23. You can easily pay at the domestic flights’ valet payment point located on the arriving passenger floor, at the green car park P3 manual payment ticket office located inside the parking lot, or with mobile payment.

Kırmızı Uçak

If your business is inside the airport or you always have to use the parking lot because you visit too often, getting a season ticket will be the best choice. The season ticket is a document that shows the status of the subscriber. It has options such as 4- day, 7- Day, 15- day, 30- day. You must renew it as it finishes. It is going to make you pay a more affordable price. For this, within 1 hour after entering the car park, you could make your payment to the manual payment ticket office on green parking- P3, P2, P5 ve P6 floor, the consultation point on the departing passenger floor, or online and start your subscription process. ​Or you can make your transaction by going to turquoise parking P2, P5, and P6 automatic payment points for 4, 7, 15- day subscription transactions. Last January, 50 % discount parking subscription fees were as follows: $ 8,77 for 4 days, $ 14,52 for 7 days, $ 24,62 for 15 days and $ 26,86 for monthly subscription.

Finally, since all the price information mentioned in this article may vary depending on months or years, we recommend that you check the information up-to-date when you visit Istanbul.

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Istanbul Old City Vs Taksim

1 City 2 different districts. Taksim and Istanbul Old City, namely Sultanahmet. Both are the most crowded places in Istanbul, but they are the most much-frequented places for tourists. But there is a difference between them. Sultanahmet is a historical district with a mosque, museum, and cistern, while Taksim is a more modernized district with Galata Tower, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, bars, shopping centers and is mostly preferred by young people. Both have a lot to offer to native and foreign tourists. So if you have come to Istanbul and have time, we recommend you to visit these 2 different faces of Istanbul. That is when you experience the real Istanbul. In this article, we compared Istanbul Old City and Taksim for you. Let’s analyze what you can do in these 2 beautiful districts together.

Sultanahmet, which we can call the historical center of Istanbul, is the first hill of Istanbul, consisting of 7 Hills. You will feel its architecture and historical texture with each cell. On the other hand, there is Taksim, with its always lively nightlife, crowded streets, popular cafes and restaurants, bibliopole and passages where you can find everything from books to ornaments. Two different cultures are located just 15 minutes away on a traffic-free road. Let’s see what awaits us in these two districts together.

Places To Stroll Around In Istanbul Old City

Old City, Sultanahmet is connected to the Fatih district of Istanbul. First, let’s start with places that you must see when you go to Sultanahmet, whether you are local or foreign. If you go to this beautiful historical district do not turn back without seeing these palaces and mosques. Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Mosque, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Istanbul Archaeological Museum, Turkish and Islamic Art Museum, Hurrem Sultan Hammam are the main places you can visit here. When you visit these historical museums and see historical artifacts, you will feel like you have embarked on a journey through history. Because in this historical peninsula you can still see traces of the ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empire. Moreover, Sultanahmet Meydan is a pedestrianized area (area closed to traffic). So you can easily walk everywhere. Those who want to see Eminönü and Beyazıt can easily go by tram from Sultanahmet in a short time.

1- Topkapı Palace

Topkapı is among the most visited museums in the world. The palace, which is very rich in history and architecture, is teeming with nature. It is located on a triangular promontory overlooking the Istanbul Strait and the Golden Horn. During the Ottoman period, 25 Sultans lived in this palace. After the conquest of Istanbul, Fatih Sultan Mehmet, who sees the city in ruins, eventually begun to beautify the city by saying to an architect to build new places. The main purpose of building the palace is to work, rest and conduct state affairs. The harem section, which was not in the plan, was later built in the middle of the 16th century. The palace is in the form of a castle. And there are all the structures that a small city can have. The tour of the Palace begins with the first gate Bab-ı Humayun, and then you move to the first courtyard called Alay Square. These courtyards become significant from the outside to the inside. The entrance fee of the palace is 200 TL. Topkapi Palace is one of the largest architectural works in the world.

2- Hagia Sophia Mosque

Hagia Sophia was first built as a church in 325. After many years, it was rebuilt and turned into a mosque by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. It served as a museum from 1935 to 2020. With the decision taken in 2020, it started to serve as a mosque again. It is adjacent to Topkapi Palace, so it is close. It is very rich in art and architecture and is one of the most significant structures in the world. For a tourist who visited Istanbul, Hagia Sophia Mosque is one of the first places that comes to mind. Hagia Sophia means “Holy Wisdom” in ancient Greek. Hagia Sophia has been damaged many times in history for reasons such as fire and rebellion, but it has always been restored and preserved its importance until today. Mimar Sinan built a retaining wall and strengthened the building. If you want to travel in history, you can visit Hagia Sophia Mosque for free.

3- Blue Mosque

The mosque, whose English name is Blue Mosque because the blue color is the majority on the wall ornaments (Iznik tiles and domes) inside the building, was completed in 7 years by a student of architect Sinan. With its 6 minarets and magnificent architecture, it is one of the most beautiful structures in the world and one of the most visited mosques. The digging used in the construction of the Blue Mosque is now exhibited in the Topkapı Palace. There is Sultan first Ahmed’s single-domed tomb and sundial; behind it, there is the Museum of large palace mosaics belonging to Byzantine palaces; inside of it, there are 3 entrance doors, 260 windows, 22,000 pieces of Iznik and Kütahya tiles. Blue Mosque is located in Sultanahmet Square. You can come to Sultanahmet by Bağcılar- Kabataş tram.

4- Basilica Cistern

An underground water tank that serves to accumulate rainwater is called a cistern. Because the water resources of the historical peninsula of Istanbul were also very limited, during the Byzantine period, Istanbul also had quite a lot of cisterns. Istanbul is a city suitable for siege due to it is surrounded by seas on three sides. And it has already been besieged many times. During these sieges, which lasted for months, the people survived by drinking water from these cisterns. This cistern has a water storage capacity of 100,000 tons. The Basilica Cistern is located next to the tram road, opposite the Hagia Sophia Mosque. In the end, when you go to the cistern, which serves as a museum today, we recommend that you see the head of Medusa, which is upside down under a column. There are 336 columns in the cistern, each 9 meters high and 4.8 meters far from each other. Those who want to visit the unique Basilica Cistern can visit it every day of the week between 9.00 a.m- 6.00 p.m. We should say that the museum is closed on the first day of public holidays and bairams. The price of the museum varies. It is 15 tl for local visitors and 30 tl for tourists and 5 TL for students and teachers. A museum card is not valid.

5- Istanbul Archaeological Museum

Istanbul Archaeological Museum is a museum that can be considered one of the largest historical collections in the world. This museum houses historical artifacts from ancient Greek and Roman times, as well as hundreds of artifacts belonging to civilizations such as Assyria, Hittite, and Egyptian. The museum has a neo-classical style building. The first written treaty, the Treaty of Kadesh, is on display in this museum. The museum is closed on Mondays. You can visit by giving 60 tl the other days of the week between 10.00 a.m- 5.00 p.m. The winter period between 9.00 a.m and 6.00 p.m. Before you go, in case there are changes in tickets and times we suggest you visit the website.

6- Turkish And Islamic Art Museum

Turkish And Islamic Art Museum was first built in 1914 in a building located in the Suleymaniye Mosque complex. But due to the problem of theft experienced at that time, Osman Hamdi Mister collected artifacts and opened a new museum as the Museum of Islamic Foundations. This museum takes its present name after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in the following years. In 1983, it was moved to the place of Ibrahim Pasha Palace, which was built for Ibrahim Pasha during Suleyman the magnificent period. The museum has been in the same place since that day. As the name suggests, the Turkish and Islamic Art Museum offers us Turkish- Islamic works. The museum, which has a unique carpet collection, has 1,700 pieces of Anatolian, Iranian, Caucasian, Uşak carpets. Apart from carpet, there are many works of manuscripts, wood, glass-metal-ceramic. Except for Mondays you can enter the museum every day between 10.00 a.m and 5.00 p.m. The price is 60 tl. The Museum card is valid.

7- Hürrem Sultan Hammam

Hürrem Sultan Hammam is located between Hagia Sophia Museum and Blue Mosque. Architect Sinan built this hammam upon saying Sultan Suleiman the magnificent because Hürrem Sultan wanted it. In this hammam, the male and female parts are separate. Today, you can go to this hammam and get a massage and learn about the hammam culture of our country at the same time. Moreover, you can taste Turkish cuisine by sitting in the cafes and restaurants located in the garden.

8- Gülhane Park

Gülhane Park is located between Topkapı Palace and Sarayburnu. For many years it was used as the garden of Topkapi Palace. They later turned it into a park. In addition, Atatürk first showed the Latin alphabet to the public in this park, and in 1839, the Imperial Edict of Gülhane was first read in this park. There are children’s gardens and tea gardens around the park.

Places Where You Can Eat In Istanbul Old City

You have to see Sultanahmet not only for its historical sites but also for its restaurants where you can taste delicious Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. We ran some names for you guys.

Fine Dine Istanbul Restaurant offers Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, with a stunning view of the Bosphorus Bridge on one side, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia Museum, and the Blue Mosque, and the Sea of Marmara on the other.

Khorasani Kebap Restaurant (Grill House), the restaurant on meat and grill is located one street behind the tram station.

For Seasons Hotel- Seasons Restaurant Sultanahmet is a luxury restaurant where you can sit with stunning views of Sultanahmet.

Deraliye Ottoman Restaurant is a restaurant that includes Ottoman cuisine. Dishes and desserts are made with Ottoman recipes. Matbah Ottoman Palace Restaurant is another restaurant where Ottoman dishes are served.

Sultanahmet Grilled Meatball Restaurant, we recommend that you do not leave Sultanahmet without eating meatballs in a place that has become a tradition since 1920. By sitting in the space, you will feel the spirit of the street and Istanbul.

The Fisherman Sabahattin started as a small restaurant and grew. Then moved to a historic building, which was restored in 1927. It is our suggestion to those who will come to Sultanahmet and prefer to eat fish or seafood.

Places Where You Can Stay In Istanbul Old City

Because Sultanahmet is a central and tourist district, there are many hotels, boarding houses. It is possible to find a place to stay at every price. But according to the price, the location and facilities of the hotel change. We have researched several 5, 4, and 3-star hotels for you.

  • Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel (Five- Star Hotel)

This 5- star luxury hotel costs from 164,22 dollars per person per night. Breakfast, dinner, drinks, one-way airport transfer, and free shuttle service are available. There are 360 meters between Sultanahmet District and 130 meters between Basilica Cistern.

Address: Divanyolu Avenue, Alemdar District, Ticarethane Street, No: 10, Sultanahmet/ İstanbul 34122

  • Ibrahim Pasha Hotel (Four Star Hotel)

Ibrahim Pasha Hotel is a 4-star hotel that is more suitable than Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel. You can stay in this hotel for 102,47 dollars per person per night. This price includes breakfast. You might cancel for free if you wish. It is the nearest hotel to Sultanahmet District. There are 170 meters between them. It is 420 meters away from the Basilica Palace.

Address: Terzihane Street, No: 7, Sultanahmet- Fatih/ İstanbul 34122

  • Lapis Inn Hotel (Three- Star)

Although it is lower star than other hotels, it has more facilities. If you want to get good service for less money, it is a hotel that you should evaluate. One night costs 63,03 dollars per person. This price includes free breakfast. Breakfast, late check-out, room sterilization, quick check-in, early check-in, spa discount, free premium wi-fi, and free wi-fi are among the facilities the hotel offers. It is only 330 meters from the Sultanahmet district and 160 meters from the Basilica Palace.

Address: Alemdar District, Ticarethane Çıkmazı Street, No: 3 Fatih/ İstanbul, Sultanahmet 34110

How To Go?

You might easily go to Sultanahmet by using the Bağcılar- Kabataş tram. If you are coming from Taksim, you can first reach Kabataş by funicular and then Sultanahmet by taking the tram from Kabataş. If you are coming from Beşiktaş, you can first go to Kabataş by bus or on foot, and then arrive at Sultanahmet by taking the tram. Those who want can also go by bus lines 32A, 54E, 66, 92B, BN1, HVIST- 12.

Places To Stroll Around In Taksim

Taksim is a district of Beyoğlu located on the European side of Istanbul. It stays in our mind with its crowded streets. In Taksim, where young people go very fondly, you can visit the bibliopole and dive into books, if you want, you can sit in cozy cafes and spend a pleasant time with your friends. Unlike Sultanahmet, Taksim is famous for its nightlife. There are places on the bright streets where you can go and have fun and drink alcohol. So, where should you see when you go to Taksim? It’s really hard to sum it up, but we’ve searched the top places for you. Let’s examine it together.

1- Gezi Park

Gezi Park is located behind Taksim Square. It is a park where you can sit and relax, have a good time with your children and get full of greenery.

2- Istiklal Caddesi

The first thing that comes to mind when you say Taksim is Istiklal Street. This street, which is noteworthy for its historic buildings is open only to pedestrians and has cafes, bars, restaurants, art centers, cinemas, shopping centers on both sides, offer 7/24 nightlife and entertainment to everyone local or tourist. Along the street, you can visit famous places such as Madame Tussauds Museum, Sent Antuan Catholic Church, Pera Museum, Flower Passage, and French Street. You can enjoy the nightlife of Istanbul which lasts until morning at Nevizade, located at the back of Galatasaray Fish Market, and Asmalımescit and Çiçek Passage, which have cute narrow streets full of tables and chairs around.

3- Galata Tower

If you want to take a look at Istanbul from the hill, the best place for this is Galata Tower. You can watch the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. Galata Tower was first built as a lantern tower. The tower, which was used as a warehouse during the Byzantine period, began to be used as a watchtower after the conquest of Istanbul. During the reign of Suleiman the magnificent, it became a dungeon, and then a fire tower. This magnificent tower, which has not been destroyed despite having seen many wars, uprisings, and fires throughout history, is the symbol of the Galata district. You can also witness this history by paying 100 tl to the tower located at the end of Istiklal Street.

4- Atlas Passage

In the Atlas passage, which has cinema within it, you can shop pleasantly.

5- Terkos Passage

Unlike Atlas passage, Terkos Passage, located in the open air, is a place where you can find beautiful clothes.

6- Flower Passage

It is a passage where you will witness the culture of old Istanbul. It has many beautiful taverns and restaurants. It is always dynamic and lively.

7- Sent Antuan Church

It is just above Istiklal Street. Don’t pass this church without visiting.

8- Demirören Shopping Center

It is a large shopping mall building that will catch your eye on Istiklal Caddesi. Inside, you can find everything from food places to clothing stores. If you went to Taksim on a hot summer day, you could stop by to cool off and relax.

9- Pera Palas

It is a historical hotel where there is Atatürk’s room and which is the subject of novels.

10- Galatasaray High School

11- Atatürk Cultural Center

12- Middle Players Theatre

13- Istanbul Folk Theatre

14- Asmalı Stage

P.S. In this article, we summarized places to visit in Taksim in a summary for showing differences between Sultanahmet and Taksim. For a more detailed Taksim article, you can look at the “What to Do in Taksim” article on our site.

Places Where You Can Eat In Taksim

Taksim is a district with many alternatives in terms of food and drink. There are various restaurants, small cafes, taverns. So you won’t have any trouble finding a place that meets your every request. Even at the entrance to Istiklal Street, where you can eat on your feet and taste street delicacies, there are wet hamburgers. Because when you say Taksim, wet hamburgers come to our minds. Nevizade Street, French Street, Çiçek Passage, and Asmalımescit have bars and nightclubs where you can experience the nightlife. Take a look at the different concepts we have prepared for you.

1- Turkish- German Bookstore

It’s a cafe full of little books that can be called a complete student place. It has a quiet environment where you can sit, study, and read books. At the same time, you will be accompanied by German desserts.

2- Kızılkayalar Wet Hamburger

It is located just at the entrance to Istiklal. It is a convenient and delicious stop for snacking on your feet. However, you can experience the street spirit of Istanbul and Taksim.

3- 360 Istanbul

The restaurant, which is more elite than other places, has a stunning view of Istanbul day and night.

4- U2 Istanbul Irish Pub

It is just one of the hundreds of entertainment venues in Taksim. It is frequented by those who want to listen to music and have entertainment.

5- Fıccın Restaurant

It is a suitable place for those who like traditional tastes and want to taste Circassian and Anatolian cuisine. It is famous for its Turkish-type ravioli and proves that alcohol and home cooking can be compatible.

6- Historic Pano Winery

If you like wine, it’s the right place for you. You will get enough flavor in the winery which combines meat with special production wines of different flavors.

Places Where You Can Stay In Taksim

Taksim is a central district and has many hotels. Apart from hotels, there are low-priced and not-so-clean hostels. But these hostels are usually found in the back streets. The places where these hostels are located are more secluded and uncanny than the places where other beautiful hotels are. In this article, we investigated three popular hotels in Taksim.

1- Point Hotel Taksim

Point Hotel Taksim is 2,7 km away from the center. A night is 175,84 dollars  for per person. You have a right to free cancellation.

Topçu Street No: 2 Taksim-Beyoğlu/ Istanbul 34437

2- Faros Hotel Taksim

It is 2,4 km from the center. Thanks to the fact that it is 180 meters between public transport, you can easily travel within Istanbul. Airport transfers are available with an extra charge. Room service, spa, wi-fi, library are also available at the hotel.

Taksim Street No: 55, Taksim- Beyoğlu, 34437

3- Ragip Pasha Apartment

You can stay for 89,09 dollars per person per night. You have the right to cancel free. The apartment is 2.1 km away from the center. Parking is available.

How To Go?

Taksim is easy to reach because it is a central place and there are many public transport stops. It is possible to go to Taksim by bus from many districts in Istanbul. 37T, 38KT, 40, 48T, 49T, 72T, 129T, DT2 are bus lines with stops in Taksim. Apart from the bus, if you are coming from the Anatolian side, you can come to Beşiktaş, Kabataş or Karaköy by ferry, you can reach Taksim by yellow dolmus from Beşiktaş, Kabataş, and Karaköy by funicular. The M2 metro line is another transportation option for going to Taksim.

Is It Worthing To Visit Istanbul Old City And Taksim?

Sultanahmet vs Taksim. As an Istanbulite, I can easily say that the two districts are more than worth visiting, exploring, seeing. Two different districts of Turkey’s largest city. They both have tons to offer. It’s not wrong to say that the only thing they have in common is tourist attractions. You’ll see authentic Turkish shops galore in both places. Both Sultanahmet and Taksim are tourist destinations, but the culture of both is different. Although Taksim is primarily frequented by tourists, it is a place locals live. Furthermore, young people prefer having fun, shopping or sitting in cafes and relaxing there. We cannot tell Taksim or Sultanahmet. Stay wherever it suits your tastes and hobbies, but be sure to visit both districts. Fatih district, which Sultanahmet is connected, has a more crowded population (396. 594) Beyoğlu, which Taksim is connected, has a smaller population (226,396).

Taksim is a place where you can feel the local atmosphere with many shops, buildings, restaurants. Sultanahmet is a place more touristic and where you can see more historical places, Turkish traditions, and cuisine. In Sultanahmet, you take a tourist trip, but in Taksim, you keep up with the daily routine. If we compare them at price, some things are more expensive in Istanbul Old City because Sultanahmet is more touristy. In Taksim, you can find some things at a more affordable price. As a location, Taksim is more suitable for accommodation due to its proximity to public transport and easy access to other districts. Apart from luxury and expensive hotels, there are cheap but questionable safety hostels.

Taksim also has modern restaurants, nightclubs, small cafes, and bars. In Sultanahmet, there are places to serve more Turkish cuisine, Turkish Delight, Turkish coffee, etc. Differences also arise in terms of culture and art. Taksim is home to many art centers, theatres, cinemas, and shops. You can look at books from a bookstore and then drink coffee and enjoy them. But Sultanahmet is mostly home to historical monuments, buildings, palaces, and mosques. While you can shop for souvenirs in Sultanahmet, you can shop for clothes, shoes from shopping malls, passages in Taksim.

We believe that you will find a piece of yourself in 2 districts that offer us two different cultures, and we recommend that you add both to your tour list and not leave Istanbul without visiting Istanbul Old City and Taksim. 

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Istanbul Beaches Near Taksim

Istanbul is a city where you can do so many things and where there are numerous places to enjoy. Apart from all these, Istanbul draws attention with its developing beaches. During the hot days of summer, Istanbul has beautiful beaches that will save working people from the monotony of daily life and also will provide tourists to enjoy the sea while visiting Istanbul for tourists. These beaches, some of which are sandy, are very suitable for families with children. However, you can evaluate the day with sports activities while enjoying the sea and have a picnic in grass areas. Also, you might have all these opportunities without going away from the city and with affordable prices. Furthermore, some of them are free. If you are in Istanbul on hot summer days, we have compiled for you beaches that we can consider close to Taksim where you can go and the beaches that are beautiful but a little far from Taksim. You might enjoy summer by cooling off on these beaches in the city. Let’s take a look;

Istanbul has beaches where you can enter the sea or enjoy yourself with friends on the beach. Beaches close to Taksim include: Florya Güneş Beach, Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach, Caddebostan Beach, Atarlı Beach, High Beach Club, Dalia Beach, Burç Beach, Non- Stop Beach, Uzunya Beach, Suma Beach, Kısırkaya Beach, Keçilik Cove, Poyrazköy Women Beach, Menekşe Beach. Beaches a little far from Taksim include: Adalar Beach Club, Minder Beach Club, Büyükçekmece Beach, West Istanbul Marina Beach, Gürpınar Public Beach. Let’s start with close ones;

1- Florya Güneş Beach/ Bakırköy

Florya Güneş (Sun) Beach is one of the oldest beaches in Istanbul. Atatürk’s photos are available on this beach while he enters the sea, and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality currently performs the operating assets of this beach. Florya Güneş Beach has a lifeguard tower, sunbeds, parasols, toilets, changing cabins, showers, buffets, cabinets where you can put your items, and a parking area for 240 cars. There is also a volleyball court on the beach, which offers the opportunity to play volleyball. Florya has two beaches. One is free, and the other one is not free. Sun Beach is the paid one. That is why it has better quality. According to the current prices, the entry price is 2,95 dollars for adults and 1,18 dollars for students. As with Caddebostan Beach, it is free to children ages 0-7, citizens with disabilities, and their one companion. But at Florya Güneş Beach, the entrance price includes only changing cabins, showers, and toilets. You can rent a sunbed for 1,18 dollars and a safety locker for 1,77 dollars. The buffet is the same as the buffet on Caddebostan Beach. Their prices are just as reasonable. You can go to Florya Güneş Beach 7 days a week between 8:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m. Between Taksim-Florya is 22 km.

How to go? It is opposite Florya railway station. To reach the beach, you can use buses 73B (from Bakırköy station), 73Y (from Yenibosna Metro station), 73F (from Taksim), BN2 (from Eminönü). You have to get off at the Eceler stop. But using a Metrobus is a faster way. If you get off at the Cennet Mahallesi stop, you can then walk to the beach.

Address: Şenlikköy, Florya Beach Park, 34153 Bakırköy/Istanbul, Turkey

2- Yeşilköy Çiroz Beach/ Bakırköy

This beach belongs to the municipality, and it is free of charge as it is a public beach. You can go whenever you desire. Because it’s open to everyone, it’s likely to be crowded. Those who want to go to this beach can use the 72T-72YT-81 Bakırköy- Yeşilköy bus line, Metrobus, or collective taxis that depart from Yenibosna. People who prefer using Metrobus for transportation should get off a stop called Florya and then take the minibus.

3- Caddebostan Beach/ Kadıköy

One of the beaches you can go to in Istanbul to refresh during the summer season is Caddebostan/ Kadıköy Beach. It is 21 km between Caddebostan and Taksim Square and will take approximately 32 minutes on the traffic-free road. Kadıköy has 3 Caddebostan beaches in total, 2 of which are free and 1 of which is paid. These beaches have sunbeds, parasols, changing cabins, showers, lifeguard towers, toilets, and snack bars. The entrance price of Caddebostan 1 Beach is 1,41 dollars for students and 2,95 dollars for adults. In addition, this beach is free for children aged from 0 to 7 years, citizens with disabilities, and their one companion. You can use your Istanbul Card to enter the beach. The entrance price includes sunbeds and parasols at this beach. It is located 7 km from the center of the district. On the other hand, although entrance to Caddebostan 2 and Caddebostan 3 Beach is free, you can rent sunbeds and parasols for 1,18 dollars. There is a green area behind the beach. Buffet prices are also in a reasonable price range. Caddebostan 1 Beach offers service between 8:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m.

How To Go? To go to these beaches, you can first arrive at Kadıköy by metro, metro bus, minibus, or ferry from your location. Then you can go to Caddebostan by getting on the collective taxis that depart from Kadıköy near Besiktaş Ferry Terminal. For those who do not want to get on collective taxis, there is a road. You can also go to Caddebostan by taking IETT buses from Kadıköy. You might reach Caddebostan 1 beach by buses no GZ1, ER1, 4, 16, 16D, 222.

Caddebostan Beach- 1 Address: Operator Cemil Topuzlu Street, Park Road, Beach 1, 34748 Kadıköy

Caddebostan Beach- 2 Address: Operator Cemil Topuzlu Street, Park Road, Beach 1, 34748 Kadıköy

Caddebostan Beach- 3 Address: Çetin Emeç Boulevard, Park Road, Suadiye, Beach 3, 34740 Kadıköy

4- Atarlı Beach/ Kadıköy

Atarlı Beach is a beach located in Suadiye which is connected to Kadıköy. Even if the sea usually consists of sand, there are stones in some places. For those who are uncomfortable with stones, it is useful to take precautions and go. There is also a pier on the beach for those who do not want to enter the sea from the seaside. The beach has showers, changing cabins, sunbeds, and wi-fi. It is a beach that will meet the desires of families with children and day vacationers who want to swim in Istanbul. The only difference from Caddebostan Beach is more expensive because it is managed by a private business. The price of this beach is 3,54 dollars per person. In addition, this price covers the fee for sunbeds and parasols.

How To Go? You can go to Atarli Beach by much public transport. Kadıköy- Bostancı dolmuş goes to Atarli Beach. Those who want to come with Marmaray should walk about 12 minutes by getting off at the Bostancı stop to go to the beach. Those who go by bus can get off at the Suadiye stop. In addition, the beach is a 10-minute walk from Bostanci Ido Pier.

5- High Beach Club/ Sarıyer

Between Sariyer and Taksim is 20 km and will take 31 minutes to go there, if there is no traffic. In High Beach Club you can enjoy the beach during the day and participate in entertainment events in the evening. The entrance price is quite high compared to some other beaches. But it has a few returns along with its price. On this beach, which is quite high quality, you can do many sea sports activities. As of 2021, the entrance price of the beach is 11,83 dollars, while the parking fee is 1,77 dollars.

How to go? If you wish, you can reach the beach using High Beach Club’s service by making a reservation beforehand. Or you can get off the Kilyos Central stop by using bus number 151. This bus departs from the Hacıosman Metro stop.

Address: Kumköy Neighborhood, Tatlısu Street, No: 4 Sarıyer/ Istanbul

Phone: +90 533 967 46 71

Service telephone: +90 533 222 95 53

6- Dalia Beach/ Sarıyer

Dalia Beach is a private beach where the sea, sand, sun, and greenfield coming together, making you feel as if you are in the Mediterranean when you are in Istanbul. There are cafes, bars, and available areas for doing sports on this beach where families with children and young couples can be comfortable. In addition, you can find various opportunities like surfing in the Black Sea waters and beach volleyball. The entrance price changes from weekend to weekday. You could enter the beach for 5,91 dollars on weekdays and 8,28 dollars on weekends. Dalia Beach is open between 9:00 a.m and 6:00 p.m.

How to go? Take bus 151 and get off at Kilyos central bus stop and then take a taxi. Those who prefer to go in their car should follow the Demirciköy road. At the end of the village, they will reach the beach.

Address: Demirci, Kilyos Road, PK: 34450 – Sarıyer / Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 204 03 68

7- Burç Beach/ Sarıyer

Graduate students of Boğaziçi University established Burç Beach. When you go to this beach, you will understand that it is out of the hands of students. This place where more young people visit also has a lot of social opportunities. This beach, focused on entertainment, has a large bar, sunbeds, parasols, puffs, changing cabins. The price that guests will pay is 9,46 dollars on weekdays and 17,15 dollars on weekends. But only if you get the ticket at door. If guests get tickets online 8,28 dollars on weekdays and 14,78 dollars on weekends. Boğaziçi University students and staff pay 1,77 dollars on weekdays and 2,95 dollars on weekends. If you are a member of BÜMED, you can take advantage of the beach facilities by paying 5,32 dollars on weekdays and 8,87 dollars on weekends with the requirement to get the ticket through the door. If you buy tickets online, it is 4,73 dollars on weekdays and 7,69 dollars on weekends.

Address: Gümüşdere, Sarıtepe Campus, 34470 – Sarıyer/ Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 203 09 11

8- Non-Stop Beach/ Sarıyer

Non-Stop Beach is one of the more affordable beaches in Sarıyer than other beaches in Sarıyer. At Non-Stop Beach, which has many activities, you not only go to the sea but also enjoy entertainment with concerts held day and night. In addition, you can also participate in activities such as yoga, pilates, beach volleyball. You have to pay money to enter the beach. Access to the beach is suitable between 9:00 a.m and 7:00 p.m.

How To Go? To get to Non-Stop Beach, you can take bus number 151 or minibus SRY- 04. Kilyos Merkez stop is the nearest stop and is about 15 minutes walk away.

Address: Kumköy, Beach Road Street No: 28, 34450 Sariyer- Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 201 23 05

9- Uzunya Beach Restaurant/ Sarıyer

Uzunya Beach “you will experience the holiday weather in Istanbul, enjoy the entertainment, sea, sand, sun and excellent tastes.” it offers you a pleasant day with its motto. Uzunya Beach is a beach with sand areas as well as grass areas. As in Non-Stop Beach, you will have the opportunity to spend a beautiful day with entertainment and activities have done day and night. It also has a restaurant, cafe, and campsites. It is possible to spend time on this beach for 7,09 dollars on weekdays and 11,83 dollars on weekends. This beach is free for 0- 12 years children. Uzunya Beach serves longer than other beaches. Starting at 9:00 a.m, your fun and rest can continue until 11:00 p.m. So what’s on Uzunya Beach? There is a restaurant, beach, wedding, and event area. Yes, you can do a wedding on this beach.

How To Go? You can take bus number 151 or minibus SRY- 04. Demirciköy is the nearest minibus stop and is a 30 minutes walk from the beach. Parking is available for those who go by private car.

Address: Demirciköy Quarter, Beach Road Street, Sariyer-Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 204 07 33

E-mail: [email protected]

10- Suma Beach/ Sarıyer

Another beach in Sarıyer is Suma Beach. It is possible to go with pets. During the day you can enter the sea, and at night you can enjoy the entertainment accompanied by famous DJs until the morning, you can enter this beach by paying 11,83 dollars. The beach offers ATV tours and water sports. Sunbeds, free parking, shower, changing room, and internet are among the beach facilities.

How To Go? You can go with 152, 59RK bus line. The nearest bus stop is the Güvenlik stop and there is a 14 minutes walking distance. Or you can take the SRY-03 minibus. The nearest minibus stop is the Plaj Yolu stop and is a 25-minute walk from the beach.

Address: Gümüşdere Quarter, Boğaziçi Campus Road, No: 1/ A, Kumköy (Kilyos) Village, Sariyer-Istanbul

Phone: +90 212 203 08 63

11- Kısırkaya Beach/ Sarıyer

Kısırkaya Beach is located in the village of Kısırkaya of Sarıyer. Entry is free. There are no social facilities and beach facilities on the beach. For this reason, we recommend that you take chairs, parasols, food, and drinks with you when you go. Those who want to camp can take tents.

How To Go? If you want, you can go in your private car. Those who want to go by public transport, bus number 152, departing from Hacıosman, or minibus SRY- 03, departing from Sarıyer, is available.

Address: Kısırkaya Neighborhood, Incekum Street, Sariyer-Istanbul

12- Keçilik Cove, Anadolu Kavağı/ Beykoz

Keçilik Cove is located in a small indentation in the Istanbul Strait on the Anatolian side. Decidedly scenic, this cove is located beneath Yoros Castle and between Poyrazköy and Anatolian Kavağı. The sea of the cove with a long beach is 5 meters wide and is surrounded by forests. Because of the depth of the sea, usually, those who come by boat enjoy this cove. There are 26 kilometers between Taksim and Beykoz.

How To Go? You can take bus number 135, 15A or by Sariyer- Rumeli Kavağı- Anadolu Kavağı ferry. The nearest ferry stop is Anadolu Kavağı which is 40 minutes walk away. The nearest minibus stop is Tokatköy stop, which is 46 minutes walk away.

13- Poyrazköy Women Beach/ Beykoz

Poyrazköy Women Beach is the beach for only women. Everyone is a woman, even the officers who work in it. The beach has sunbeds, parasols, showers, cafeterias, buffets, entertainment activities, masjid, and picnic areas. The entry price is 4,14 dollars per person. It is free for children in the 0-7 age range.

How To Go? There are tours to Poyrazköy Women Beach. You can go with a tour service if you want. In addition, those who want to go from the Anatolian side can go by bus 135 Poyrazköy- Kavacık. Bus line 29B Istinye Park Sarıyer is also possible to go.

Address: Poyrazköy Women Beach, Poyraz Quarter, Beach Street, No: 1, Beykoz-Istanbul

Phone: +90 539 961 42 69

14- Menekşe Beach/ Küçükçekmece

Florya Menekşe (Violet) Beach is a public beach, and the entrance is free. It is likely to be more crowded as it is free and there is a place for everyone to come. You can also do picnics and barbecues. Florya Menekşe Beach is located between Küçükçekmece Lake and Florya Güneş Beach.There are sunbeds, parasols, shower cabins, toilets, and 3 buffets. The buffet is again the same company’s, and the prices are reasonable in the same way. But the operation of the beach belongs to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Although entry is free on the 600 meters long Menekşe Beach, those who want sunbeds and parasols should rent them for 1,18 dollars. There is a parking lot for 120 cars belonging to the beach. Rescue boats and ambulances are on standby at the beach for a possible plight. Between Taksim- Küçükçekmece is 30 kilometers.

How to go? You can reach the beach by bus BN1, BN2, BN3. Or you can choose Metrobus, which is a faster way. You can get off at the Küçükçekmece stop and reach the beach by walking.

Address: Menekşe Street, Park Road, 34290 Küçükçekmece/ Istanbul

Now let’s check the beaches that are far from Taksim;

15- Adalar Beach Club/ Adalar

Ada Beach Club is one of the most popular beaches in Heybeliada. Even on the way to this beach, where you will have a good time with family or friends, you will pass through a very pleasant sea path. After arriving in Heybeliada with a sea journey from Kabataş, Bostancı, Kartal and Avcılar, you arrive at Ada Beach Club with the club’s free boats and beautiful view to go to Çam Liman Cove. The beach has a sand area, grass area, platform, or private lodges that you can choose from. You can participate in a mini-golf tournament held at the beach or play beach volleyball. Moreover, you can prefer cafes or fish restaurants at this beach which also offers you free wi-fi. The entrance price, which includes a parasol, shower, and sunbed, is 7,09 dollars on weekdays and 9,46 dollars on weekends. You will not find time to get bored with activities that will be held throughout the day. You can also book weddings and invitations at Ada Beach Club.

How To Go? After going to Heybeliada by ferry, sea bus or passenger engines departing from Bostancı, Kabataş, Kadıköy, and Kartal, you can reach Ada Beach by free motor service from the pier to the beach, by phaeton ride that will take 5 minutes or by 15 minutes walk from Çam Liman Bay.

Address: Çamlık Mevki, 34973 Heybeliada

Phone: +90 216 351 17 70

E-mail: [email protected]

16- Minder Beach Club/ Büyükçekmece

Another beach in Istanbul that you will feel like on the Aegean coast is Minder Beach. The sea is low and Sandy, so it is suitable for families with children. The beach has a shower, changing room, wi-fi, hookah, live music, alcoholic beverages, parking, and a restaurant. After enjoying the sea during the day, you can drink a hookah on the sand with live music against the sea view at night. The entrance price is 3,54 dollars per person. This price covers parasols and sunbeds. There are 49 kilometers between Taksim and Büyükçekmece.

How To Go? You can take bus number 76BA. The nearest bus stop to Minder Beach is Üzüm Street/ Avcılar direction, 7 minutes walk away. Another way is to use the minibus number BL- 109. Büyükçekmece Fatih quarter stop is 3 minutes walk away.

Address: Kordonboyu Street, Büyükçekmece- Istanbul

17- Büyükçekmece Beach/ Büyükçekmece

Büyükçekmece Beach is a public beach with free access. For toilets and showers, you can use the business spaces located around the beach.

How To Go? You can go by bus number 142B or minibus number BL- 109.

18- West Istanbul Marina Beach/ Beylikdüzü

West Istanbul Marina was opened in the Beylikdüzü district of Istanbul in 2011. The marina, drawing the attention of both Istanbul residents and foreign tourists, has developed over time depending on the demands. In 2019 and 2020, they opened cafes, restaurants, bars, spas, sports facilities and established a small social living area. West Istanbul Marina Beach is the first seaside in this region to have a beach. With its beautiful facilities, this beach allows you to get away from the busy pace of daily life and have a quiet time. The founders opened West Istanbul Marina Beach to the public in 2020. The beach, which is located in a good location as location, has a small living area. So people started to prefer this place more often. The beach has parking for 550 vehicles, cafes and restaurants, a small market, toilet, baby room, disabled toilet, shower, laundry service, internet service, and an infirmary for emergencies. The facilities provided by the beach are as follows;

  • There is a fitness center, spa center, swimming pool, and tennis court that you can use as a member of a yacht club.
  • There is a sailing school where you can get services from professional instructors.
  • There is a helicopter pad and a travel lift with a capacity of 75-700 tons.
  • Boat Trailer
  • There is only one parking rack system in Turkey, where you can put your boats with a capacity of 96 units and up to 7 meters.
  • There are ramps, and 9 hangars in the range of 20- 48 Meters.
  • Indoor garage, warehouse, and technical services are available.
  • There are yacht agencies and 24/7 Mooring services where boats can take service.
  • There is a diver service consisting of a professional team responsible for cleaning the bottom of the boat, where you can get help to recover your belongings that have fallen into the sea.
  • Environmental services such as drain-water pumping stations, engine oil disposal tanks, waste warehouses, and battery collection boxes are available.
  • Fuel stations, special cameras, and professional teams with high security and yacht market are among the facilities provided by the beach.

Entrance to the beach is 3,54 dollars per person, but it is free for children aged 0-6 years. The first 2 hours of free parking is 2,36 dollars after 2 hours. The beach is open from 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m, while the cafes and restaurants within the marina are open until late at night. For those who go to enjoy the sea, we recommend that they leave home early. If you want to sit down and have a drink with your loved ones, it is okay to go late in the evening, because cafes and restaurants in the marina also serve during late hours. With the landscaping, you will feel yourself on this beach in the Aegean. You can also enjoy the day at this beach, which opened in 2020 and is not too crowded as few people know it yet. There are 43 kilometers between Taksim and Beylikdüzü.

How To Go? You can take bus 458 or minibus BL- 109 to go to the West Istanbul Marina. The nearest stop is Beylikduzu Marina, a 27-minute walk from West Istanbul Marina. Kavaklı seaside is a 29 minutes walk away from the beach. The first minibus A- 209 to the address leaves at 09:00, and the last one leaves at around 02:28.

Address: Yakuplu Marmara Neighborhood, Ulusum Street, No: 28, 34524 Beylikdüzü/ Istanbul

19- Gürpınar Public Beach/ Beylikdüzü

Gürpınar Public Beach is a public beach located in Beylikdüzü, as you can see from its name. So entrance is free, but you need to rent sunbeds and parasols.

How To Go? To go to Gürpınar Public Beach, you can use buses 142B, 76G, 458.

Which Month Is The Best To Visit Turkey?

Turkey has unique landscapes in all seasons. So you can visit Turkey in your favorite season. In spring, you can see the Black Sea, Cappadocia, Safranbolu; in summer you can visit the beautiful sea of Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kaş, Fethiye, Marmaris; in autumn you can go to Bolu- Yedigöller; in winter you can see Uludağ, Kartepe, Kartalkaya, Palandöken. You might visit these places in all seasons. But if you have to choose one place, we strongly recommend that you visit Bolu/ Yedigöller every season. You can be sure to encounter stunning views one more beautiful than the other. And for Istanbul, spring and autumn might be the right decision because you can enjoy the revival of nature in parks and gardens of Istanbul, the edge of the Bosphorus without rain, mud, wind, and the hot weather of the summer months. However, you can find flights and accommodation at a more affordable price because it is out of the summer season. 

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