Guide to Istanbul Airports

Istanbul New Airport is located on the European side next to Terkos Lake and at the Çatalca-Göktürk-Arnavutköy Junction. After Atatürk Airport stops providing services to scheduled flights in April, Istanbul New Airport began to serve as Turkey’s biggest airport.

Istanbul New Airport, the first stopover point of domestic and foreign tourists coming to Istanbul, was opened with the understanding of providing comfortable and fast service to its guests. The New Airport, which has the distinction of being the main airport of Istanbul, serves international passengers together with Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport, which continues to serve.

Istanbul New Airport, which has been serving more than 350 destinations, has been designated as IST as the International Airlines Transportation code. The 3rd Airport, which has the capacity to serve approximately 200 million passengers per year, is located in the north of Istanbul and is connected to the district of Arnavutköy. Istanbul New Airport is also the main operation center of Turkish Airlines.

Important Information About the New Istanbul Airport

  • Istanbul Airport has a special application. The application offers a variety of possibilities to make your trip more comfortable. You can reach all the details about your flight by using Flight Tracking and Home to Airport options and calculate transportation from home to the airport. The application also includes a map of the airport.
  • The most distinguished brands of the world serve the passengers through the branches of Istanbul Airport. Before you start your journey or when you come to Istanbul, you can meet your every need at the airport.
  • There are cafes and restaurants serving food and beverage services at a total of 150 points of Istanbul Airport.
  • Duty-Free division, which is divided into 9 sections, hosts different brands and offers the best prices to Istanbul Airport passengers.
  • The most technological and newest applications of the trip are also available at Istanbul Airport.

  • At this airport, shopping carts can be charged, and there are mobile safes as well as electronic customer profile recognition and analysis system. With the Magic Mirror application, customers can see watches, sunglasses, accessories, clothing and makeup products without trying them. Special vehicles are allocated for physically disabled customers and they can shop safely and comfortably with trained sales consultants.
  • The world’s largest lounge area is located at Istanbul Airport. You must be an IGA Pass member to benefit from privileges.
  • Istanbul Airport will fly to more than 360 destinations.
  • Since October 2018, it has served approximately 400,000 passengers and has made 3200 flights.
  • Moving from Atatürk Airport took 45 hours and is considered to be one of the largest industrial transports in the world’s history.
  • Istanbul Airport is expected to serve more than 90 million passengers in two years.

Transportation to Istanbul Airport

  • Public transport

Havaist, IETT and Istanbul Travel offers services for passengers arriving to Istanbul Airport by public transport.

Havaist provides luxury transportation services with luggage in 12 different lines, 44 stops. Providing city integration from Istanbul Airport 7 days 24 hours, Havaist organizes reciprocal flights at intervals of 15 minutes and 40 minutes.

IETT provides services through Halkali, Mahmutbey, Mecidiyekoy, Ataturk Airport, Masjid-i Selam and Alibeykoy Bus Station.

Istanbul Travel is organizing intercity flights between Çorlu and Tekirdağ.

  • Private Car

There are different route alternatives for the passengers arriving by road to Istanbul Airport by private vehicles.

European side:
Avcilar – Istanbul Airport – 53 km
Gayrettepe – Istanbul Airport – 38 km
Taksim – Istanbul Airport – 40 km
Levent – Istanbul Airport – 36 km
Maslak – Istanbul Airport – 35 km

Anatolian side:
Kavacik – Istanbul Airport – 42 km
Uskudar – Istanbul Airport – 47 km
Kadikoy – Istanbul Airport – 52 km
Pendik Airport – 73 km

  • Taxi

Istanbul Airport provides a 24/7 taxi service. Within this scope, vehicles in 3 different segments are operating: “E” in black, “D” in blue and “C” in orange color.

Passengers who wish to take advantage of the taxi service will be able to benefit from the separately planned main stops in the Domestic and International Passenger Arrival sections of the Plaza Department, as well as the vehicles located on the departure floor and other arrivals floor.

Istanbul Airport Car Park

The top (P6) floors of the covered car park are the terrace floors of the car park and are not covered by the open car park. The charges for these floors are based on the closed parking tariff. As the largest multi-story car park in the world under one roof, Istanbul Airport will be glad to host you with our most technological infrastructures and service quality!

The car parks in Istanbul Airport with a total capacity of 40.000 vehicles will be provided with parking, valet, and car maintenance services above international airport standards. The parking lot with a total capacity of 40,000 vehicles and a parking lot with a capacity of 18,000 vehicles consists of 5 blocks, 1 of which is 3 stories and 4 of which is 7 stories.

It is planned to have 2 valet delivery points on the road between Plaza Area and Parking Lot, one for domestic and one for international lines, and 3 valet delivery points on the departure floor, one for domestic lines, one for international lines and one for CIP.

With Central Services, car wash, auto hairdresser, tire change and bank, mini maintenance, fuel filling services, Authorized Service will be provided and some of the privileged services that will be provided to the guests in the parking lot of Istanbul Airport are as follows:

  • We monitor your vehicle with 24/7 Camera.
  • We find where your car is with the Where is my car application.
  • With the Vehicle Rotam application, we deliver your vehicle quickly.
  • With the vehicle guidance system, we park it in the fastest and most comfortable way.
  • We offer Mobile Payment, Automatic Payment, QR Code and NFC payment facilities.
  • We offer 7/24 Security Personnel and Patrol service with CCTV Camera System.
  • We offer a comfortable journey with special services and valet service.

Shopping at Istanbul Airport

A unique shopping experience blended with selected brands and a modern retail concept can be experienced at Istanbul Airport before and after the trip. At the airport, there are domestic and foreign brands aiming to meet the needs of all passengers, from fashion and accessories to jewelry and watch brands, from children’s clothing to toys, home textiles, and electronic products.

Brands serving at Istanbul Airport are:

Arriving Passenger Floor

International – Land Side:

  • Melike Sultan Pharmacy
  • Njoy Technology
  • Of-ist
  • Ozturk Luggage Safety
  • Parisli Cemil
  • Tobacco Shop
  • Yigitalp Laundry

International – Air Side:

  • Tobacco Shop

Domestic – Land Side:

  • Flowers
  • Tobacco Shop

Domestic – Air Side:

  • Tobacco Shop

Outgoing Passenger Floor

International – Land Side:

  • Istanbul Airport Pharmacy
  • Phablet Phone Accessories
  • Quickwrap
  • Tobacco Shop

International – Air Side:

  • Tobacco Shop

Domestic – Land Side:

  • Quickwrap
  • Tobacco Shop

Domestic – Air Side:

  • Altınbaş
  • D & R
  • Emnana
  • Flormar
  • Onur Ağçay
  • Samsonite
  • Tobacco Shop
  • Yves Rocher

Eating and Drinking at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has cafes and restaurants serving Turkish and international cuisine in different concepts. Patisseries and cafes that serve bakery products, bars, food restaurants, popular chains of coffee world, fast food restaurants and buffet-style food and beverage outlets serving passengers offer various tastes.

Food and Drink Places at Istanbul Airport:

Outgoing Passenger Floor

International – Air Side

  • Burger King
  • Brewmark
  • Carl’s Jr
  • Crousty Co
  • Çay Saati
  • Deli Auxpain
  • Efes Kiosk
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees
  • Gourmet Trilogy – Gram
  • Gourmet Trilogy – Vivanda Burger
  • Gourmet Trilogy – Pizzeria Enzo
  • H Quick
  • Mood Up
  • Mvnch
  • Plus Kitchen
  • Popeyes
  • Refresh
  • Sbarro
  • Simit Sarayı
  • Sincerely Yogurt
  • Starbucks
  • Tadında Anadolu
  • Taze Fresh
  • Tickerdaze
  • Via Cafe
  • Yo! Sushi

Domestic – Air Side

  • Burger King
  • Çay Saati
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees
  • Malatya Pazarı
  • Popeyes
  • Sbarro
  • Seferi
  • Simit Sarayı
  • Starbucks
  • Via Cafe

Land Side

  • Burger King
  • Gloria Jean’s Coffees
  • Mvnch
  • Popeyes
  • Sbarro
  • Seferi
  • Simit Sarayı
  • Turcuisine

Businesses that will meet the passengers soon in the food and beverage areas which will serve at 150 points in total:

  • Jackie’s
  • Choc’nette

Istanbul Airport Duty-Free Section

A unique shopping experience blended with select brands and a modern retail concept awaits passengers at Istanbul Airport. With more than 30 years of retailing experience, Unifree Duty-Free is located in a sales area of 55,000 m² with exclusive boutiques spread over an area of 18,000 m2, 34,000 m² of classic Duty-Free stores and approximately 3,000 m² of Bazaar.

The Duty-Free zone, which is designed to give all its passengers a sense of belonging to Istanbul, is divided into 9 sections with different concepts such as Fashion Garden, Family Palace, High & Lux Hills, and Style Beach. In each region, brands that meet the related concept meet the passengers with their rich and different selections. Domestic, foreign luxury, premium, and accessible fashion brands, accessories, jewelry and watch brands, children’s clothing, toys, home textiles, and electronic products are offered with a wide range of products.

Distinguished examples of the latest technologies in the field of travel retailing also meet passengers in Istanbul Airport stores. From 3-D Hologram system to smart shopping cart that can be charged, mobile crates to electronic customer profile recognition and analysis system, many technologies take the shopping experience to the highest level. For example, with the Magic Mirror application, which is one of the most appreciated of these technologies, customers can see the watches, sunglasses, accessories, clothing and makeup products on them without trying. Thanks to the electronic customer profile recognition in the stores, ‘personalized service and product’ service is offered. Physically disabled customers can easily shop at Istanbul Airport with special vehicles and trained sales consultants.

Duty-Free Brands:

  • MAVİ
  • BOSS
  • MUGO
  • D&R
  • DESA 1972
  • DIOR
  • DOGO
  • RUE
  • ECCO
  • ETRO
  • SPX
  • TUMI
  • LCW

Istanbul Airport Hotel

YOTEL Istanbul Airport is one of the largest airport hotels in the world and the largest in Europe with a total of 451 cabins (rooms) of which 277 are on the land side and 174 are on the airside. YOTELAIR can accommodate everyone on the land side, while on the airside it can only accommodate people who will pass passport control and will travel internationally to and from Istanbul Airport.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport has been designed with both business and leisure travelers in mind as well as flight crews at Istanbul Airport and all companies in Istanbul. It provides the necessary facilities such as advanced technology cabins, ergonomically adjustable special design SmartBeds, smart TVs that stream content from portable devices, dynamic ambient lighting, monsoon rain showers, and super-fast, free WiFi.

The communal areas offer self-service food and beverage alternatives, as well as meeting the needs of guests for the meeting, relaxation, and recharging. Guests staying on the land side can also benefit from the YOTEL Istanbul Airport’s gym, KOMYUNITI bar, and restaurant, which is open 24/7.

YOTEL Istanbul Airport is also ideal for guests with long-distance flights, as it is located very close to the passenger departure and passport checkpoints and allows short-term cabin reservations starting from four hours. Airline-style kiosks allow guests to check-in and check-out at the YOTEL on their own, avoiding long queues and saving time. In addition, YOTEL Istanbul Airport offers meeting rooms of various sizes with high technology for business travelers and companies.

IGA Pass Premium Services

The most enjoyable time of your trip will be with iGA Pass! Feel special at the world’s largest airport! Take advantage of the exclusive premium services to further enhance your experience. Visit the page to explore all of the iGA Pass services that will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, such as the world’s largest common lounge area, the Fast Track service that gives you the freedom to cross the line, and the Buggy service, which allows you to easily reach the gate to the airport.

Rent a Car

All rental car offices at the airport are located on the land floor on the passenger floor. The “rent a car” companies within Istanbul Airport are as follows:

  • Avec Car Rental
  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Central
  • Comet
  • Çizgi Rent a Car
  • Dokay
  • Enterprıse
  • Euronet
  • Europcar
  • Garenta
  • Goldcar
  • Green Motion
  • Hertz
  • Luks
  • Payless Car
  • Route
  • Ülger Rent a Car

Tourism and Transfer Offices

Tourism and transfer offices are located on the passenger floor of Istanbul Airport.

  • Armada
  • Avs
  • Ayder
  • Azade Turizm
  • Baf Turizm
  • Blueferah
  • Carme Turizm
  • Coach Travel
  • Donat
  • Easy Transfer
  • Guler Turizm
  • Hatu Turizm
  • Hempa Turizm
  • I.T.E.M. Travel
  • Mokan Turizm
  • Murat Turizm
  • Parma Travel
  • Royalvan
  • Ser VIP
  • Şanlıer Turizm
  • Yusra Tourism

Traveling with Pets

Number and species restrictions apply to pets that can be transported on passenger aircraft. For this reason, it is possible to carry pets with passengers and make reservations for these animals.

Not all airlines allow pets to be boarded. For this reason, please contact your airline or travel agent before your travel date for further information.

Disabled Passengers

A fast, safe and comfortable service is provided by taking into consideration the laws and regulations regarding the SHGM Barrier-Free Airport in the process from the entrance of the passengers to the terminal to the boarding of passengers with disabilities (visually impaired, walking impaired, etc.). Airport Operations, Ground Handling Institutions, and Airline Carriers are responsible for the implementation of the procedures and principles regarding disabled passenger services applied at the airport. Facilities provided to disabled passengers at Istanbul airport are as follows:

  • AskMe Digital Assistant

A total of 21 AskMe Digital Assistants serve the guests on the arrivals and departures floors of the terminal. With these assistants, you can learn your flight gate by reading your ticket, you can draw a route to your flight gate, you can learn the services at our airport and you can draw a route to the points where these services are provided. In addition, you can get help from our assistants live by video and voice by pressing the button on it. For our AskMe digital assistant, there is an Info Gate Officer with sign language training on each shift.

  • Terminal Staff

In the terminal, security and advisory personnel who are trained in ensuring equality of disabled people, awareness of disability, rules of conduct for disabled people, and sign language are serving for disabled passengers.

  • Incoming and Outgoing Passenger

There are special entrance-exit and walking areas for disabled passengers arriving and departing from the airport. When the visually impaired guests arrive at the airport, they can get off at the 2nd and 6th entry points and use relief paths to accompany them until consultation.

  • Passport Cabinets, Security Checkpoints and Access Priority

Safety screening of disabled passengers is carried out in accordance with MSHGP regulations.

  • Check-in Counters

Separate check-in counters for disabled people have been established on the international check-in islands and the domestic check-in islands.

  • Security Checkpoints

All safety checkpoints have an X-ray device for the passage of disabled passengers.

  • Passport control

All passport checkpoints have a passport counter reserved for disabled access.

  • Priority of way

Separate access routes are reserved to prevent disabled passengers at the checkpoints.

  • Car park

5% of the total vehicle parking capacity in the parking lot area is arranged as the disabled passenger parking area. All disabled vehicle parking spaces are arranged in two lanes on the right and left sides parallel to the elevators. Disabled vehicle parking area width is 4 meters and is separated by the disabled sign.

  • Signposts

The signposts show signs of architectural arrangements for disabled passengers and understandable symbols/pictograms for the mentally disabled passengers.

  • Service Request Points

There are 2, 4, 6 disabled call phones and call buttons at the entrances 1, 3, 5, 7 which provide a connection to the passenger floor from the parking lot and to the passenger floor and bus service floor by elevator. On the arriving passenger floor, there are 4 disabled assistant phones in the greeting and waiting room. Disabled passengers can request service from this point by calling Ground Handling Services. Ground handling personnel accompany the disabled passengers from the plane to the parking lot, taxi and service vehicles. Passengers are also escorted to the boarding gate.

  • Elevator and Escalators

All elevators in the terminal meet normal passenger and disabled passenger standards. Turkish and English voice warning system, Braille alphabet is available. There is a maneuvering area of ​​at least 170-170 cm in front of the elevator. The terminal has elevators close to all stair groups. Each of the 77 passenger bridges connected to the terminal building has elevators for disabled passengers.

  • Telephones

One of the 4 telephones in each payphone group on the land side and the airside on the passenger floor at the terminal meets the height standard of 90-110 cm.

  • WC and Washrooms

The terminal has 131 disabled passengers and 63 disabled personnel WCs. Disabled toilets are equipped with help call and emergency button. Disabled WCs have Braille alphabet. Handicapped WCs have grab handrails, the height of the washbasins is less than 75 cm and the height of the toilet bowls is less than 50 cm. Areas suitable for disabled use have been reserved in washrooms.

  • Disabled Passenger Seating Areas

There are resting points and waiting seats at the terminal, indicated by the disabled sign.

  • Ramps and Doors

Disabled passengers can change floors between all floors with the elevators. The slope of the passenger ramp of the European Union countries connected to the passenger floor from the pier blocks is less than 12%. European Union countries passenger ramp is suitable for wheelchair access.
All doors in passenger use in the terminal are wider than TSE disabled standard 150 cm. Suitable for simultaneous passage of a disabled passenger and companion. Door floors are arranged in such a way that the cordless vehicles can pass without being installed.

  • Disabled Transfer Passengers

Elevators in compliance with disabled standards are located close to security checkpoints for floor changes of disabled passengers who will be transferred from international lines to domestic lines and from domestic lines to international lines.

Passenger Rights

Passengers traveling by air have the legal right when their flights canceled or have a delay of at least two hours. In the event of such serious disruptions to the flights, the airline is responsible for providing the necessary information flow. The law makes airlines responsible for informing you of your rights, where and how you can complain.

If you experience a problem with your flight, you can ask your airline or travel agent for compensation and assistance. You can access the regulations regarding the rights of the passengers traveling by air at the following link:

When traveling by air in the European Union (EU), please check the information provided by the European Commission for your rights in the event of refusal, delay, cancellation and class upgrades or downgrades in accordance with EU regulations.

You can call the General Directorate of Civil Aviation for detailed information:

Telephone: + 90 (312) 203 60 00 – (242) 330 32 38

Banks and ATMs in Istanbul Airport

The branches and ATMs of different banks at Istanbul Airport serve passengers in 4 areas.

Arriving Passenger Floor

International – Land Side:

  • Denizbank- ATM
  • Halkbank- ATM
  • TEB – ATM
  • Türkiye İş Bankası – ATM
  • Vakıfbank- ATM
  • Yapıkredi Bankası- ATM
  • Ziraat Bankası – ATM

Domestic – Land Side:

  • Denizbank- ATM
  • Garanti Bankası- ATM & Branch
  • QNB Finansbank- ATM
  • TEB- ATM
  • Türkiye İş Bankası – ATM & Branch
  • Vakıfbank – ATM
  • Yapı Kredi Bankası- ATM
  • Ziraat Bankası – ATM & Branch

Outgoing Passenger Floor

International – Land Side:

  • Denizbank – ATM
  • QNB – ATM
  • TEB- ATM
  • Türkiye İş Bankası – ATM
  • Yapı Kredi Bankası – ATM
  • Ziraat Bankası – ATM

Domestic – Land Side:

  • Denizbank – ATM
  • Halkbank – ATM
  • TEB – ATM
  • Türkiye İş Bankası – ATM
  • Yapı Kredi Bankası – ATM
  • Ziraat Bankası – ATM

Traveling With Children

While traveling from Turkey with small children younger than 18 years, please note that there are certain rules that apply to Turkish authorities by the airlines. Always check what you need to do to make your trip go smoothly before you travel.

If you are traveling alone with a minor (under 18 years of age), the competent Turkish authorities will require permission to travel from the unaccompanied parent(s) or guardian(s). This rule applies to prevent child abduction regardless of your degree of kinship with the child. You can use an official authorization form to show that you have permission. In the absence of such authorization, it may be held in passport control or even prevented from leaving the country.

The airline is responsible for taking care of children who are not accompanied. Airlines guide your child throughout the journey and ensure their safety. Outgoing child passengers are escorted from the check-in desk to the plane and the incoming child passengers are delivered to their families at the exit. Contact your airline for more information.

The minimum age limit for traveling with a companion may vary according to airline companies. Some airlines offer free companion service. The child is greeted by airline staff at check-in and is accompanied during his stay at the airport and until the end of his trip. Please consult your airline company for the terms and details of this service. There are also Baby Care areas in many parts of the airport. Breastfeeding rooms are suitable for changing and cleaning babies and are usually right next to the toilets. In these rooms, mothers can easily breastfeed their babies.

IGA Gallery

There are also 2 exhibition areas at Istanbul Airport for our passengers to have a more enjoyable time. IGA Gallery, the cultural and artistic platform of Istanbul Airport, is located on the airside of the domestic departures floor.

  • Ara Güler/Istanbul Exhibition

A photo exhibition of the most beautiful photographs of our recently lost photojournalist Ara Güler.

  • The Exhibition of A Victory Memorial

Photo exhibition about the 42-month story of Istanbul Airport.

Places of Worship at Istanbul Airport

Worship places are offered to our passengers at Istanbul Airport for those who wish to fulfill their religious obligations. There are a total of 44 mosques at the airport where 22 of them serving women and other 22 serving men.

In the Airport City area, a mosque with a capacity of 6 thousand people will be served.

Playgrounds at Istanbul Airport

For our little passengers, there is a playground belonging to Playland on the airside of the passenger floor that goes to the international lines at Istanbul Airport.

Information About Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is the second airport in Istanbul, built on the borders of Pendik district. The airport had received its name from the world’s first female fighter pilot and Turkey’s first woman pilot, Sabiha Gökçen. The foundation of the airport was laid in February 1998 and the airport, which was completed in January 2001, cost a total of USD 550 million.

The airport is operated by Malaysia Airports. On the other hand, ground handling, operations, and cargo and security operations are carried out by Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport Investment Construction and Operation Inc., whose short name is ISG. In 2017, Sabiha Gökçen Airport was the second busiest airport in the country, hosting 31,385,841 passengers, 219,656 aircraft and 50,868 tons of cargo traffic.

Sabiha Gokcen Airport is 30 km from Kadikoy, 40 km from Taksim and 30 km from Gebze. Public transportation is provided from the airport to Kozyatağı, Kadıköy, Levent, and Bostancı by municipal buses and to the airport shuttle services to İzmit, Kadıköy, Kozyatağı, and Taksim. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality organizes flights each hour. Railway system has been started to be integrated to Marmaray at Pendik, Kadıköy-Kartal Metro at Tavşantepe stop and Speedway Project at Kurtköy station.

The multi-story car park in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has a capacity of 4,718 vehicles and 72 buses. The top floor of the 4-story car park is open and the other 3 floors are closed. Private parking spaces are available on the indoor and outdoor floors of the car park for the disabled guests.

Parking check-in counters are at the ground floor level within the parking buildings on the parking lot. In addition, there is a payment point at the exit of -1 red floor ring road. Payment can be made by cash or credit card. There are also automatic payment points within the Car Park Buildings that can be paid by credit card.

The multi-story car park is in front of the terminal building and is within walking distance. Guests wishing to enter the terminal from the passenger floor of the terminal can reach the entrance gates by crossing the pedestrian crossings from the open parking floor. Our guests who want to reach the outgoing floor of the terminal can use the escalators or elevator inside the parking lot and reach the outgoing floor level of the terminal.

Valet service is provided for 400 vehicles in the airport parking lot. For the short-term subscription option offered in the parking tariff, the subscription process is made at the payment toll booths in the parking buildings before the flight. Subscriber operation cannot be performed retrospectively on your return trip.

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