Best 25 Picnic Places in Istanbul

Turks are eager, master picnickers – there are a huge number of picnic places dabbed everywhere throughout the nation. Some riverside excursion regions even have tables and seats planted in the shallows so individuals can eat while dangling their feet in the water. In Istanbul, the most key action of the mid-year months is as yet going for an outing. On the off chance that you are pondering whether there are any cookout locales left; don’t be given up. In this article, you can find the best 25 picnic places in Istanbul.

The standard arrangement of assault is for a few families to choose who will bring what. Common cookout nourishments are bread, cheddar, nuts, stuffed vegetables and various meats, either cool cuts or pieces prepared for barbecuing on a chimney or a versatile mangal (flame broil). Kuru köfte (dry meatballs) are mainstream since they are firm enough to travel well in the hamper. The köfte are blended and moved at home at that point seared in olive oil nearby. Leafy foods covered nuts adjust the supper.

Picnics can last from noon until well into the night. As it gets dull, somebody will light a fire and the rakı will turn out. Expect fireside singing, moving, noisy talk and giggling. Edibles are simply part of the arrangement. Once in a while, it would appear that a Turkish family could undoubtedly set up a house with what they bring along for an evening in the recreation center.

Just as seats, pads, carpets, and games (cards, possibly a volleyball net, certainly a soccer ball), there will be a tea semaver, music (once in a while live, once in a while compact, regularly blasting from the vehicle) and even electric lights. Shockingly, many long and waiting picnics leave a buildup of litter. In the event that there isn’t a receptacle on location, ensure you do your trash with you.

To design your own outing, get supplies from a pazar, gıda pazarı or şarküteri. Your spread doesn’t need to be detailed: bread, cheddar, olives, foods are grown from the ground to drink are pretty much all you need. Istanbul’s Emirgan Parkı is a superb spot to head with your nosh and your sweeping – just as green, obscure outing spots, there are tea plants, several stately eateries and, on summer ends of the week, many Turkish families to warm up to.

Best Picnic Places in Istanbul

Belgrad Forests

The Belgrade Forest is one of the most visited timberlands on the European Side with its 6-km climbing and running track. It additionally gives guests the chance to have an excursion. At the point when you leave the highway a tad, you will run over little lakes and streams that are intriguing in each season. It tends to be packed around early afternoon hours, so it ought to be visited in the early hours to appreciate the quiet. The same applies to out or running.

Once inside the 5,500-hectare Belgrad Forest, you’ll make some hard memories trusting you are still in Istanbul. The name of the backwoods originates from the Serbs who were initially brought to Turkey by Sultan Suleyman to look out for the supplies in the woodland. You can in any case drink from their springs when you’ve stirred up a thirst meandering among the enormous assortment of trees that make up the Atatürk Arboretum, some portion of the Belgrad Forest.

The outing is one of the principal spots to strike a chord of each Istanbul. Polonezköy Nature Park on the Anatolian side is another option. You can perform numerous exercises, for example, climbing, picnics, football, volleyball. Inside the green idea of the city, you will dispose of all the pressure. Istanbul is a perfect outing region with its nearby area on the European side.

Fenerbahçe Park

Fenerbahçe Park is just one of the delights in the Kadıköy region. It is brimming with blossoms, exceptionally perfect and has a great see each season. On the off chance that you might want to go for an excursion, exceptionally at the end of the week, we prescribe you come early and hold your spot. Also, you don’t have to a great deal of arrangement too, simply purchase new bagels at the passage. Its shimmery ocean will be sufficient to fulfill you!

Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park is renowned for its tulips, and it is one of the most oftentimes visited areas in spring and summer seasons by outing sweethearts. Nonetheless, it’s a given that grilling isn’t permitted here. On the off chance that you enter through Reşit Paşa, you may utilize outdoor tables situated on the ranger service side of the recreation center. Besides, you can watch Bosporus through trees and completely appreciate the scene.

Named after the Ottoman officer Emir Mirgunoglu in the seventeenth century, this beautiful park has a long and lavish history. It’s for the most part known for its three structures recently utilized by sovereignty for short remains. The structures were developed from 1871–1878.

Eminence likewise once utilized the justification for picnics and strolls. Opened to people in general in 1940, Emirgan has earned itself notoriety for being one of the most excellent and quiet stops in the city. These days the structures work as bistros and eateries. It’s especially excellent in April during the Tulip Festival.

Bahçeköy Nursery Garden

We can without much of a stretch say that Bahçeköy Nursery Garden suits 50 shades of green inside it. With its natural air and different trees inside, it stands out and is a perfect area for a cookout. We likewise prescribe you buy a nursery plant for your overhang or home when you are there.

Beykoz Kaymakdonduran Forest

Found 5 km from the Beykoz coast, this backwoods is brimming with wooden outdoor tables and houses many cookout zones. Strolling in harvest time and winter is likewise truly charming in light of the fact that it is quiet. In the mid-year months; guests, once more, ought to go in the early hours for a cookout.

Buyukada Dilburnu Picnic Area

Buyukada is one of them as often as possible visited goals in the mid-year season and it is vital to excursion darlings for its outing zone. This exquisite spot has both an outing region and inlets that allow you to go swimming. You can make some great memories under the pinewoods or you can chill by going swimming.

Aydos Picnic Area

This exceptional site is situated on the most noteworthy slope of Istanbul and is on the Anatolian side. Aydos offers its guests an excursion region as well as a running track. Here on the ends of the week, you would first be able to turn out at that point have a charming excursion. The dusk is really astounding too!

Situated at the most elevated point in Istanbul on the slope of Idos, situated in the locale of Çarşı of the Kartal area at a height of 537 meters above ocean level, Flatfoota has the chance to see a radiant display from the top, particularly when you see the rulers of the emirate before you.

This spot is a most loved for grill sweethearts from nature to competitors, with exceptional running and cycling trails accessible. Realizing that the vehicle extra charge is around 15 Turkish liras, equal to around 4 US dollars.

Nezahat Gokyigit Botanic Garden

This spot is remaining as the protected site among the structures in Ataşehir. Its wooden outdoor tables around a little lake are truly reasonable for having a cookout. Also, it is gratis to go into this nursery. Be that as it may, you are not permitted to grill. Notwithstanding, it is as yet unquestionable that it is probably the best site for having a cookout.

Ballıkayalar Nature Park

Ballıkayalar Nature Park is situated in Tavsanli town of Gebze and is a goal for hiking. Be that as it may, on the grounds that it situated almost a stream transforms it into a fantastic outing territory. Along these lines, you may visit this stunning site, have an outing close to the stream.


At the point when the climate is warm, local people like to hang around here in the nighttime. We either play sports or simply unwind on the grass with companions, getting a charge out of a couple of beverages and beautiful perspectives on the Princes’ Islands.

Caddebostan Sahili is a pleasant spot to relax on warm summer nighttimes. It’s privilege by the ocean, it’s green and it’s encompassed by delightful old wooden houses. On the off chance that you extravagant getting dynamic, it’s likewise a decent spot to run, shoot circles and play volleyball. There’s a major general store alongside the vehicle leave where you can purchase beverages and tidbits.

Yıldız Park

This flawless park is situated in Beşiktaş directly in the core of Istanbul. With old Ottoman houses, beautiful ways, blooms, duck lakes, and tree-secured slopes, it’s a pleasant spot for a loosening up outing.

Istanbul has numerous parks where you can escape from the buzz of the city for an hour or two or spend a whole day relaxed appreciating the environment. Yildiz Park is an urban normal inside the city of Istanbul that was at one time a sultan’s chasing ground. It’s the ideal spot to head with an excursion lunch. Remember your camera as this spot offers some astonishing vistas.

Bring a mat, get some nourishment and appreciate an outing under the trees. Local people run to the city’s green spaces on radiant days, so show up before the expected time to get a decent spot. You can likewise eat and drink at the structures – the eateries are lovely and they gloat beautiful Bosphorus sees. Boats from the Asian side of the city stop at Beşiktaş as it’s a significant open transportation center.


The Bosphorus shore on the Asian side of Istanbul is commonly a lot more settled than the European one. Çengelköy is an especially motivating spot for scene painters. There’s additionally a nearby teahouse called Çınaraltı Çay Bahçesi directly by the ocean. It’s an extremely well-known breakfast spot, particularly on ends of the week.

Sit down on a seat, take in the natural air, watch the waves move in and absorb the tranquil environment. You ought to likewise do as local people do and stop by the little basic food item stands to purchase new cucumbers. A little craftsmanship occasion happens on the shore once every year.


It is one of the most excellent cookout spots on the Anatolian side. You can lease grills at the banks along Riva Creek. There are additionally self-cooking organizations. These endeavors have offices, for example, swing, volleyball fields, can. On the off chance that you need to have a cookout independent from anyone else, there is a lot of green space accessible. You can lease an ocean bicycle at Riva Creek and appreciate a ride.

Anadolu Kavağı

It is the contrary purpose of Rumeli stronghold on the European side. Istanbul sees the view from the top. You can compose a wonderful excursion movement with nature that will give you significant serenity and a view that opens your viewpoints. There are butcher shops in the city, manages and places selling grill supplies. You can search for an excursion. Subsequent to eating, make sure to play dodecahedron, which is vital for each cookout.

Polonezköy Tabiat Parkı

Polonezköy Nature Park is sublime common excellence comprising of the entire timberland. Youngsters have a lot of room to run and have a ton of fun. With winged animal trilling and natural air, it makes individuals feel like they are moving endlessly from Istanbul. Remember one of the outing fixings. There’s no shop around. You can discard the tumult and negative vitality brought by Istanbul from Polonezkoy Nature Park.

Situated in the Beykoz locale of the Asian segment of Istanbul, and situated around 30 km away, it is an ideal goal for a grill with loved ones. There are a lot of indoor seating, tables, kids’ nurseries amidst nature and the smell of rich trees. Bring the nourishment and drink, realizing that the expense per individual is 12 Turkish liras, proportional to 3 US dollars on weekdays, and the end of the week is 20 Turkish liras, equal to around 5 USD.

Polonezkoy (Adampol), offers an incredible resting, picnics, and nursery grill open doors for its guests. The landscape of paradise nature, lovely gardens, and new mountain air will captivate you. Polonezkoy is one of the best spots for the end of the week travel and excursion exercises in Istanbul. The vast majority want to visit Polonezkoy for outside grill gatherings and picnics. There are plenty of nurseries and offices offering excursion openings.


It is one of the most excellent seashores in Istanbul. It isn’t favored in light of the fact that it is found somewhat a long way from the Anatolian side. All in all, those living in the Pendik area incline toward this point. Despite the fact that it is far away, it is unequivocally prescribed that you go here for an outing. Having a cookout with extraordinary ocean air and perspectives will make you hungry. Remember to bring a lot of cookout things.

Ormanlı Sahil

The timberland town in Arnavutköy is regularly used to enter the ocean throughout the late spring months. Situated around 10 kilometers from the seashore, this wonderful town is one of only a handful, not many places where you can have a cookout and enter the ocean. In the event that you need to escape from the groups along the coast, you can stroll along the seashore.

Since it’s very Long Beach, you can without much of a stretch locate a vacant territory. Since the backwoods is additionally a point where paragliding should be possible, it will be amusing to watch paragliding while at the same time picnicking.


If you go in the spring for a very long time in Istanbul, you may encounter a shading buzz. The entire zone is loaded with red, purple, orange blossoms when the blooms are open. It is one of the uncommon places in Istanbul where you can see this view. On account of Sazlıbosna lake, you have the chance to angle. It is frequently favored by picnickers. The trash deserted by the picnickers is demolishing this lovely nature. Kindly don’t desert the garbage. Utilize the garbage jars.

Yeşilköy Beach

The weekend is a bustling excursion territory. It’s ideal for heading off to the ocean and having an outing. Since Yeşilköy is near the inside, you can get all the excursion materials from the business sectors. On the off chance that you will accompany your vehicle is very occupied at the end of the week, you may encounter a lack of parking spots. In the event that you don’t care for swarms, it’s not for you. There is an expansion in being near Istanbul. As another option, it is desirable to over-utilize the more far off woodland seashore.

Tayakadin Piknik Alanı Park

In the event that you are searching for a tranquil characteristic spot to do a lovely family outing, visit the Taayakadin Park situated in the town of Pınar Kaftanoğlu of the Arnavutköy district in the European segment of Istanbul, “Around seven kilometers, realizing that the previously mentioned town is a significant community for reproducing bovines.

Istanbul Şamlar Tabiat Parkı

Situated in the Haclimaşlı locale of the Arnaout Küe area of the European segment of Istanbul, where there are a lot of wooden tables, you should bring nourishment and a grill barbecue. There is additionally a latrine, a washbasin, a play area, and a private review tower. Singular access to the recreation center is free, yet on the off chance that you need to enter it via vehicle, the extra charge is 10 Turkish liras, identical to around 2.5 USD.

Istanbul Değirmenburunu Tabiat Parkı

It was pronounced a characteristic park in 2011 and is situated on the island of Hebeliada before the great Marmara Sea sees on a territory of 100 dunums. All you need to consider is a cafeteria, a little shop, a youngsters’ play region, a grass court, loads of tables and seats. You can lease a bicycle and even a grill flame broil at a sensible cost. A charcoal and flame broil can be leased at an expense of 15 Turkish liras ($ 4).

Gülhane Park

Another most loved park is Gulhane Park, the most seasoned in Istanbul. You can wander there for quite a long time, valuing the trees, blooms and wonderful water highlights. This park was once part of the Topkapi Palace grounds, so you can consolidate it with a royal residence visit for a magnificent day’s schedule. Look at the tea garden with its fantastic water sees.

Çamlıca Hill

Visitors to Istanbul before long find that this wonderful city has a lot to offer. It flaunts unfathomable notable locales, great shopping, and stunning feasting openings that you’ll anticipate attempting. There’s no deficiency of activities and spots to go, so you can without much of a stretch pack each day with a lot of exercises and ideal minutes. Be that as it may, you don’t need to keep up this quick pace. The absolute best recollections originate from backing off and calmly inhaling, and perhaps the best spot to do this is Camlica Hill.

Situated in the Old City, this slope furnishes guests with unfathomable perspectives on Istanbul’s Old City. It rises 268 meters (very nearly 900 feet!) above ocean level and is encompassed by trees. It’s a most loved excursion territory in the city as a result of the casual feeling and dazzling perspectives on the encompassing regions. Truth be told, the magnificence of this spot is moving to such an extent that it has motivated numerous tunes and sonnets.

While the slope may not flaunt numerous structures, regardless it has its very own bit of history. Encompassed by a pine tree timberland that goes back to the Byzantine time frame, the slope was once secured with such a thick layer of trees that the daylight couldn’t arrive at the ground. It has a lot of open space now for you to unwind and appreciate an evening, however, the sentiment of that antiquated woodland is kept up gratitude to the pine trees that still embellish the region.

The slope hasn’t generally been a favored spot for guests. All through the ages, it’s served a few unique capacities. Stool Sultans have assembled summer habitations and chasing lodges on this site, and it has been utilized as a recreational zone for eminence. During the Ottoman time frame, it got one of the preparation destinations for their winged creatures of prey, and it later becomes a region for the bird of prey and hawk reproducers to consummate the up and coming age of fowls.

The slope is anything but difficult to access in present-day Istanbul, and it’s currently a favored site for travelers everything being equal. At the point when you’re prepared to take an evening off from touring, you can wander into this space for the inconceivable perspectives and astounding mood. You can buy lunch nearby or at an eatery en route, or you can carry something to eat with you.

Maçka Park

This little park in the upscale Maçka neighborhood, flanking design neighborhood Nişantaşı, is the place you’ll discover all the cool local people walking, running, or strolling their mutts. The littler internal tracks are perfect for a run and incorporate slopes and a lot of trees, while the canine park at the passageway is a most loved for hound proprietors who let their textured allies meander indiscriminately.

Over a little connect, you can assume the uneven segment of the recreation center, and in the late spring, you’ll see many individuals lying on the grass and getting a charge out of the daylight.

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