36 Places Where You Can Party in Istanbul

There are many things that come to mind when you think of Istanbul. Tourist attractions, Bosphorus view, Taksim Square… You will come across different tastes at every corner of the flavor stops and, of course, the nightlife. Istanbul’s fast nightlife holds an important place in partying.

From music tastes to the variety of drinks, several factors determine where to party. This unique city built on seven hills embraces Europe and Asia and carries the advantage of being the most active city in Turkey in terms of nightlife.

When it comes to partying in Istanbul, it is necessary to consider the European side and the Asian side separately in order to keep the pulse of the city. Nightlife on the European Side is located on Taksim-Beyoglu-Istiklal Street-Tunnel line, Cihangir, Galata, Ortakoy, Besiktas, Nisantasi, Etiler, Levent and Bebek, where Kadıköy, Bağdat Street, Moda, and Suadiye are the places you can party on the Anatolian Side.

Where to Party on Europian Side of Istanbul

When you want to party in Istanbul, the first place that comes to mind is undoubtedly Beyoğlu. This region covering Taksim-Istiklal Street, and Asmalımescit-Tunnel line has a wide selection involving nightclubs, restaurants, cocktail bars, pubs, taverns, wine houses, and concert halls. Beyoglu district, which is the heart of artistic activities such as concerts, exhibitions, and theaters, continues to stand still even though it has lost its old vitality.

For those who want to get a better experience, there are regions like Bebek, Ortaköy or Nişantaşı, Etiler, and Levent, which are located on the Bosphorus Line. If we think that Karaköy has also been leading the organizations in recent years, we can say that Istanbul’s nightlife is a scale that appeals to people from all walks of life.

Europian Side Party Venues

Sortie, Beşiktaş

Sortie is the favorite of the Bosphorus with its night club and restaurant alternatives. This night club, which welcomes its customers for 12 months, also impresses with its stylish design. An option that everyone who loves nightlife should give a chance when they visit Istanbul.

Sortie has been established in Kuruçeşme, where all the beauties of the Bosphorus appear. Since the first day, it continues to work in four seasons with the vision of good food, good music, and good entertainment. Sortie, meaning “Exit” in French, is an environment where you can enjoy leaving the busy pace of daily life.

The club, which consists of 6 restaurants and 3 bars in Kuruçeşme, is one of the most popular night clubs of Istanbul with its magnificent Bosphorus view, elite ambiance, quality eating, music, and entertainment. The Sortie Club is open from 06:00 in the evening until 4:00 in the morning.

Address: Kuruçeşme Mahallesi, Muallim Naci Cd. No: 54, 34345 Kuruçeşme, İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 327 85 85

Price Range: $ 60 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

360 ° Istanbul, Beyoğlu

Located in the historical Egypt Apartment, this place serves with its rich kitchen during the week and as a night club on the weekends. 360 Istanbul, which hosts famous artists and DJs from abroad, turns into Club at weekends with live shows.

360istanbul, which has many international awards, is located on the top floor of the historic and ancient Egypt Apartment. With breathtaking views of Istanbul, it serves lunch and dinner from the World and modern Turkish cuisine with its exclusive wines and rich bar menu.

Address: Tomtom Mahallesi, İstiklal Cd. Mısır Apartmanı No: 163/8, 34433 Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 251 10 42 – 43, 0 533 691 0 360

Price Range: $ 85 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Chilai, Bebek

I recommend you to visit Chilai Bebek with its seafront view of the Bosphorus, its modern and unusual decoration, the assertive menus of the famous chefs and the unique nightlife of the Istanbul.

It takes his name from one of the old names of the District, Chilai. It has a three-story high-quality dining complex, a sushi bar, an art gallery, a bistro, a lounge, a bar as well as fine-dining, patisseries and delicatessen sections. You can find all the drinks you can think of in the bar. In addition to classics, cocktails that are special to the venue are located in the sushi bar on the existing terrace floor.

Address: Bebek Mh. Cevdetpaşa Caddesi No: 60 Bebek / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 263 63 15

Price Range: $ 85 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Al Jamal, Sisli

Entertainment in Al Jamal, which combines Lebanese culture and flavors, comes from old traditions. Ornate ground tables, harem rooms, belly dancers, the famous entertainment of Beirut nights and the delights of Lebanese cuisine will all add color to your entertainment.

The decoration of the place, which combines the concept of Middle East culture with entertainment lovers, has been specially designed. Al Jamal is designed with modern details to make you feel at one of the old Ottoman palaces.

Address: Harbiye Mh, Demokrasi Parkı Yanı Maçka Şişli / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 231 03 56

Price Range: $ 75 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Indigo, Beyoglu

Indigo is a nightclub known for hosting internationally renowned local and foreign DJs.

Indigo, one of the fixtures of Tomtom Street, is not charming only because being home to the most important names of electronic music, but also with its central location in the city.

Address: Tomtom Mah., Istiklal Cad., Akarsu Sk., No: 1-2-4-5, Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 244 85 67

Price Range: $ 55 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Anjelique, Besiktas

The most famous restaurant and nightclub of Istanbul, Anjelique, is the indispensable address of entertainment since it opened. Besides being the world restaurant and night club, it is among the best with its location overlooking Ortaköy. Anjelique, which is located on a 3-story mansion, plays music in different styles on each floor, where the parties organized with the performances of world-famous DJs are very attractive.

As one of the most elite venues in Istanbul, Anjelique offers a wide selection of Far Eastern-Asian cuisine. On the middle and upper floor, special meals prepared by James Wilkins, the chief chef of Michel Bras, one of the best restaurants in the world, are served. Special dishes from Turkish cuisine are also offered in Anjelique’s menu.

Address: Muallim Naci Caddesi Salhane Sokak 5, Ortakoy, Besiktas / Istanbul

Phone: (212) 327 28 44

Price Range: $ 50 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Zelda Zonk, Karakoy

Do you want to experience a beautiful landscape and nightlife? Then the right address is Zelda Zonk! Zelda Zonk is a beautiful place where you can have dinner and hang out at the bar later in the night with the view embracing the Golden Horn in Hotel Gradiva.

There are two different terraces that will make you feel like the historic peninsula is under your feet. You can enjoy the sunset here and taste the delicious and famous cocktails. I recommend you to visit the place on weekends when it is quite crowded.

Address: Bankalar Caddesi Salhane Sokak No 2/1 Karaköy, Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: (212) 249 77 00

Price Range: $ 60 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Babylon, Sisli

With the aim of bringing the best examples of progressive music together with music lovers in Istanbul’s most rising region in 1999, Babylon moved to Bomontiada in 2015 with a new vision to host its audience in a multi-purpose live performance center. Babylon brings its guests together with different voices, new ideas and new discoveries and welcomes the best local and foreign representatives of all types of music.

Babylon is one of the most preferred venues of the Istanbul music scene since 1999. In addition to its branches in Bomontiada, Kilyos, and Çeşme, it reaches you via magazines, radio, blog, and TV as well.

Address: Bomonti Bira Fabrikası, Birahane Sokak No:1 Bomonti, Şişli / İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 334 01 90

Price Range: $ 45 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Garaj İstanbul, Beyoğlu

Garaj Istanbul, which draws attention with a wide range of music options ranging from alternative rock to electronic music, from pop to rap, is well known for its concert organizations, as well as theater plays and stand-up shows.

Address: Tomtom Mahallesi, Yeni Çarşı Cad., Kaymakam Reşat Bey Sok., No: 11A, Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 244 44 99

Price Range: $ 47 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Nardis Jazz Club, Beyoğlu

Located near the Galata Tower, Nardis is truly a jazz club and a venue where jazz-based creative music is featured in Istanbul. Live jazz is offered in Nardis between the hours of 21.30-00.30 during the week and 22.30-01.30 at the weekend.

This place, which has adopted the motto “Listen to the music at the club”, is one of the places frequented by jazz lovers in Istanbul. Hosted by many local and foreign musicians, this jazz club is a perfect place to enjoy live performances.

Address: Bereketzade Mh., Galata Kulesi Sk. No:8, 34421 Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: 0 244 63 27 – 0 532 244 57 78

Price Range: $ 45 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Masquerade Club, Besiktas

Masquerade Club, located in Gayrettepe, brings the nightlife of Istanbul to the entertainment lovers with its extraordinary performances, quality music, world-famous artists and DJs and special architecture.

Masquerade Club is a nightclub that has won the best venue award by the WorldinsFinest Club after the parties it performs at world-famous Cavalli Club.

Address: Yıldız Posta Cad. Sinan Pasaji No: 38 D: 26 Gayrettepe, Besiktas / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 347 13 47

Price Range: $ 35 for two people (approx.)

Ruby, Ortaköy

Located in Ortaköy, overlooking the sea, the lush and radiant Ruby offers a brand new entertainment experience in Istanbul with its magnificent Bosphorus view and delicious menus.

After dinner, you can enjoy unforgettable nights with dancing and music in Ruby until the first light of the morning in club sections on the lower floor or upstairs. Ruby opens every day at 17.00.

Address: Yildiz Mh., Ortakoy Salhanesi Sk. No: 5, Ortaköy, Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 291 84 40

Price Range: $ 55 for two people (approx.) with alcohol,

Klein – Harbiye, Sisli

Klein is located in place of Harbiye’s popular As Cinema of the 70s within walking distance of Taksim. It is a popular place among Istanbul night clubs with its unique architecture and its interior decoration.

Klein, which offers usually electronic and techno music by famous local and foreign DJs, is only open on Friday and Saturday nights from 23.00 to 04.00 in the morning.

Address: Cebel Topu Sk. No: 4, Harbiye, Şişli, Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Phone: 0 212 291 84 40

Price Range: $ 55 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Roxy, Beyoğlu

One of the most popular places located in Beyoğlu is Roxy. Roxy offers many musical experiences such as parties and concerts to its visitors. The Roxy Music Days event, which also explores local musicians, is king of the hill in the Beyoğlu district.

Address: Siraselviler Caddesi Aslan Yatagi Sokak 1/3, 34433, Cihangir, Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 249 13 01

Price Range: $ 35 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Pixie Underground, Beyoğlu

Pixie, which is known closely by the dubstep and d&b lovers, opens its doors to everyone who is looking for alternative music. You can see the local and foreign names who perform underground music in this venue which appeals to those looking for different options.

Address: Tomtom Mahallesi, Ara Güler Sok No: 12, 34433 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: 0532 353 52 02

Price Range: $ 25 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

5 Cocktails & More, Beyoğlu

This cocktail bar, which stands out with its delicious cocktails, is so attractive with its concept parties. You can sip your cocktail after work or you can dance at the party nights as you wish.

Address: Asmalımescit Mah., Müeyyet Sok., No: 5, 34430, Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Phone: 0555 889 69 55

Price Range: $ 30 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Where to Party on Anatolian Side of Istanbul

Another region where people enjoy the nightlife of Istanbul is the Anatolian Side. The places where nightlife is active on this side are mostly Kadıköy, Bağdat Street, Moda, and Suadiye. It is no wonder that Kadikoy region was introduced as the new Beyoglu by Istanbulites. There are bars, Irish pubs, concert halls, cafes, and bistros where you can spend the day and the night, entertainingly.

Anatolian Side Party Venues

Arka Oda, Kadikoy

From the oldest of Kadıköy Bar’s Street, Arka Oda is a place having the choice of both indoor and outdoor seats where you can enjoy your music. In the garden section, you can find yourself making long conversations or dancing in concept parties. Although it is crowded on weekends, you can prefer Arka Oda even for its friendly atmosphere.

Address: Caferağa, Kadife Sok. No: 18 D: 1, Kadıköy / İstanbul

Phone: (0216) 418 02 77

Price Range: $ 20 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Karga Bar, Kadikoy

A place with a decoration that gives the right definition of the shabby chic. You can enjoy the fireplace in the winter and the garden in the summer with its ambiance that resembles a haunted house. Live music and DJ performances can be enjoyed in the dim environment as you drink and dance.

Address: Caferağa Mh., Kadife Sk. No: 16, Kadıköy / Istanbul

Phone: (0216) 449 17 25

Price Range: $ 25 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Shaft Club, Kadikoy

Shaft Club, which stands out with its rock, blues and jazz music, attract attention with the performances of indigenous rock bands. It is a place where you will go to listen to music rather than chatting. Even if it is a two-story building, it is a small venue that makes concerts more intimate.

Address: Altıyol-Osmanaga Mh., Serasker Cad., Osmancik Sk. No: 13 D: B, Kadıköy / İstanbul

Phone: 0 216 449 05 90

Price Range: $ 25 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Dorock XL, Kadıköy

Dorock XL which hosts its visitors with different concepts such as Dorock Stage, Dorock Cafe & Bistro and Dorock Baze is a place where you can watch live performances of indigenous bands. You can enjoy live concerts at one of Istanbul’s biggest music scenes.

Address: Caferağa, Mühürdar Caddesi, Namlı Market Yanı No:60, 34710 Kadıköy / İstanbul

Phone: 0535 363 93 49

Price Range: $ 27 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

360 East Moda, Moda

Located on the top floor of DoubleTree by Hilton, this restaurant is waiting for visitors with its unique view and atmosphere that turns into the club concept in the evenings. A convenient option for those who want to enjoy a more elegant environment on the Asian side.

Address: Albay Faik Sözdener Cad. No: 31, Moda / İstanbul

Phone: (0216) 542 43 44

Price Range: $ 45 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Monc Live, Kadikoy

When it comes to live music, one of the first places to come to mind is Monc Live. Even more appealing to rock music lovers, the bands also include popular music. It is perfect for those looking for a different alternative in Suadiye.

Address: Suadiye Mah, Kazım Özalp Sk. No: 60 D: C Block, 34740, Kadikoy / Istanbul

Phone: (0216) 410 39 37

Price Range: $ 15 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Nayah, Kadikoy

Nayah is famous for its reggae music. This place, which is transferred to Beyoğlu from Kadikoy, stands out especially with reggae parties. You can dance in this place in a sincere atmosphere where you can feel the atmosphere of Jamaica.

Address: Osmanağa Mahallesi, Kırtasiyeci Sk. No: 20, 34714, Kadıköy, İstanbul

Phone: 0542 785 83 34

Price Range: $ 20 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Zeplin Pub & Delicatessen, Kadikoy

Zeplin Pub & Delicatessen, with branches in Moda, Caddebostan, Bebek, and Alaçatı, is one of the first places to come to mind when it comes to Irish pubs. You can also taste delicious snacks on the menu where you can find a wide array of beer. It is the best place to spend time with your friends and family.

Address: Caferaga Mah., Moda Cd No: 70, 34710 Kadikoy

Phone: (0216) 700 20 02

Price Range: $ 35 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Ayı Pub, Kadıköy

Ayı Pub, which has branches in many places such as Moda, Hisarüstü, Akbatı, Şaşkınbakkal, Caddebostan, Acıbadem, Kaş, Ortaköy and Alsancak, is another one of the most famous places in the Moda line. This bar is full of beer and is suitable for people who like a dark and dim environment.

Address: Caferağa, No :, Moda Cd. No: 60, 34710 Kadıköy / Istanbul

Phone: (0216) 418 44 76

Price Range: $ 35 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Buddha Bar, Kadikoy

Another place where live music comes to life is Buddha Bar. This place, which is one of the oldest of Bars Street, is famous for hosting many local musicians. This place, which stands out with its affordable price policy compared to other places in Kadıköy, also attracts you with its small but cozy atmosphere.

Address: Caferağa Mahallesi, Kadife Sokak, No 14, Kadıköy / İstanbul

Phone: (0216) 345 87 98

Price Range: $ 17 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Located on two continents where the East and the West intersect, Istanbul is a city that offers many alternatives for fun lovers with its colorful nightlife. The Istanbul venues where the action is not missing 24 hours a day, hosts those who want to enjoy the city.

10 Alternative Places for Birthday Parties in Istanbul

With the spring flowers blossom, the air, the serenity, and the peace began to feel. So we start celebrations, we are looking for excuses for entertainment, and we find. But some of them have a very good reason for celebration. For example, borning in spring! For this reason, you can take a look at restaurants in any style and budget where you can enjoy both Istanbul and your birthday.

We should note that menus and prices may vary over time. The cakes that come with the torch, shot cocktails, sea view tables, balloons! You can either have fun with your friends or spend a romantic evening alone with your beloved one.


The first suggestion is for Nişantaşı enthusiasts! Frankie is a very ambitious venue where you can go both on weekdays and at the weekend. Famous artists are featured with live music performances. Metin Arolat, Sibel Tüzün, and many others! You can choose to go before or after dinner time. The cocktails in the bar & lounge sections are exquisite because they are extremely stylish and modern! If you want a special celebration, let yourself be accompanied by the wine you choose!

Live music: 6 days a week
Menu: For 10+ people, fix menu is mandatory, beyond that there is only drinks and music fee. (Music costs $ 10 on weekend, and $ 7.50 on weekdays)
Bringing cake from outside: Yes (with service charge)
Cocktail: $ 10
Average price per person: $ 45

Address: Harbiye Mahallesi, Tesvikiye Cd. 41-41 A, 34367 Sisli / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 230 66 66

Madeo Istanbul

The most fun state of Madeo spirit is in Karaköy! If you celebrate your birthday on Saturday night, it means you are luckier in Madeo! Every Saturday, Mest Band, which is performing on Madeo, starts playing birthday music for you and your cake comes to your table with torches! Also on Friday and Saturday, Dj Ali Yilmaz and Dj Kerem Onger will make your night even more enjoyable with their pleasant music!

Live music: Live music with Mest Band on Saturdays
Dj: Friday to Saturday
Menu: A la carte
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, no service charge
Cocktail: $ 8.50
Average price per person: $ 37

Address: Kemankeş kara mustafa paşa mah, Kemankeş Cd. no: 33, 34425 Beyoglu / Istanbul

Phone: 0546 466 66 73

La mancha

The romantic spirit of Italy is in La Mancha! Don’t you think the taste of the Bosphorus view in Kuruçeşme is different than other places? Along with this view, you can find unique tastes of Italy, a different cocktail menu consisting of dozens of varieties and the authentic atmosphere of Alaçatı in one place. Do you want to celebrate your birthday on a calm evening? Go to your table, choose one of the Mediterranean, Italian and Spanish delicacies and ask for your wine. Your birthday cake will come to your table at any time by the La Mancha team.

Live music: None
Dj: None
Menu: For 10+ people mandatory fix menu
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, with service charge
Wine: One glass of wine is ranging from $ 4.50 to 6.50
Average price per person: $ 23 -32

Address: Kurucesme Mahallesi, Muallim Naci Cd. No: 107, 34345 Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 257 11 44


The entertainment at Arabesque is unlimited. Arabesque is a very popular venue in Istanbul. The rhythm of fun never ends. The oriental show, drums show, zenne show, DJ performance! Not all of them are in different places. All on the same night! With the tastes of the Lebanese cuisine, the exaggerated decorations of the Middle East, the ambiance of the environment, you will not realize how time flew. You will be the most special person in the crowd when your birthday cake comes!

Live music: None
Dj: Yes
Menu: Only Fix menu, on Weekdays unlimited fix menu for $ 32, on Friday limitless fix menu for $ 40, on Saturday unlimited fix menu for $ 45
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes
Average price per person: $ 42

Address: İnönü Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Cd. No: 38, 34367 Şişli / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 219 65 31

Bridge Restaurant

The Bridge Restaurant has one of the most beautiful views of the Asian side. There is also a surprise for a romantic and pleasant birthday celebration. Your double cake is on the Bridge! Your cake is served at any time you want. Surprise celebrations help you a lot. It is also very convenient for a romantic night as well as celebrations with family members. You can celebrate your most special day with pleasant conversations at the tables dedicated to you!

Live music: None
Dj: None
Menu: Fix menu and a la carte
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, no service charge
Average price per person: $ 14 – 23

Address: Kuzguncuk Mahallesi, Nakkaştepe Yolu No: 56, 34632 Uskudar / Istanbul

Phone: (0216) 391 95 85


Alancha means the green space between the woods. First of all, the spirit of the place is so unique and peaceful. An ideal place for those who want to experience this special day in an Aegean-inspired and delicious stop. You will enjoy the first day of your new age with live music and enjoy the rich wine cellar! Kalecik karası, sweet wines, Urla, Saroz and even wines from all over the world come to your table. And you have the pleasure of enjoying a terrace overlooking Istanbul in spring. It is also one of the most peaceful places for family celebrations.

Live music: Friday and Saturday
Dj: None
Menu: Friday Saturday fix menu, other days Alacarte
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, no service charge
Wine: One glass of wine varies between $ 5.50 – 9.50
Average price per person: $ 23 – 32

Address: Vişnezade Mahallesi, Şht. Mehmet Sk. No: 9, 34357 Besiktas / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 261 35 35

Ziyade Fasıl

Would you like to go out on a spree, so to speak? If you wish, Ziyade Fasıl which is one of the most entertaining venues in Istanbul has thought of everything for you! At 23.00, all the birthday cakes come together at the same time, with the birthday music and balloon rain! Also, there is a Raquito shot treat which is special for you! Starting at 20.30 with the qanun and clarinet recitals, the fasıl entertainment will be replaced by Roman show, drum show, oriental and Zeybek dance performances. As I said at the beginning, here entertainment is unlimited!

Live music: If there are 20+ people
Dj: None
Menu: Fix menu mandatory
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, no service charge
Price per person: Fix menu for $ 22, Limitless Fix menu for $ 31

Address: Sahrayı Cedit Mahallesi, Batman Sk. No: 4, 34734 Kadıköy / Istanbul

Phone: 0533 293 58 83

Welldone by Midpoint Suadiye

The pleasure of viewing the sea is something we occasionally miss. You can spend a peaceful birthday with your friends or your beloved one in a quiet atmosphere in the closest place to the sea of Suadiye beach. Interior design, high ceilings, and great pleasure chairs outside are tremendous for those born in the spring! If you don’t like cake, you can also try Magma and Souffle Welldone. The ambiance and the calmness are the main reasons for Welldone to be preferred!

Live music: None
Dj: None
Menu: Only a la carte
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, no service charge
Sufle Welldone: $ 2.60
Average price per person: $ 13.50 – 22.50

Adress: Suadiye Mahallesi, Selim Ragıp Emeç Sk. No:27, 34740 Kadıköy / İstanbul

Phone: 0530 955 47 50

Bebek Lokal

Those who can’t give up the air of Bebek! Great sea view, DJ performance, delicious and different tastes, the beauty of Istanbul away from the crowds. One of the most preferred places for birthdays with its atmosphere and pleasant ambiance is Bebek Lokal. It continues with a nightly performance in the place where light music plays until 20:00. You can bring your cake.

Live music: None
Dj: DJ Fertal every day except Monday
Menu: A la carte
Bringing cake from outside: Yes, with service charge
Average price per person: $ 23 – 32

Address: Bebek Mh., Cevdet Pasa Cd. No: 56, 34342 Beşiktaş / İstanbul

Phone: (0212) 265 59 59

Harvard Cafe Etiler

Another one of the most enjoyable addresses for day or evening celebrations is Harvard Cafe Etiler. The Harvard Cafe has beautiful spring weather with its garden under the trees, the tiny pool in the middle of the garden and the wooden floors that resemble the deck of a ship. In the menu, there are flavors from Italy and Mexica. If you want to experience the natural peace in Istanbul, this place is tailor-made for you? Here you can enjoy the most special day in the atmosphere you crave. Harvard Cafe Etiler is usually preferred for family celebrations.

Live music: None
Dj: None
Menu: A la carte
Bringing the cake from outside: Yes, no service charge
Classic carrot chocolate cake: $ 3.5
Average price per person: $ 5 – 15

Address: Etiler Mahallesi, Ahular Sok. No: 1, 34337 Beşiktaş / Istanbul

Phone: (0212) 287 10 51

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