About Savaş Ateş

As Savaş Ateş, I am the founder of the Good Istanbul Guide. In addition to this site, I have different internet initiatives. I am the founder of sites such as Good Hair Transplant, Goog Jewelry Guide and Good Blanket Guide.

The purpose of establishing the Good Istanbul Guide is to create the best guide prepared by a local person to help millions of tourists coming to Istanbul. I’ve traveled to over 10 countries so far. When I go to a different country for the first time, I try to research the transportation, delicious food, accommodation, culture and people of that country. I think this is a necessity. Because I was born in Istanbul and I think I know this city well, I published this site. I am 37 years old and have been living in Istanbul since I was born. Since I do not have enough knowledge on my own, I am adding articles to this site by benefiting from the information of my very close friends who work as licensed guides around me.

Also, my wife hosts tourists via Airbnb houses. Since she has the opportunity to meet people from different places such as Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia, she can learn quite different things. I learn from my wife the topics that tourists need, I write detailed blog posts. I am constantly researching to tell you about the city which has a rich culture like Istanbul in the best way. You can write the topics you want to take place and the questions you want to ask by contacting me on the contact page. You can also contact me if you are looking for a home in Istanbul.

I think that Istanbul has a very different place in more than 10 countries I have visited. I believe that Istanbul should definitely be among the cities that every person should see without dying. Have fun in Istanbul 🙂

Other Projects

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Good Fishing Central  – goodfishingcentral.com

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