Duty-Free in Istanbul

Duty-Free shops have been appealing places for the passengers at the airports since the first duty-free shop was established in Ireland in 1947. Now and then, some passengers have to wait for long hours. Therefore, they want to spend this time doing something favorable for themselves. On the other occasions, the others need to do some last-minute shopping for their essential requirements. Both types of passengers were first saved by the first duty-free shop established in Ireland to provide first-class products at much more affordable prices.

However, this is now beyond presenting good quality products at lower costs. This turned into a competition among the airports about convincing the passengers to choose that specific duty-free shop and indirectly choose that specific airport.

Not surprisingly airports in Istanbul succeeded in this competition and they rank among the top 20 airports around the world by presenting a great deal of first-class products and magnificent duty-free shops to the passengers. But how did the airports in Istanbul gain this accomplishment leaving others behind? What facilities are there in the duty-free shops in Istanbul? What can you find at these airports as a passenger? How to reach those duty-free shops?

If you are trying to find some simple but clear explanations for these questions in your mind, all you need to do is to keep reading this article carefully. This article will elaborate on ;
• what makes duty free stores at airports in Istanbul important
• what products duty-free stores offer to the passengers
• some clues about the prices
• transportation to the duty-free stores.

Before making a start to answer the questions one by one, I will present some information about the airports in Istanbul and why they are so much popular today.

If you have ever heard of Istanbul, probably you have heard it is crowded and it is a frequent destination of a lot of people. If you are curious about the reasons for Istanbul to be this crowded, popular, important, magnificent and especially a well-beaten path by millions today, I would recommend you to take the quote from Napoleon Bonaparte into a profound consideration as a start point to satisfy your curiosity.

If the Earth were a single state, Istanbul would be its capital. – Napoleon Bonaparte

There are lots of reasons for Napoleon Bonaparte to think like that because, for centuries, Istanbul has been a point of intersection of countless people from different cultures, nations, countries, and lands.

Like anywhere else in the world, there has been a settlement at this intersection point. Today we call this point as Istanbul. Millions of people come or pass through Istanbul in a year by using the highways, seaway or the airway. Approximately 90 million passengers use the airports in Istanbul annually. Considering the masses, it is not surprising for duty-free shops in Istanbul to be this much developed and great because of airports host to millions. Thus, duty-free shops try to provide good quality of products to all of the passengers.

Before describing the duty-free shops in the airports in Istanbul, let’s first get to know the airports because there is always a reciprocal relation between the airports and duty-free shops.

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and Istanbul Airport work under the terms of civil aviation in Istanbul. The first one is Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and the second one is the Istanbul Airport.

Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen
International Airport

It is located 32 km southeast of the city center in the Asian part of Istanbul. Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport serves as the hub for some airlines, including Pegasus Airlines as well as a secondary base for Turkish Airlines. The airport is named after Sabiha Gökçen, the adoptive daughter of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the first female fighter pilot in the world. Annually, over 35 million passengers use Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

Transport to the Duty-Free Shopping Area

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, therefore Duty-Free shopping area can be reached in 4 different ways.

By Railway

The airport is located 14 km from the district of Pendik’s railway and sea-taxi stations.

By Metro

The M4 metro line is being extended towards the airport. The current terminus at Tavşantepe is about 10 km from the airport and reachable by taxi or bus E9.

By Shuttle buses and coaches

Shuttlebuses E10 and E11 serve Taksim and Kadıköy and there are coaches to nearby towns and cities.

By Car and taxi

The airport is reachable by car from the E80 which passes through Istanbul.

The terminal includes 5,000 m² food court, for cafés and restaurants belonging to the leading food & beverage brands and a duty-free shopping area. The duty-free shopping area covers a space of 3.300 sq m in the departures hall and 1.200 sq m in the arrivals hall with shops serving at international standards.

Duty-free Shopping Area

The duty-free shopping area has been run by SETUR since it won the tender for Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport Duty-Free Stores Operations for 20 years in 2009. The duty-free shopping area offers an online option for those who do not have any extra time but still want to shop from the duty-free area. If you give an online order by using the website before your flight, you can get your products delivered from the stores without losing time by waiting in line, choosing the product or wandering around the shelves. In total, there are 20 thousand different products of 600 different brands available in the duty-free shopping area.

Here is a list of 8 categories for you to examine the brands and the price range of the top quality products presented on shelves of the duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.


Currently, there are 43 different perfume brands available at a duty-free shopping area in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Passenger can enjoy their time by experiencing the world of first-class perfume brands at affordable prices. The prices of these perfume brands range from €13.50 to €230. Therefore, it is possible for everybody to find top-quality perfume according to their budgets.

Here is the alphabetic list of the perfume brands available at the duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

  1. Antonio Banderas
  2. Armani
  3. Barbie
  4. Britney Spears
  5. Burberry
  6. Bvlgari
  7. Cacharel
  8. Calvin Klein
  9. Carolina Herrera
  10. Chloe
  11. Davidoff
  12. Diesel
  13. Disney Princes
  14. Dolce & Gabanna
  15. Elie Saab
  16. Frozen
  17. Givenchy
  18. Gucci
  19. Guerlain
  21. Issey Miyake
  22. Jean-Paul Gaultier
  23. Joop!
  24. Kenzo
  25. Lacoste
  26. Lancome
  27. L’Occitane
  28. Marc Jacobs
  29. Minnie Mouse
  30. Miu Miu
  31. Moschino
  32. Narciso Rodriguez
  33. Ninna Ricci
  34. Paco Rabanne
  35. Prada
  36. Ralph Lauren
  37. Roberto Cavalli
  38. Shakira
  39. Shiseido
  40. Tiffany & Co
  41. Versace
  42. Victor&Rolf
  43. Yves Saint Laurent

Skin Care Products

There are 23 different brands of high-grade skincare products that cater to the last-minute skincare needs of all the passengers. The lowest prices of skincare products start from only €5. The highest prices can reach €605.
Are you a passenger at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport? Do you want to check whether the brand that you are looking for is available or not at the duty-free shop without wandering around shelves? Then, all you have to do is to check this list of skincare products to learn!

  1. Armani
  2. Biotherm
  3. Calvin Klein
  4. Chloe
  5. Clarins
  6. Davidoff
  7. Elie Saab
  8. Givenchy
  9. Guerlain
  11. Issey Miyake
  13. Lancaster
  14. Lancome
  15. L’Occitane
  16. L’oreal
  17. Miu Miu
  18. Narciso Rodriguez
  19. Opi
  20. Paco Rabanne
  21. Shiseido
  22. Versace
  23. Yves Saint Laurent

Make-Up Products

There are 8 brands of make-up products that are waiting for customers. The prices of stunning make-up products range from €8 to €114. Here is the list of the brands that you can come across at the duty-free shopping area.

  1. Clarins
  2. Givenchy
  3. Guerlain
  4. Lancome
  5. L’oreal
  6. Opi
  7. Shiseido
  8. Yves Saint Laurent

Edible Products

There are 7 kinds of edible products sold at the duty-free shopping area. These are Turkish delight, biscuits, crisps, chocolate, tea, and chewing gums. The price of these products ranges from €2.5 to €25. Here are the brands of the products available in the food category.

  1. After Eight
  2. Anthon Berg
  3. Ferrero
  4. Godiva
  5. Guylian
  6. Hello Lindt
  7. Kinder
  8. Kitkat
  9. Lindt
  10. Mars
  11. Merci
  12. Milka
  13. M&M
  14. Nestle
  15. Nutella
  16. Oreo
  17. Perfetti Van Melle
  18. Raffaello
  19. Reisen
  20. Rittersport
  21. Skittles
  22. Smarties
  23. Starbrook
  24. Tic Tac
  25. Toblerone
  26. Toffifee
  27. Twinning
  28. Werther’s
  29. Wrigley


Toys are classified under 4 categories which include girl, boy, unisex and 0-3 age group. Some adults may not even see these products rushing from one flight to another but children think differently because according to the sale analysis a great number of children show interest in these brands at the duty-free shopping area. The minimum price starts from €4 and the maximum one reaches to €15.
If you want to check whether your child’s favorite toy brand is accessible or not, here is a list for you.

  1. Carioca
  2. Galt
  3. Orchard

Other than the usual duty-free shopping items, such as local/foreign drinks, tobacco, and cosmetics; especially ready-wear accessories are offered for sale.


Sought-after and popular bags, hats, and caps can be found between the isles od duty-free shopping area. Now, their price range changes between €24 and €99. Here are the accessory brands that are available at the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

  1. Desigual
  2. Herschel
  3. Newara
  4. Trunki

Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport is generally confused with Istanbul Atatürk Airport which is now serving merely cargo flights because all scheduled commercial passenger flights were transferred from Istanbul Atatürk Airport to Istanbul Airport on 6 April 2019, following the closure of Istanbul Atatürk Airport for scheduled passenger flights. Now, they are different airports.
Istanbul Airport is the main international airport serving Istanbul, Turkey. The airport, hence the duty-free chopping area is located north of central Istanbul and between the Black Sea coast towns of Yeniköy, Tayakadın, and Akpınar. There have been 9.958.587 passengers at the airport in the first 5 months in 2019.

Transportation to the Duty-Free shopping Area

By taxi

A lot of tourists take a taxi to reach the airport. If you are a tourist and want to go to the airport by taxi. A trip from Taksim to Istanbul Airport will cost you 105 TL and from Sultanahmet to the airport will cost you 135 TL. However, these prices are not fixed prices. If the taxi hits traffic, the driver may use toll roads. Hence, the price may increase quickly.
If you are looking for a cheaper way to reach Istanbul Airport, you can consider one of the options below.

By Havaist Airport Shuttle

Havas is a new airport shuttle service operating various bus lines between the new Istanbul airport and spots all over Istanbul. To reach Taksim, Beşiktaş, Zincirlikuyu, Levent, Sultanahmet, Yenikapı you can take the shuttle.
The fare for the bus lines is 18 TL per person. Trips take on average 100 minutes. You can find the timetables on the official Havaist website.

Private Shuttle

A private shuttle is an alternative for both the taxi and the standard airport shuttle. They are more comfortable than taxis. They offer a fixed rate. Thus, they provide a much more relaxed and safe drive to your hotel.

Duty-free Shopping Area

The duty-free shopping area has opened at Istanbul Airport providing Turkey’s one of the biggest commercial areas in the world. Unfree manages the duty-free shopping area at Istanbul airport and it covers a total floor area of 53,000sqm. The main aim of the duty-free shopping area is to provide an extraordinary and highly enjoyable travel&shopping experience to the passengers of Istanbul Airport.

The airport operator says

“These additions will take the visitors’ breath away with their wide range of products for all passengers, products specially made for Istanbul Airport and its architecture”.

It notes that the design of the duty-free area was inspired by the Bosphorus and has seven different sections consisting of a Fashion Garden; Family Palace; High&Lux Hills–Fashion; High&Lux Hills–Jewelry and Watch; High&Lux Hills–Fashion and Accessories; Style Beach; and Icon Gulf.

When you enter each section welcomes passengers with concept-related domestic and international brands offering a variety of products. In addition to this, Istanbul Airport duty-free offers an online order chance for the passenger like the one in Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.

Indeed, it promises that right after the international passport control, passengers will meet by fashion leading brands such as Bottega Veneta, Bulgari, Celine, Christian Dior, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Ferragamo, Gucci, Hermes, Loro Piana, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Saint Laurent Paris.

In future, Turkey’s prides D&R, Desa, Vakko, Mavi, Atasay, Zen Pırlanta, Yargıcı, Saat&Saat, Rue, Damat&Tween, D’s Damat, Luzdemia, Tamer Tanca and TNC Butik, Emnana, Guard Leather, İpekyol, Machka, US Polo, Pierre Cardin, Cacharel, Dogo, Lambend, Brandy’s and Penti brands will later take their places in this giant project.

So far there have been very important brands providing first-class quality products with lower costs at the duty-free shopping area.
To examine the available products, brands, and the price, you only need to scroll down and enjoy the reading.


There is a wide list of 23 different perfume brands available at the duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Airport. The prices of these unforgettable, unique perfumes range from €19 to €625.

Here is a list waiting for the curious of the perfume brands at duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Airport.

  1. Boss
  2. Bvlgari
  3. Calvin Klein
  4. Carolina Herrera
  5. Chloé
  6. Dolce & Gabbana
  7. Giorgio Armani
  8. Givenchy
  9. Gucci
  10. Guerlain
  11. Hermès
  12. Issey Miyake
  13. Jean-Paul Gaultier
  14. Lancôme
  15. Montblanc
  16. Narciso Rodriguez
  17. Paco Rabanne
  18. Thierry Mugler
  19. Tiffany & Co.
  20. Versace
  21. Viktor & Rolf
  22. Yves Saint Laurent
  23. Fragrance Set

Makeup Products

There are 6 brands of make-up products that are ready to be sold. Among these brands, there are pioneer brands in the make-up industry such as also Giorgio Armani and Yves Saint Laurent. You can buy these products at lower costs than outside of the airport. The prices of make-up products range from €15 to €98.

Below are all brands of make-up products available at duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Airport.

  1. Clarins
  2. Estee Lauder
  3. Giorgio Armani
  4. Lancôme
  5. Urban Decay
  6. Yves Saint Laurent

Skin Care Products

Skincare products are one of the dearest products at the duty-free shopping area at Istanbul airport like any duty-free shop else in the world. There are 8 different brands in this category and their prices range from €7 to €275.
The list of skincare products at duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Airport:

  1. Clarins
  2. Clinique
  3. Estee Lauder
  4. Kiehl`s
  5. Lancôme
  6. L’Occitane
  7. Shiseido
  8. Sisley

Accessories and Jewellery

Duty-free shopping area presents options for accessories in categories of man, woman, unisex and kids. There are various kinds of accessories such as jewelry, sunglasses, watch, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. The prices of the accessory category are the highest one among all the products because the prices range from €27 to €2259.

Istanbul Airport duty-free shopping area offers these brands in the accessory category:

  1. Swarovski
  2. Emporio Armani Sunglasses
  3. Burberry Sunglasses
  4. Dior Sideral Sunglasses
  5. Chloé Sunglasses
  6. Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses
  7. Tom Ford Sunglasses
  8. Le Specs Sunglasses
  9. Prada Sunglasses
  10. Ray-Ban
  11. Versace Sunglasses
  12. Maurice Lacroix Watch
  13. Fossil Watch
  14. Frederique Constant Watch
  15. Emporio Armani Watch
  16. Swarovski earrings
  17. Swarovski bracelets


There are 4 different types of toys for children. These are respectively lego, dolls, plush and wooden toys. Passenger can find toys with prices starting from €1 and reaching €23.
The toy brands are available at duty-free shopping area at Istanbul Airport.

  1. Lego
  2. Barbie
  3. Disney
  4. Glubschis
  5. Brio
  6. Hape


The last but not the least category is sweets. Millions of passengers stop by duty-free shopping area either before or after the flights just to have some of these tasteful sweets.

There are Chocolate bars, Gums, Sweets, Candies, Biscuits, Nuts, and Turkish Delight products which are exhibited on the shelves with all their charms. The prices of these tasteful sweets range from €6 to €30.

Here is a list of the brands of all the sweets available at the duty-free shopping area. Read below to check whether your favorite is available or not!

  1. Nestle
  2. Ferrero
  3. Guylian
  4. Kinder
  5. Lindt
  6. Mars
  7. Raffello

In, conclusion, there are two duty-free shopping areas located in the airports in Istanbul. These are chronologically Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport and Istanbul Airport. It is located 32 km southeast of the city center in the Asian part of Istanbul. Istanbul Airport is located north of central Istanbul in the Europian side. Both of the duty-free shopping areas offer a lot of products in different kinds to passengers. These products can be categorized as perfumes, skincare products, make-ıp products, edible products, toys, accessories, and jewelry.

Passengers can expect to see the first quality products of the leading brand such as Kinder, Lindt, Mars, Raffello, Lego, Barbie, Disney, Giorgio Armani, Lancôme, Urban Decay, Yves Saint Laurent, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Antonio Banderas and so on.

There are several ways of transportation to airports. People can reach the airports by using taxi, shuttles, railways, cars, and metro. Annually, 90 million passengers visit the airports and thus they visit the duty-free shopping areas by using one of these transportation ways. It is surely beyond doubt that, there will always be millions of passengers who prefer to shop from these duty-free shopping areas in the future as well.

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