Black Sea Beaches in Istanbul (Kilyos, Şile, Ağva)

The rich culture and architecture of Istanbul are the significant reasons why sightseers rush in colossal numbers to this lovely European City. To that rundown, include one more reason-Istanbul shorelines.

Because of the peninsular district which is encompassed by the Black Sea, Sea of Marmara, and Bosporus Strait, there are a variety of beaches where you can go skipping in the sun.

The summers in Istanbul are sweltering which bait individuals to run away to the sandy warm beaches around Istanbul.

Apply some sunscreen and absorb the warm sun while the delicate breeze from the ocean goes through your hair. Enjoy the late spring games exercises that run range on the beaches in Istanbul in the Black Sea.


The little town of Kilyos is situated on the Black Sea’s coast about an hour’s drive from the city and it’s the place you’ll locate Istanbul’s coolest shoreline clubs that are just open in summer.

On the off chance that you’re a devotee of DJ music, at that point head to Suma Beach, which transforms into an outdoors club at night, following a day spent on the shoreline.

Burç Beach is the spot for water sports fans because here is the place you’ll discover a lot of chances to go kite surfing and water skiing. You can likewise play volleyball on this shoreline.

Suma Beach Club

Suma Beach Club is one of only a handful couple of beaches in Istanbul close Taksim where you can extricate up a little. The nightlife here gives the clubs in Bosphorus and Taksim a keep running for their cash. For a moment, you will even overlook that you are in Istanbul.

In the night, you can join a yoga or pilates session, however, moving like insane is the most ideal approach to consume calories. Each Friday and Saturday, DJs line up to play dope music till midnight.

Of all the Istanbul beaches, this is the place the gathering proceeds till six toward the beginning of the day.

The shoreline shacks are strewn with loungers where you can lay and absorb some Vitamin D. It is the best place in Istanbul for voyagers to associate in an outsider city.

Address: Gümüşdere Mahallesi, Boğaziçi Kampüs Yolu 1/A, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

The most effective method to reach: It is a 45-minute drive from Taksim. The taxi will take around 80 TL ($ 15) to arrive.

Price: 60 TL ($ 10) on ends of the week

Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM

BURC Beach

Among every one of the beaches close to Istanbul city, BURC is the most happening one. The warm sands and the massive waves welcome a horde of thousands throughout the end of the week.

Situated on the shoreline of a Black ocean, the 1-km sandy shoreline is dabbed with brilliant shoreline umbrellas.

Get your teeth into the water sports exercises which run array on this shoreline. From kiteboarding, sailboat cruising, shoreline volleyball, football, windsurfing, and surfing. They even have a kitesurfing competition consistently, an occasion you ought not to miss.

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The shoreline is claimed by Bogazici University in Istanbul. So on the off chance that you are an understudy or graduated class, you can appreciate incredible limits as well.

Address: Gümüşdere Mahallesi, Sarıtepe Kampüsü, 34470 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

Instructions to reach: It is 15 km from Istanbul. The buses run each end of the week from Bogazici University.

Hours: 9 AM – 930 PM

Price: Weekdays 15 TL ($ 3), Weekends 25 TL ($ 5)

Babylon Beach Sound Garden

Most private of all Istanbul beaches, Babylon Kilyos is an ideal spot for families and youths to have an amusing, bright day at the shoreline. The mountains and the verdant greenery of the shoreline make an ideal shoreline air.

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The recreation exercises on this shoreline are interminable. Game a round of volleyball or badminton with the teenagers. Or on the other hand, get a mid-year tan lazing on the delicate sand of the shoreline.

The quiet shoreline shore makes an ideal spot to make tracks in an opposite direction from the city’s hullabaloo.

There is the number of nourishment trucks on the shoreline where you can taste the flame-broiled fish burgers and cheddar sandwiches. The nights at Babylon Beach are about live DJ music.

Address: Demircikoy, Kilyos, Istanbul.

Step by step instructions to reach: Take a transport heading towards Kilyos from the transport station.

Price: Weekend – 60 TL ($ 10) . Weekdays – 40 TL ($ 8)

Hours: 9 AM – 8 PM

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Uzunya Beach

One of the beautiful shoreline trips in Istanbul, Uzunya Beach makes for an ideal end of the week escape. It is situated in the Demircikoy district of Kilyos which is about an hour’s drive from Istanbul.

Get one on one with nature at this shrouded cove in Istanbul with the energizing train outdoors and trekking openings available to you. Try not to miss the motorbikers hustling on the shoreline.

The little inlet shoreline furnishes you with a familial and calm environment. Appreciate the tasty cooking at the Uzunya Beach Restaurant which is acclaimed for its crisp fish.

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Address: Kilyos street, Dalyan locale, Demirciköy – Kilyos – Sarıyer

Step by step instructions to reach: Take a transport or transport towards Kilyos from the transport terminal.

Price: Weekday – 30 TL ($ 6). Ends of the week – 45 TL ($ 9)

Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM

Dalia Beach Club

Dalia Beach Club is the most private of all the Istanbul beaches in light of its unwinding and peaceful environment. Found adjoining Solar Beach, the splendid green grass of the shoreline is strewn with rattan umbrellas and agreeable parlor furniture.

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The experience darlings can share in watersports and trekking adventures in the region. The oar vessels and kayaks are accessible for hire. Do not neglect to look at the shoreline side stands which sell local common town items.

The Turkish sustenance at Dalia Beach bistro will make you slobber and requesting more. The fish menu here is completely lip-smacking.

Address: Demirci Mahallesi, Kilyos Yolu, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

The most effective method to reach: It is right around 20 km away from Istanbul city among Kilyos and Demircikoy. You can take any transport heading towards Kilyos.

Price: Weekdays – 25 TL ($ 5), Weekends, 30 TL ($ 6)

Hours: 8 AM – 6 PM

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Nonstop Beach

An ideal shoreline for the individuals who like experience sports and celebrating, Nonstop Beach in Istanbul is the place fun never stops.

The sandy stretch of the shoreline is agreed with comfortable shoreline seats where you can appreciate the confusion of the shoreline while you absorb some sun.

There is a wide scope of summer sports you can get your teeth in like kiteboarding, cruising, and windsurfing. Siphon up yourself with some yoga, heart stimulating exercise, and pilates in the day in their wellbeing focus.

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Address: Kumköy Mahallesi, Plaj Yolu Cd. No:28, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

The most effective method to reach: You can take a bus towards Taksim AKM.

Price: Weekday 20 TL ($ 5) , Weekend 30 TL ($ 6)

Hours: 9 PM to 12 AM

Solar Beach

Solar Beach close to Istanbul is constantly swirling with poolside gatherings and exercises. Reclassifying the idea of ‘urban occasion for urban individuals’, you can anticipate ocean, sun, and game all under a similar rooftop at Solar Beach.

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There are unlimited exercises at Solar shoreline to share. There is a fragrance based treatment focus, surfing club, fitness center, and excellence focus available to you.

Biggest of all the Istanbul Beaches, this is the place you can appreciate the best music shows. On the off chance that you are not celebrating, you can extend a muscle with a round of volleyball or shake climbing.

Address: Kumköy Mahallesi, Tatlısu Cd. No:4, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

Step by step instructions to reach: There are transport transports accessible on weekdays from before Ziraat Bank and Haciosman Metro Shop.

Price: Weekdays 25 TL ($ 5) , Weekends 40 TL ($ 8)

Hours: 8 AM – 11 PM

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Golden Beach

If you are searching for a beachside occasion, Golden Beach is an ideal goal out of all the Istanbul beaches. The segregated shoreline with the wooden lodges and boutique lodgings guarantees you heaven of relief and unwinding.

Absorb the decency of sun at the private inlets or share in games exercises like plunging and surfing. There is even a captivating lake at the Golden Beach Club which sparkles blue under the sun.

Appreciate the tasty Turkish cooking at the club eatery which likewise accompanies an exuberant bar. Of the considerable number of beaches around Istanbul, Golden Beach offers you the truly necessary confinement and quietude.

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Address: Rumelifeneri Mahallesi, Iskele Cd. No:6, 34450 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey

The most effective method to reach: The closest transport station and the metro station is Rumelifeneri.

Price: Weekday 25 TL ($ 5) , Weekends 35 TL ($ 7)

Hours: 8 AM – 8 PM


Around 70 km outside of Istanbul, Şile is extraordinary compared to another end of the week trips you can take in case you’re hoping to invest some energy by the Black Sea. On the off chance that you don’t have a vehicle, transport 139 likewise drives right to Şile.

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The transport ride takes around two hours. Once there, take your pick among one of the numerous beaches and unquestionably stop by one of the various fish cafés to devour some crisp flame-broiled nearby fish.

On the off chance that you need to go through the night, there are loads of reasonable annuities and campgrounds.

Uzunkum Beach / Aqua Beach

Şile Uzunkum Beach, which has a blue flag, stands out with its fine sand, warm and clean sea. The beach, which is about 1 kilometer long, is reached via Ağlayankaya Street, which we encounter when we move to the right from the center of Şile.

Address: Balibey Mah., Aglayankaya Cad., Uzunkum Beach No: 2, 34980 Sile / Istanbul

Price: Uzunkum Beach has both a public beach with free entrance and Aqua Beach Club with an entrance fee. As of 2019, you have to pay 35 TL ($ 7) per person per week and 50 TL ($ 10) at the weekend to enter Aqua Beach Club. Children up to age 10 are free.

Ağlayankaya Beach

Life Beach is located on Ağlayankaya Beach, one of the most beautiful bays in Şile.

Address: Balibey Mah., Aglayankaya Cad. No: 2, 34980 Sile / Istanbul / Turkey

Price: As of 2019, you have to pay 25 TL ($ 5) on weekdays and 35 TL ($ 7) on weekends. 0-7 years free.

Life Beach

Şile Ağlayankaya Beach, which is one of the two blue beaches in Istanbul beaches in 2012, has been in service for more than 20 years. To get to Ağlayankaya Beach, you should follow the Balibey signs in the center.

Address: Balibey Mah., Aglayankaya Cad. No: 2, 34980 Sile / Istanbul / Turkey

Price: The entrance fee is 30 TL ($ 5) on weekdays and 40 TL ($ 8) on weekends. 0-12 years free.

Massha Beach

Located on a white wooden pier at the end of Ayazma beach, Massha Beach is located on the calmest sea ’strip of Sile. The beach is quite a boutique for only 50 people. The reason for the limitation of the number of people is to ensure that guests have a peaceful day.

Address: Liman Yol Mevkii, Ayazma Beach, No: 34 Sile, Istanbul

Dream Beach

Located on Ayazma Beach, one of the most preferred beaches in Şile since 1996, Rüya Beach has come to the fore with its related service, volleyball court, and hammocks.

Address: Kordon Boyu Cad., Ayazma Beach, No: 2 Sile / ISTANBUL

Price: You have to pay 30 TL ($ 5) to use umbrellas, sunbeds and dressing cabins in Şile Rüya Beach which has free entrance.

Fusha Beach

Fusha Beach, another beach on Şile Ayazma Beach, is a combination of eating, drinking, recreation, activity, beach, and landscape.

The lodge costs 500 TL ($ 100) on the weekend and 350 TL ($ 70) on weekdays. The lodges can accommodate up to 6 people. Fusha Beach is a private beach for the family. No stinking customers.

Address: Kordonboyu Cad., No: 34980 Sile / Istanbul

Price: The entrance fee of Fusha Beach is 30 TL per person during the week and is priced at 40 TL at the weekend.

Ayazma Beach

Ayazma Beach, the largest beach in Sile with a 10-kilometer sandy beach, is also known as Sile Public Beach. Located on the entrance side of Şile, the blue flag beach is filled with people who want to escape from the heat of the city in the summer.

Price: Free access to Ayazma Beach.

Kumbaba Beach

When you turn left without entering Şile, you arrive at Şile Kumbaba Beach in the shade of the trees.

Sand is said to be good for rheumatic diseases Kumbaba camping and caravan area by paying 15 TL ($ 3) cars can be parked.

Camping area services include changing cabin, shower, and toilets. There are also cafes lined up along the beach serving food and beverage.

Address: Kumbaba Cad., 34980 Sile / Istanbul


Ağva, with its official name, Yeşilçay, is a coastal town of Şile and 40 km east of it. In 1992, it became the municipality. Agva, which has a transition type climate between the Black Sea and Mediterranean climate, has a population of 2,500 in winter and 15,000 in summer.

For many years, it has been the center of wood-burning, wood-burning and loading them onto boats. Agva is completely forested and most of the trees that are cut are made of charcoal. In fact, until the 1950s, a significant portion of Istanbul’s charcoal need was met by Agva.

Agva, which is partly a source of income for production, vegetable production, fishing, woodworking, and Şile cloth hand processing and production, is striving to become a touristic center with its developing hotels, motels, and pensions.

Agva, with its back to lush forests, faces the Black Sea. The lack of residential areas very close to the shore eliminates the problem of image and sea pollution on the coasts of Ağva. In this way, the wide sandy beaches and the clear sea take on a structure that caresses your soul.

Kilimli Beach

To reach Kilimli slope on the east of Agva and afterward to Kilimli Bay, you have to traverse from Agva harbor to Yesilcay River. The vessels holding up by the harbor beside the Liman Restaurant help you go to the opposite side.

Beginning from the intersection once again point as set apart in our Explore Agva map, when you pursue the trail signs and stroll along the shoreline, you will arrive at the bluffs and after that the cove.

You should spare one entire day for this astounding territory and make the most of its shake figures, common extensions and pools. At the top, there is a café, which has a 360 degree see. When you stroll down to the quiet and peaceful pools, you will need to remain for eternity.

The impacts of winds and waves cutting out the limestone precipices caused the arrangement of those mystical shake models and one of the most renowned regular figures in the territory is the Bride Rock (Gelin Kayasi), although the leader of the lady of the hour isn’t there any longer.

Situated on the east side of the precipices, Kilimli Bay is a little, however charming straight with its dirty structure.

Getting a lot of stones from the straight is precluded. In any case, if you are a beginner stone gatherer, you should pick a couple of those bright, beautifying stones as a memory of your visit.

Since a privately owned business runs this sound, there is an office that you can lease folding seats and umbrellas. Likewise, beverages and snacks in a close-by bistro are accessible.

Address: Büyükbucaklı Mevkii Kilimli Koyu, Ağva

Price: Extra charge to the cove is 15 TL ($ 3) for vehicles.

The most packed month/day: July and Sundays all through summer.

Eating: Kilimli Restaurant and bistro.

Keep in mind: Take happy with strolling shoes, mobile phone, camera, knapsack, bathing suits, shoreline towels, plunging hardware and filtered water with you.

Kadırga Bay and Anfıkayalar

Anfikayalar Kadirga is found east of Kadirga straight, which is 7 kilometers east of Agva. Beginning from Buyukbucakli Village, you have to pursue the way traveling north for around 1 kilometer.

On the east of the straight, because of the wave disintegration operating at a profit Sea and eustatic and structural developments, 20-30 cm thick cretaceous limestone have framed scraped spot stages 40-50 meters wide and have given the territory its state of an amphitheater with its sunbathing porches on top.

It is possible to prefer to visit this unfamiliar Kadirga Bay and watch one of nature plays that are being arranged each day.

Dining: No

Keep in mind: Take a couple of open to strolling shoes, camera, mobile phone, rucksack, bathing suits, shoreline towel, plunging gear, filtered water, and a nibble with you.

Address: Bucaklı, Şile, Ağva

Kurfallı Beach

Kurfalli Altı Beach is an exceptionally long shoreline that starts where Goksu River meets the ocean and finishes on the west side close to precipices.

This is a perfect spot for individuals who appreciate harmony and calm with slender sandy shorelines.

Other than an outdoors zone in the shoreline, there is the wrong spot for leasing parlor seats or shoreline umbrellas as of now. To get to the shoreline, you will pursue the Kurfalli woodland trail course on our Explore Agva map.

Because of solid northern breezes, shoreline sand is pushed further and caused to shape beachfront sand rises. Subsequently, this is one of the most well known 12 sand rise zones operating at a profit Sea district.

Holding around twenty endemic plant species, these sandhills are significant as far as organic science.

Kurfallı Beach is situated toward the part of the bargain on the west of Agva. These are dead precipices having no contact with the ocean. They are 20-25 meters high and the outside of the bluffs are covered with limestone. For shake climbing, it has switch edges.

The most packed month/day: Calm all through the late spring.

Keep in mind: Bring strolling shoes, wireless, camera, bathing suits, shoreline towel, filtered water and snacks with you.

Address: Kurfallı, 34980 Şile, Ağva/İstanbul

Agva Beach

Agva Beach is a sandy shoreline in the middle of the two waterways of the territory. The shoreline is 3 kilometers in length and around 100 meters wide.

The shoreline offers bathrooms, evolving rooms, and rental administrations for leasing a parlor seat, shoreline umbrellas, close to the Agva town focus. You will discover many feasting options, a drug store and a wellbeing base on the shoreline region.

Before coming back to your lodging for supper, make sure to take a break at the breakwater, which has the perspective on the whole shoreline and the Black Sea, to watch the nightfall.

The most jam-packed month/day: July; Saturday and Sundays.

Dining: Grilled fish sandwich, gozleme, manti, kebabs, and natively constructed dishes. Don’t forget to have your bathing suits, camera, shoreline towel, and cash.

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